E Mc
Who let the bag of idiots out?
Ali Zizou
tremp ist ein gross arsch l. er kann mit sein geld viel machen . kommt noch seine Ende wie faraon und karoun von egybten.
Carolina Bermudez
He act like a fucking 6 year old kid such a jerk
Craig Opperman
What a disgusting child. Its so embarrassing to have this foolish moron representing the country.
Rishabh Jain
serves right to her. go trump
Dinu cv
Trump is acting like he is with his ex.wife outside his marriage counselors office
vamshi krishna
He is a clown
Young Becks
I have a theory, and this might sound crazy, but what if secretly trump was actually a Muslim 😂😂😂 that's probably why he didn't want to shake a woman's hand. 😂 call me crazy, but it makes sense
Jennifer Young
Like a boss! This is about immigration and their vastly different views. Keeping citizens safe.
So at least recognize it's authentic and not being politely fake. There is a difference, not rude if you have a meeting and don't necessarily shake hands after. It happens in business. Handshakes typically are gestures of a good meeting, respect. Clearly their meeting wasn't warranting a handshake. And, Germany is also not approving of increased violence and open borders anymore. Hence her recent side step apologies after staggering crime, assault stats.
Ol' Driver
Just curious, do you American feel embarrassed while your president act like that?
Rafael Djumantara
this guy such an asshole
There has to be a explanAtion on why he didnt shake her hand. Whats angela merkels background. how is she supporting germany? What are her flaws? Because Donald Trump is professional. He doesnt deal with Bull shit
I'm gay
if I was Merkel I'd slap him before he shakes my hand. cheeky scrub.
Jay Dabhi
why didn't he shake hand?
Michael Haumer
Who cares. Iam.not a fan of trump or angela. But what i like.about him is.that he shows integrity. He doesnt like angela merkel so what. Not like in our society where everybody puts always a fake smile on. Thats childish.
wrong title, the press asked him for a handshake. Get your facts straight Time.
While President Trump may not have cared for Prime Minister Merkel it was wrong from Him not to shake Her Hand! She represents the republic of Germany a Key NATO Member! If I were Her I would not have said Please! You are the Prime Minster of the Largest Economy in the EU. Pride is Pride! But Arrogance is wrong!
Grey Wolf
Obama head Spyning from the left. 0:48
Дмитрий Иванов
тянет свою коцопырку обоссанную. вассалка ёбаная.
Dutchlow low
Love this from trump. Dont show respect to weak leaders
Tony Fat
Merkel. Her body language is hilarious. What am I doing sitting with this completely bonkers man. He looks totally not with it. Or totally bloody rude. When he does fall it will be spectacular
Andrei Iosif
What a pig. You can not do that with a woman
Juan Santclaire
and the depths of their immorality is absolutely unlimited
Saleh Ahmed
Good he didn't shake that arrogant power Hungary Germany slaughteres hand !
Padam X
Bane Gotham
Go trump
troy onan
I wouldn't shake hands with that witch either.
I must apologize for this impolite turd of a president.
ahmed faisal
calm the EFFFF down every one... The dude is not used to grab the women by the HANDS....
Pajor Bart
👏Trump - this's right way to treat germany and their antyeuropean politicion
blue bear
A man without the prefrontal cortex became the US president.
but doesnt he have bacterophobia? I got OCD and know why he might not shake
London Belly dancer Hire samba dancer Wedding Entertainment Sandrine
How about a face punch, Mr President then?...
Deborah Hale
Does Trump think he's acting presidential? Intelligent? American? Rude? Embarrassing? like a Rube? like an important man? like a man with a brain? Inquisitive? Or does he thinks he looks like he is: A moronic, pretend, lying, sack of shit asshole who committed fraud and treason to win the election?

Donald Trump's ego was born of lies! Don't forget: Donald Trump is a traitor to these United States of America!
Donald Trump
The Boss !!!!!
G@H Productions
He refused because the press was demanding it. They shook hands afterwards.
Fatih Üstünyer
j.f kenndy gibi suikaste ugramazsin. rhotschild family mucadelenden dolayi teşekkür ederim...
Douge Gming
Watch seth meyers talk about this
Ertuğrul Gazi
dolaaaaa biynumaaa
Mike Dell
DRUMPF the child, what a pathetic slob.
Zzz Yyy
can't believe all those muslims are going into germany and germans like her are happy about that. like really. germans have a beautiful country and are a beautiful people. it's sad that is forever tainted now
Ad Meliora
Never shake hands with a scumbag.
Dai Vernon
Trump's who insults Merkel is not resilient,not wisdom. His aptitude shouldn't pay a compliment. He doesn't suit valid representative of the States significantly.
Alas,his devastating attitude is also commensurate with shaking his head.
he shook hands in the standing up room =conferance room whatever?-other video were he is standing next to her he said it was an honor and shook hands =so this is the left trying to make something out of nothing again
Hard to tell if he actually heard the request with all the press.
norman edwards
@proton2112 dude you might as well stop..all your REDNECK comments and insults only proves that you were home schooled and are too damn stupid to talk about any political views or facts,,go back to noodling catfish you tobacco chewing bastard..
Danny Buckets
hahaha our president no longer shakes the hand of Globalist, innocent blood is on them from the weak and corrupt policies . # MAGA
Eugene Cmk
Трамп прям такой душка! :D
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