What Girls Mean When They Hug You


Want to know if a girl likes you? Want to know if she's mad? EASY! Just pay attention to how she hugs you!

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Thanks for watching and don't forget to keep smiling. You're worth it! xoxo

“I hope you don’t die because you are a quality human being”
Carla Martinez
“I hope you don’t die”
Brian Yakovich
Love you
lala 303
The 'teleprompter' part was hilarious lmao
Melody and Meredy Hunt
Trini and proud
mills B
I get hugged like every second by my boy friend
Cristiano Ronaldo
What if we side hugged but she pressed her head against me?
Ritika Gupta
so true
The amazing Butler is not on fire
I always hug my boyfriend with the "wrestle hug" and my best friend with the "hug with lift" xD
Shamaila Shams
I have no idea how I ended up watching this video....I hate hugs
vampiere ana girl
when she says I hope you don't die lol
chulmora 84
Wait so if my girlfriend hugs me like number 3 it means she don't really likes me.wow that hurts my heart.what is love :'(
zouhair karam
HHHH you are amazing
Talia P
I don't give hugs unless my friend pisses me off the I can smack her upside the head
Rebekah Efraimovich
she is my favorite youtuber .love you lilly!
James Monaco
What if you just don’t get hugs in general because nobody likes me at all
Alisha Jadoo
When are u visiting Trinidad again?
Honesti Covington
I like someone in my class but I don’t know if he likes me back what do I do
Laura Shugart
This is delightful!
KC Terrazas
Me: Gee! Thanks!
Rox Pop
How about the opposite of the Wrestle hug. He wrestled hugged me..... Okay I guess I'm still friend zoned.
I don’t think I’ve ever hugged a girl and been hugged back. I’m feeling sad
Player1 Gaming
I got the hug with neck grip 😊😊😊😉😉😉
Kerina Pillay
U are so cool
Aayush Dotiya
Never got wrestle hug from my crush ; Feeling like on top of world
I do the hug and lift with my cousin..
Russell Kramer
Okay, my best friend is a girl and I don’t think these are exactly accurate.........
OceanPaws 04
Give.... Me..... A...... HUG!!!!!!
Lil Pea
Boys take notes
Giavonna Perciful
Three likes and I'll hug him
Anand Bilegt
Moment of silence for children in war as every 3.6 seconds a child dies
Bts International army
Trinidad and Tobago yaaaayy my country
Paul Sampletext
You have shown me the way of the hugs
queen of sprinkles
Can boys please watch this why dont they understand
Ben C
That moment when you got the 2 arms around neck hug anndd u got bonus points cuz it lasted for like 30 seconds SHE WANT THE SMASH
pugs are awesome
What does it mean when someone hugs you from the side and rests their head in your shoulder or chest?

Is that good?

Malika Mahfoud
do hugs not drugs
1:02 or she's french
Brandon Capone
I want a Officiall Red Ryder Caribine - Action 200 Shot Range Model Air Rifle
The BlackObito
This explains a lot, interesting 😏
Edwin Gonzalez
When u realize you've gotten every single one of these by at least 1 person😣😂😂😂😂
J wood
what if my girl lifts me up... JK
Caleb Berry
What if she hugs you and wraps her legs around and then smiles
Nati Nieder
Omg you just helped me reveal my own relationships with my fellow humans.
Lateisha Wells
The guy I had a thing with did the lift hug the other day...
Gianna Scio
And don’t forget! Do hugs....not..drugs walks off camera 😂
Okay, as a European, the cheek kiss hug is a standard greeting in (at least most of) Europe, so... not accurate for that part of the world, just so you know. Still, this is a great video. And just so you know, I was born and raised in America, but my family’s from Europe and I’ve been to Europe a fair amount, so I can at least tell you the basics.
Eva Maria
you gotta feel it out boo😂
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