I Dare You (ft. Jenna Marbles & Julien)

Jenna Marbles (Award Nominee)nigahigaryan higahigatvi dare youdare

When we went to go do that surprise performance for Jenna, we also shot another episode of I DARE YOU! Thank you guys for watching and be sure to leave your Dares in the comment section below! We take screenshots of the most creative dares and the ones with the most likes!

Huge thank you to Jenna and Julien for participating in our crazy game! Check them out!

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Jeannie Gilbert
Can we try to get a I dare you with dan and phil?
Maka Roberts
I dare you to touch dry ice as long as you can longer the better
Anna Rose
The first time I was this I HAD NO IDEA WHO JENNA WAS now I love herrr
Alexia Cox
Peach looks sooooo small in here sooooooo cute
Calvin Thorne
I dare you to Walk up to a Policemen And ask Him if he wants to smash
Ai'Shah Balogun
Derrick usually get the licking dare
i dare you to flirt with a chipotle worker over the phone
Alvaro Perez
Jenna's ratchet abortion clinic holy shit.
SkiL Joeymabobber
I dare you to put a drop of hot sauce on your tongue every round or your can drink a quarter of the hot sauce bottle
Debby Young
I dare you to get a ring and fake propose to a player
Do not smell your an cermets butt it does not help them grow
Skyler the pro at everything Tv
I dare you to get tazed on the butt (5 points)
Swaira Arshad
I dare you to act like Regina the whole day xD
Robby Plays
I dare you to kiss the person on the mouth next to you
Fache Suniรจre
Im too christian for this game
Ryan could have passed it.
Chewy Ann
I dare you,beside your friend to kick you butt hardly
Chewy Ann
I dare you,to eat a big bowl of rice in 20 second
Do one with Logan and jake paul
Taryn Abbott
I miss this
I dare you to make slime(search up how to make slime)And dump your head in it!
Julia Desrosiers
U should have Logan Paul on this show with jake pleaseeeeee!!!
Alicia R.R
Garbage dogs ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Œ
Geribal Zuri
This is stupid
Pransisisco Pranks
I dare you to bellyflop in to a pool๐Ÿ™€
Elize Mendez
Ew all the things dericks tongue has been on
That Awkward Asian Kid
5:10 If Jenna can't have children after this I know why
Marieanna Francis
I dare you to call pizza hut and ask who is the president of US.
aiden burns
I think Ryan has a crush on Jenna...
Boob protecetor 5000
Jack's dogs are better
Hell Yeah
When marbles was alive
Natalie Lyons
Jenna is so pretty in this video
Cece Chu
It should be I dare glue
Tejuola Emmanuel
I dare you to call little Caesars and ask for dominos pizza number
Charlie Holmes
Pull one from the Loser cup
Lauren T
9:54 dtrix suggested something
Matthew Guillory
I dare one of you to kiss the player next to you with their girlfriend or boyfriend watching if they don't have one then do it in public
Tarmon Kaur
I dare you to eat poo
I dare you to lick a used condom
River Islands Lifestyle and Real Estate News
Are there every boy to eat dog poop off the sidewalk 7 points๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ’ฉ
Fun Hacks
I dare you to put your fingers in a door hinge and someone closes the door more points for as hard it is
Krazy Steel
I dare you to keep your hair in your mouth for the whole video.
Alexa Reyes
Awww weachie is so adorable ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Siriusly Potter
Ryan should have passed the one that said " Give all your points to the person to your right or if you have no points minus 1", and let someone take the steal...
gamer lochlan
i der you to put masterd in your sockfor 12
gamer lochlan
i dear you to do the try not to laugh challange
Kieran Williams
Technically Derrick did do the full date bc the dare said "I dare you to lick the gapS between someone's toeS".
Erick Cortez
Do one with liza
Nice girl Kim
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