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puppy's are cute
Jeremiah Helland
I didnt know Jackie Chan could be defeated like that
Druscilla Flores
Love ya pewds!!!!
Salty Fries
I'm done 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Minecraftian TNT
The guy dragged out of the plane should have given that person a pepsi
Hoang Son Tran
1:16 this a DAVIL DAO
Hoang Son Tran
1:16 this is a united airlines
settlement money
The Star
i'm just sayin.
but Air Koryo is probably better than this.
ㄹㅇ 이거 실화임.. 믿기싫은데 사실이야..
Exploding nippels
Ultimate GAMER
pewdepie u are the best YouTube but your vedio don't get more than 4 million why
Arielle Samson
I will never fly in that airline.
No one even fucking cares what the hell has happened to the people
Carolyn Wang
Either way, the doctor still went to the hospital
Linkario K3V
3k united airlines employee's disliked this
Tuan Nguyen
I see that video before
Tuan Nguyen
I see that video before
Lê Đạt
He is Vietnamese and me too
waleed al-jasser
best video i ever see in the youtube ..... we need more like this video ... i keep see this video many many times
jaskaran singh
hy pew WATCH AIB indian honest flight ... PLSSS THIS IS SO FUNNY
Amin Kacimi
Fliegen türkisch Airlines eigentlich auch zu anderen Ländern
Aki San
he was dragged for making the toughest game, the guys name is hidetaka miyazaki
Austin Larson
United Breaks Guitars
니보단 나다 ᄋᄌ?
What if Asiana Airlines hits and discriminates Americans? Fuck you~~
Drfate 786
Honour is the most important policy a business can have. What united airlines did was dishonourable, what those people on the plane did was even more dishonourable. If you see a person in danger you stop and you do something about it. If you can't stand for others then how can you stand for yourself? What if that were you being dragged away?
Blad3sofGrass 2639
this thing happened a week after i filed on united
Bo Harris
I'm a big fan
Ghost IU789
He got dragged out cuz there was too many passengers
Raul Soares
Lauren Clark
It's not pronounced loo is ville pple from Louisville such as me pronounce it loo a ville
Lauren Clark
I'm from Louisville and my brother was actually on that flight from United
Ki Tomoruku Fumodo
I didn't know this even happened. Saying this has happened in America makes me ashamed. SERIOUSLY WHY DID THEY DRAG HIM OUT INSTEAD OF TELLING HIM HE COULDNT BOARD.(I live in America)
Pew pew 👅😉
내가 한국인 이긴하지만 참한심하다
synthi synth
it's titanic all over again
eric craig
go on air nz you'll would have to watch a safety video
oneil Pope
I love the end of this video. hilarious
...i got an add
한국어 자막이길래 봣는데..이런 끔찍한 일이...ㅜㅠㅠ
Adalyn Freid
I feel so bad for that passenger! Imagine his family! They would be so worried!
Niel Vincent
And now lets wait for an another Airline to do it................ oh no wait after three weeks, Delta goes to the sunlight and says "Hold meh Beer" .
Vallon Query
Fuck united
Lucas Faria
Manyak Adam
Türkçe altyazı yapan aptal orospu çocuğu kimse bir adım öne çıksın 5:24 de Dark Knight'ı nasıl "Karanlık Geceler" olarak çevirdin aq
moments00 aj
the only reson i thumbd it down is cuz this is so bad
Skylar Hearthful
The guy that got dragged of of the plane is a doctor that works where I live. He was dragged off of the plane because of what you explained in the video. Then, he ran back on the plane because he needed to get home to see his patients. But, yet again United decided to drag him off of the plane. There were a group of kids on that plane on a field trip that witnessed all of this, by the way. I heard it was quite traumatizing for everyone.
Good job United, best customer service 10/10.
My family got the same problem, me, mom and dad wait on the shuttle bus that will take to the plane while officer said he need to check my sister luggage again and will let her go, so we agreed and wait at the shuttle bus then after 5 minutes my sister called us that the airplane checker or whatever its call refused to let her go, they said "she is too late the plane is going to take off now"....I mean, me and others people still waiting for the business class guy that were late to get on the bus then go to the plane. We ban that airline and tell everyone to ban that becuase it really suck. Lion Air
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