Tois Toi
I dont get it why is everyone criticizing the trailer. It was always clear its gonna be love story set during the war time. I am still very excited for this movie. Vishhal Sir never disappoints.
bharat sodha
Another brilliant piece from Mr VB
T Dee
Movie would go super super hit if Kareena was casted in kanganas place but hey still will go hit
superb tailor
sumit sumbria
this movie will be a blockbuster
pallabi mohanty
I think the plot is somehow similar to water for elephants..i knw the settings were different bt the story felt the same..
Anyways Shahid is back with a bang..i luv Vishal bharajwaj's movie & when he cast Shahid in it,he becomes my hero..:)
waiting eagerly..!!!!
Saan Laaraa
To those who are disappointed, plz go watch the movie. Its not always the Khans who deserve good box office collections despite their average films(sultan, dilwale)
T Dee
Great casting, can't wait for this!
Indrani Chakraborty
kangana u rock......
Mason Martin
Yeh Ishq Hai Re ❤ excitedly waiting for the song !!!!!!!
And to all those saying they thought this was only a war movie - the movie team kept saying it was a love story so I guess you guys are complaining becasue you guys ASSUMED on YOUR OWN what it will be!
I can't wait...There are many people (at least those I know) who want to go see a love story with a back drop of war. Plus this is JUST the trailer - Picture abhi baki hai mere dost!
Arijit Biswas
Lavh Shrestha
Trailer is simply never seen before. nothing wrong with love triangle.VB earlier said the film is about love triangle set against WW2 backdrop.Music will be huge and everything is excellent. Great movie coming this feb. #waiting.
Abhi's Tutorials
kameeno haramkhoro jabardasti trailor dikhate ho acha bhala kapil sharma dekh raha tha bc ye nange log bich me aa gye besharam
Pranjal Vats
#nice trailer very intresting
Aone skills
can't wait for movie😍😍😍😍😍
This is going to be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jagat Singh
kumar jai
Bollywood ki maximum movies LOVE story kyon hoti hai..............Why.......?????????????
I m wathing this only for Vishal Bhardwaj...
Arib Momin
is Bollywood have any idea about VFX?? :/
seher mena
the movie is awsome 😍😍😍 love it
mihir karopady
Sushma Shekhar
unexpectedly awesome
Chetram Meena
Super dupar film must watch
SafNiL ZaiNudEeÑ
i was expecting something different..well this is a love story dilluted in war..whatever i wish let it be a good movie..
Rahmatulla Layek
I like it.
Aditya Pathak
Getting ready for an classic romance .... First day for sure
Saurav Mahato
awesome trailer .
Charudutt's Channel
Not Raees or Kaabil, I want to watch this awesome movie! My favourites- Vishal Bhardwaj & Saif Ali Khan.. Hope it lives up to expectations!!
Bimal Kartheek Rebba
kangana's performance scene inspired from apocalypse now ...Was expecting so much from VB! ...a bit let down
People are here commenting about how they butchered the plot by adding a love triangle instead of real references and stuff of WW2 forgetting the most important fact that even filmakers want to make a movie that they can sell and as far as the record is any serious movie doesnt really do as well as a cliched love story. So unless the majority of the people change what they would like to view we'd keep on being served such movies. 😊
venkata jayanth
arey bhai azadi ki aur un teeno ki pyaar ki kya relation hai?
ravi gupta
Woo..... Eagerly waiting
Aurumart Studio
Lipi Killedar
thought it would be less romance and more realiity.... soo much romance another Love triangle maybe! dissapointed!
adarsh yadav
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Nishant Kumar
Inglorious Basterds or Pearl Harbour??
**Ye DoSTi HuM NaHi tOdEnGe**
musharraf quazi
shahid kapoor ne kaha tha shaadi k baad koi aisa waise scene nahi doonga balki kiss bhi nahi karunga to ye kya hai saala.
Soumyajyoti Sarkar
Meanwhile few girls are like : "omg Shahid said Kangana look soon handsome you muaauhh muaauhh"
nd they go fuck nothing about the story......
Dharmesh Sharma
shu shu krega mera sath ... kangna rocks!
Shakib Saifi
Wahi purani ghisi piti love story
Tasneem Husain
I thought it would be about world war 2 and India's participation in it BUT WHAT THE HELL,BOLLYWOOD NEVER CEASES TO UPSET ME WITH A LOVE STORY.
Arpita Markande
the actors r gr8...the story cud have been better
overall a disappointing trailer
Jigar Rajpura
this was almost a desi Man from U.N.C.L.E... :\
Tuber Vlogs
can anyone tell me what I saw at 2:05. I am not sure about it
rohit chandel
mast chalegi movie
Vishal Keswani
I wonder what can be the common topic for Shahid and Saif off camera.
allu naresh
This is like Hollywood movie "Water For Elephants " .........
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