Top 5 Banned Episodes of Kids Shows

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From Pingu pissing his pants to Steve Urkel getting the soul sucked out of him, we count down Top 5 Banned Episodes of Kids Shows.

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Top 5 Banned Episodes of Kids Shows

Sekushī Ishi
Narrator sounds like Mr.Creepypasta
A Fresh Dab
Dude im watching this in the bathroom
Wesley Riggins
1:40 looks like Freddy Krueger
Dylan Mullins
I love that show
Believer John Seventeen
Some topics should not be covered for children/family shows.
Me _and_my_friends_are_weird
That thumb nail THOU
You Nailedit1
Child hood ruined
The Last Bastion
look at my profile picture to imagine a funny episode of SML
Jaylyne Ortiz
What thumb nail
I remember watching that pingu episode. I loved pingu. Now I just consider it a meme. 😂😂
xXAnthony ConnellyXx
cool video
Some of these episodes don't even seem that bad, the Family Matters one just seems like a Halloween special type of episode. It may be a family show, but I would've loved to watch that.
Augusta Fiddler
NO SEASMAE STREET :( (if my baby sister see's that she gonna have nightmare's)
Osmar Ramirez
You could still see the pingu episode
Elizardo Lopez
the black eyes and the scary teeth is creepy
All of these shows have been watched meh.
elite gaming
From the thumb nail

Elmo is the devil holy crap
Farris King
lizzle and cuddles my dog Kawaii heart puppies
Mary Dehaven
Not true that is not true
Zion Washington
Sesame street creepy lol
bob banana
Childhood status........ RUINED
kawaii pinapple xoxo
Roses are red violets are blue i think thumbnails so scary so do u u

Like if u agaree
The family matters one, scared the crap out of me when I was younger
LPS Jazzi Awesome
Cookie dough
reely creepy
kid savage
well if there is one thingthat scared the shit out of me its this
How about the telletubies
Jhomel Evangelista
Guys I got a pun
Why does people called slippers the slippers
Because it slips everytime

Hehe I know worst puns
Does anyone know how to find the Sesame street ep 847
Power Rangers Winn’s
Actually I saw that creepy Sesame Street on tv
Youtubercoolgirls 10
this is so not terrifying
Electric Dragon Dragon
Wow that doll looked sorta like slappy
stuff en stuff
i watched the pingu episode as a kid
Greta Salmon
Wow this is......... wow.
vilvert vilton
f*** you mr. Robin Robin Hood this thing is been in 1988 is f**** s*** so don't watch it or you just die bye b*****my b*****
vilvert vilton
oh hell no I ain't getting out of here f*** you
vilvert vilton
f*** the s*** out of you cuz I don't really care it's stupid really
vilvert vilton
f*** this thing I'm ou
vilvert vilton
fuck no but I'm getting out of it cuz I don't want to see this stupid a*****
Hot Mama
wtf is pingus lavatory?
Emma VannBann
1:59 I just remember a train going in and out of a hole in a light big wall and there's a king named Friday or something
Timothy Jedrzejczyk
On tv
Timothy Jedrzejczyk
Ive seen the urkel episode
dont read my profile picture
HELP ME... HELP ME... NIGGA!!!!!!!!
Marie Itzel Colorado
Thumbs up if you're watching this without any socks on
The12 cat

ok I'm just gonna walk away now
keistyn the hedgehog
I live in canada
Scott Sanders
I remember that episode of family matters. Dont the urkel doll look like the dolls from tales from the hood
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