Angela Merkel Asked President Trump To Shake Hands & He Appeared To Ignore Her | TIME

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At a photo op with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Donald Trump said little and appeared to refuse a handshake suggested by the German leader. 
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Angela Merkel Asked President Trump To Shake Hands & He Appeared To Ignore Her | TIME

I must apologize for this impolite turd of a president.
ahmed faisal
calm the EFFFF down every one... The dude is not used to grab the women by the HANDS....
Bartłomiej Pajor
👏Trump - this's right way to treat germany and their antyeuropean politicion
bluesky moon
A man without the prefrontal cortex became the US president.
but doesnt he have bacterophobia? I got OCD and know why he might not shake
London Belly dancer Hire samba dancer Wedding Entertainment Sandrine
How about a face punch, Mr President then?...
Deborah Hale
Does Trump think he's acting presidential? Intelligent? American? Rude? Embarrassing? like a Rube? like an important man? like a man with a brain? Inquisitive? Or does he thinks he looks like he is: A moronic, pretend, lying, sack of shit asshole who committed fraud and treason to win the election?

Donald Trump's ego was born of lies! Don't forget: Donald Trump is a traitor to these United States of America!
Donald Trump
The Boss !!!!!
G@H Productions
He refused because the press was demanding it. They shook hands afterwards.
Fatih Üstünyer
j.f kenndy gibi suikaste ugramazsin. rhotschild family mucadelenden dolayi teşekkür ederim...
Douge Gming
Watch seth meyers talk about this
Yorumcu Greedo
dolaaaaa biynumaaa
he ignored her to take revenge of what she did with modi.
Mike Dell
DRUMPF the child, what a pathetic slob.
can't believe all those muslims are going into germany and germans like her are happy about that. like really. germans have a beautiful country and are a beautiful people. it's sad that is forever tainted now
Ad Meliora
Never shake hands with a scumbag.
John Doe
A Leader with balls. Im glad Trump refused to shake her hand. He didn't refuse because Merkel was a woman. He didn't refuse because she is not American..... He simply refused because she is a liar and traitor to all the German people. Trump just doesn't want to get any blood on his hands from touching her. The blood of innocent Germans and the blood of refugees that died scrambling to Germany based on Merkel's lies and promises. All of you idiots that eat up the lies about Trump all you want, but it speaks volumes when he stands up against the monsters in charge of our politics like this.
Dai Vernon
Trump's who insults Merkel is not resilient,not wisdom. His aptitude shouldn't pay a compliment. He doesn't suit valid representative of the States significantly.
Alas,his devastating attitude is also commensurate with shaking his head.
he shook hands in the standing up room =conferance room whatever?-other video were he is standing next to her he said it was an honor and shook hands =so this is the left trying to make something out of nothing again
Hard to tell if he actually heard the request with all the press.
norman edwards
@proton2112 dude you might as well stop..all your REDNECK comments and insults only proves that you were home schooled and are too damn stupid to talk about any political views or facts,,go back to noodling catfish you tobacco chewing bastard..
Daniel Riojas
hahaha our president no longer shakes the hand of Globalist, innocent blood is on them from the weak and corrupt policies . # MAGA
Eugene Cmk
Трамп прям такой душка! :D
Teodora Bonciu
oh c'mon,the guy is old.He didn't seem rude at all to her in the beginning.Maybe he just didn't hear the handshake part due to the fact the there was a lot of noise there and his hearing simply may not be in perfect working order due to his age.I hate Trump,and I think he'll ruin America.But he's human too.This wasn't some goddamn crime,there is a high chance that he simply didn't hear her.
Oscar Osabinyi FCCA
Problem still embarrassed by the handshake of Abe at same spot. This Orange...
rene tanner
It's obvious that he is upset about his conversasion with Merkel before entering the press conferance...we don't know what happen before..? GO TRUMP
Hanad Walal
America is indeed collapsing, ladies and gentleman. Everything has a time and our time has come. Yes, the dumpiest and the most ignorant guy is our leader! I'm not even blaming Trump supporters because they are minority compare to american population but I'm blaming most Americans who would rather watch Kathy Perry's ass 50 years than voting one time for their future.
Ghost Face 9
she obviously doesn't know what they are saying she doesn't speak or understand English
Dylan ooo
a true man standing up to his principles that bitch has ruined her country and spoke shit about Donald trump and now wants to shake his hand should have done what putin done brought his pet dog murderous mercal is terrified of dogs fuckin slut needs to be put down go Donald j trump
Kenneth Stevenson
I love it. Trump is the leader of this great nation, and he bows down to no one. We have the best President this country has ever seen in the Whitehouse right now. Trump baby!
she has singlehandedly destroyed europe, she got the treatment she deserved
Haha let the liberals squeal! Trump doesn't shake hands with communists who destroyed their own country.
Trump is very similar to Ahmadinejad, wanted to make Iran's great again, you should be polite first!
Jack Kinsella
What a piece of shit
Dalmar Trois
no 1 faux pas
Irina Templeton
Trump looked like a man tired of that fucking bitch ruining Europe.
Luise Rossi
Os 2 ignoraram ou os 2 são mal educados
Sane Oner
not so presidential
Sane Oner
not so presidential 🖓
He does indeed shake her hands later but not here in this clip. The reason he doesn't shake her hands is obviously in defiance to the reporter which asked for it, which guessing from the elevated sound levels was probably a Time journalist closest to the microphone. Why would you try to paint a picture different from the truth that he doesn't have any qualms with shaking her hands, only not when asked specifically to do so by this reporter. Why not then show the clip in which he does shakes her hands? Cause you don't want your narrative to be blown by the truth? Fake news..
Now can anyone breakdown the masonic hand gesture?
Javaid Iqbal
O Americans ..feeling any shame or Shameless ?? I respect her and feeling sadness
Chuck Norris
Well done Donald! !
Ken Roberts
Should expect a negative comment coming from Time! Make America great again!!
norman edwards
@joe v how much shit did you have to wipe 0ut of your ears after pulling your head out of trumps ass??? 'LMAO!! 💩💩💩 😀😀
noobi core
He shook her hand before, he's just defiantly not giving in to the press's request to shake hands again. He's letting the media get under his skin more than he should.
Bartas 303
This is not a Donald she owns xD
Maarten Bucket
Why are his hands so small?
norman edwards
@joe v you're looking more and more like a brainwashed clown boy
Shirokuro Max
thin skin donnie
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