I Dare You (ft. Jenna Marbles & Julien)

Jenna Marbles (Award Nominee)nigahigaryan higahigatvi dare youdare

When we went to go do that surprise performance for Jenna, we also shot another episode of I DARE YOU! Thank you guys for watching and be sure to leave your Dares in the comment section below! We take screenshots of the most creative dares and the ones with the most likes!

Huge thank you to Jenna and Julien for participating in our crazy game! Check them out!

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Party Giraffe
5:20 Did she say..HπŸ’ΏLπŸ’Ώ??!!! WHERE ARE THE HOLOSEXUALS AT
I saw how to basic's channel and watched his vids and my eyes bled ;-; ;-; ;-; πŸ˜΅πŸ’©πŸ˜·πŸ˜“πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜‘πŸ˜³
ZomBro 648
I dare you to eat a piece of paper
No worries my friend did it and swallowed itπŸ—žπŸ˜¬
Ava Haringa
go in the bathroom, put a ton of lotion on your body, without rubbing it in, and be super uncomfortable for the rest of the video.
Issa Arika
I dare u to tongue πŸ‘…
I dare you to ask the person on your right to hit you on your ass with a base ball bat as hard as he can. 4 points
5:20 worst time to tell him I'm pregnant
Thug Gaming
i dare you to keep doing push ups for the rest of the game
The Life Of Ivy
I dare you to make your pool a slime pool
The Life Of Ivy
I dare you to put hot sauce in your underwear
_kashvondeee xo
idont get it.. they changed all the dares lol
cristy Lapore
when greg actually shows up in old vids
Hey Geoarge Yesh Joey
"Hey that's the mouth you have to kiss bro"
"Ahhhhh." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
it was the cutest thing when Jenna skipped after hitting Ryan
i liked straight away xD
Phoenix Destroyer
I dare you to eat dog poop
Ethan Fong
sean's laugh tho
Eva GarcΓ­a Carrillo
jenna is a savage XDDD
Hazel Polak
Those sego palms are poisonous
Beo Teo
5:22 jenna's face when ryan said u gotta eat something xD
i dare you to make a bad pie and shove it up your butt and kiss som1 next to you (no boys dont kiss a boy next to teme) and go to the store and get some wassabi and eat it.(6 or 5 points)
Derp Deer
I barely saw that at the end Julian was laying on top of Greg
wow fuck u isaac micheal
Erin Grace Grace
I dare you to shave gregs mustache
Greg lowkey pushed baby Paesh off the chair im dead
Matthew San Juan
I dare you to eat dog food and 4 items are chosen then you drink it all (points 4)
Henry Sullivan
14:50 Where is he holding
Ahmad Al Shamsi_YT
i dare you to roll a dice and kiss your friends equivalent times that you rolled the dice
Alyssa Chan
9:53 Hey...D-Trix wrote that!
Alyssa Chan
3:23 Ryan's laughing coz he typed that!!
Brooklynn Mannhardtewing
She could have the dog on jenna
Yumi Marino
Dare: drink water out of a vase
Ryan: what about you throw the vase of a roof with a phone in itπŸ˜†πŸ˜†
Zerlene Zain Ruwais
I dare u to use poop as a lotion on the face (extra 2 points if you eat it)
Jenna Benallick
The camera man was a fucking loud breather
VD Gamer
I dare you to get your bugers and put it on the other parsenes noise inside.
Thod Guy
Who's the King?king Julian!
Isabelle Matias
i dare you to get 10 discusting food and eat it
Dave Singh
I dare you to eat the handles off of Gregs mustache
jinah pagcu
When julien did the pushup thing, he wiped his poopy nose and then high fived derrick πŸ˜‚
jinah pagcu
Who else loves their black toilet πŸ’•
jinah pagcu
I love gregs tie πŸ’•
Haifa Waesahmae
help! my balloon!!

Haifa Waesahmae
The imagination queen
Ryan is so weird in this video like what's with the dog but and poop
Awesome Hanson
I liked the dun dun dun part in the intro
jenna is ugly
Keely Houghes
I dare you to let someone make a mixed food concotion of two items. You have to eat the whole cup of it.

I dare you to make up a dance to a song the group picks.
Ana LucΓ­a MarroquΓ­n
Ryan needs to do these type of videos again. :c
Industrial Four
yasss baby paesh
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