does any one know the name of the romulan comander?
Joe Harney
Great episode
Øystein A.
Even though the commander looks way to human female from the time period this was made, the fact that she was a commander was probably pretty insane back then.
I was 8 years old when this show began airing. I was raise by bigots and racists. They made me racist as a child. This show cured me of my racism, my bigotry. I don't think the actors or writers fully appreciate the good they did in the world.
Ok so how come the Federation never used any cloaking device after this? As well as the problems it created for them in the movies?
Donald Williamson
That sure was a damn slow turbolift ride, going from the bridge to deck 2.
2:03 legend says the Romulan warbird is still in pursuit firing weapons to this day
Jason Lurf
My god she is beautiful...the female Romulan in the beginning...
While the Commander was the star, I would have liked to have seen some more from Tal in the 'future'.
He had a very fox-like (dare I say Romulan) style to him.
Always felt bad for Spock and the Commander in this scene. She's trying to maintain her dignity despite the hurt she feels, and Spock, even through his demeanor, feels like shit for what he had to do. The attraction is still there.
John Smith
So many beautiful women were on this show!
Joe Francis
I'd have done her SUCH a favour.
Why is it Spock looks fine. The romulan men look ,, romulan. But Kirk.. Looks like Bruce Jenner or kailin or whatever he calls himself now. O.o
Peter Rogers
When Kirk disguised himself as a Romulan, he stole their cloaking device. When Picard disguised himself as a Romulan, he ate some soup and then got captured. Cowboy diplomacy for the win.
Amazing episode. R.I.P Leonard Nimoy.
Jay Bee
"You will be dead in a moment?" - Romulan arrogance combined with female fallacy, a toxic combination indeed. The Enterprise would have more than held its own against that warbird.
This episode is incredible - surprising twist every 10 minutes, a lot of action, suspense, very adult sexual tension. Fine music, modern FAST editing, great dialogue, good acting. And really interesting character development for TOS standards... You have no time to notice any plot holes ;-) It's not the lightheartedTOS as you know it, it's somehow ahead of the era. My answer to the question"'what does this episode do in the 3rd Season?" IS "It could only happen in the 3rd Season". I can understand that fans of slowpaced and sophisticated TNG may not like it very much (they sometimes don't like JJ Abrams reboot as well for the very same reasons), but this episode has aged much better than Star Trek spinoffs in my opinion.
Lily Sawyer
I wonder what choice and secret that Spock and the Romulan Commander have between them?
1:29 Nomad's head!!
How'd they do all that beaming around in this episode? Didn't anybody have their shields up?
Wanna Montana
Spock gave her the Vulcan wood!
Lord Commander Joer Mormont
WHy is Kirk a Vulcan?
Vane Fal
Is there a publicity shot or artist's rendition of the Romulan commander, Spock and Kirk (in Romulan makeup) all in the same picture? That would surely be priceless.
Spock and the Commander should of had a kid and that kid should have been in TNG
Spock vs Khan
How in the heck was a Klingon vessel catching up to the Enterprise @ warp 9.
Dave Turner
The Starship Enterprise NCC-1701-F Would Be Amazing. So Would All New Adventures Out In The Final Frontier.
Dave Turner
Dave Turner
Honor and Loyalty are what Fueled the Enterprise. Nothing Else. It is Time for Another Star Trek Series. It Needs to be Set 50 Years After The First Episode Of The Sequel Series To The Original Series.
Jean-Luc Picard
Let's hope that the Borg don't build a cloaking device they would be able to fire through a phase cloak.
yasmine mutasim
love love love the dialogue between Spock and the Romulan Commander in the Elevator. Wish they could've gotten together.
mybestvideos aregonewiththewind
VERY happy birthday to the Romulian Commander!!!! shes 86!!!!
mybestvideos aregonewiththewind
GREAT Series 3 Episode (1968-69)
That's a long turbolift ride from deck one ( bridge ) to deck two.
This is the enhanced version. The original has so much more class.
Chucky J
Never trust a Vulcan...
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