How to Draw Fish, Crab, Octopus and Coloring Sea Fishes for Kids

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How to draw sea fishes, smiley crab with eyes and mouth and 8 legs, an ugly octopus and sea star. After drawing, i colored for kids to see my pages look how beautiful it is. Please take a pen and color pen and follow my video step by step.
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Loi Doan
Con bac tuoc tieng anh doc lam soa vay cac ban
hieusieng hoang
very beautyful
Yaquelin Hernández
el pulpo tiene 8 patas
Xavi ABCKids
Crabs are colorful
bibi channle
Nilza Fernandes
é o celular dá minha avó mas ela deixou eu usar minha irmã de 2 anos e ela gostou e eu também
Thanh Bui
minh rat thich tô mau nuoc
Thanh Bui
nhung trah nay rat la dep minh rat la thich nhung buc tranh dep nay
KiWi Family
Nguyenthahthien Nguyenthanhthien
chi ve dep qua em tên la thanh nhu
chien phuong
Bichhue Nguyen
chị ơi xấu qua
Anh Pham
it verry beautiful🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙👌👌👌👌👌😊😊😍😍😍😍😻
The fuck I can draw better...
กลุ่มน้อย จอมซ่า
I like fish
Huynhvanhung Huynhvanhung
vẽ đẹp quá đi
Loan Nguyen Thi
เพลงเด็กอนุบาล การ์ตูนอนิเมชั่น Indysong Kids
Cute drawing,I'm impressed very much.
Coloring Pages and Painting House
Very nice video
Very informative video my friend !
ปทุมมาศ กิจเจริญชีพชัย
will you teach me drawing.?
Very nice drawing and coloring. I love the octopus and crab. Like.
khachthich hangvui
Chi ơi sao chi vẽ đẹp vậy
Akhtar Raza
this is cute pic
aedo Tran
Ngà Biện
vẽ đẹp quá
DIY Kinetic Sand
very beautiful
Tuyên Trần
cong nhan chi to dep that
hi hi con ca cua chi dep the he he luc nao chi gui cho em mot buc tranh nhe love you chi
Lucy Play & Learn
Great sea animals ...Very nice video for kids LIKED
Wayan Dedi Buungan
waw good . I like
`•Nong Dew CH• ́
Really painted but pretty in color with offline.
Lan Phương
cho em mua
very gool
มิคุป.4/1 แสงจันทร์
พี่ตูน &น้องผักบุ้ง
Robert Tavizon
your draling and coloring is very biutufull
đẹptrai Thắng
con muc tuot ve dong con quy qua😁😁😁😁😁
Anisha Games
someone didnt have good grades in art
Spider Pokemon
amazing :)
camila arruda
amo videos de desenhar!!!!!!
Lilya Charif
wooooow so nice beatiful☺️😍😘😘👍💓💗
Kids PlayDoh Show
Fun Kids Zone
Awesom video! I like you drawing and coloring! Video is very attractive! Who agree with me ???
Alejandrina Meza Guerrero
mi favorito color is pink
sara saliu
it's very good
Happy Kids Cartoon
I am getting pleasure with watching your videos !
Preschool Crafts
will you teach me drawing ?
dream queen
was the first comment
KhunEed Nichanan S
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