If Bedrock and Dirt Switched Places - Minecraft

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Bedrock and dirt are pretty much exactly the opposite of each other, but what if they were to switch places? How would Minecraft be if everyone lived on bedrock?

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If this actually happens one day... I think we would have to rethink who the real noobs are

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If villagers and girls boy can be switch plss
Catherine Conway
If wood and iron swtiched and elmard + diamond stitched with dirt
Sonic boy
If exploding TNT quieted YouTube
Anthony Chung
The layer at y:1 is dirt
power YT
I almost died of laughter at 1:20
Khair Racman
If minecraft turn into a fps
Pls do it
Kiervegakier Kier
if bedrock and water switched
Jose Manuel Orillaza
Im srry from a while ago oh yeah can you forgive me i subscribed you!
Shane Padilla
U said dirt and bedrock switch but the grass has become bedrock #fail
Juztine Miguel Collantes
When you look at 4:50 at the top right theres still more Grass
Juztine Miguel Collantes
i found a Mistake at 2:18 you can see the dirt castle turn to bedrock
Cat_ Knee
renand forever
renand forever
Wolfin ka
Do you love this chanell "like:
_xXgamingtubeXx _
4:48 is Dirt
Lusek Nekvinda
3:03 the house change so bedřich but everything else not.....
Muhammad Alfarel
Why chest armour doesnt exist in mc
The guardian of the galaxy yeah
AnimeGamer :D
If the I got give up hole gave up
greenlife19 rey
If crocodile were added in minecraft
BLACKcurrant YV
1:28 they should change to creative mode XD
The Fan Show
If redstone was removed
Bright channel
Andrei Dela Cruz
If there was a monster dimension
El Enano
If lava and tnt switched places plzzzzzz
Credible Coliball
If there was 1,000,000 mobs on the first night
Lil Elc Bis
Duong Phan
But in 3:14 if bedrock is switched with dirt then why the pro's yard is of cobblestone and grasses (grasses does count with dirt does it not)
Raizal The Gamers
The floor not bedrock 2:52
Frank Li
or if you need a door licences to open doors or you need a diamond to open a door
Frank Li
Or a naked licences which means you have to have license to get clothes
Frank Li
if no then if you could see girls boobs
Frank Li
If sex mode was added to minecraft
Romarico Lapid Dizon
2:14 Dirt House
2:18 Bedrock House

You Had 1 Job!!
Brandon Galano
If Steve and Alex switched places
Franco Ruiz
You should do if torches and spawners switched. Like if you agree
Bryce Webb
:41 who noticed foxy on the bedrock
gaming young
Wat if slime could be worth more than money and wat if slime could be armour and tools
blue Emeralds it's blue
3:19 look at the dark it's not bedrock
blue Emeralds it's blue
What's above bedrock then
Aleksi freddy
Wtf. Worse video ever it sucks
The house is bedrock but not the grass/floor 🤣
Puppy control girl
Ohhh wait nooo not that If notch and jeb switched places.... Like if you agree
Puppy control girl
If diamond and bedrock switched places
2:19 Bedrock and 2:16 dirt
If Herobrine and Notch switches place
Prince Toledo
If notch is a brain of a noob
George Williams
If explodeingtn got bullied
11 Earth
3:44 he so gay 🤣
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