3 amazing life hacks with lighters!

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3 amazing life hacks with lighters!
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Ghanshyam Jha
nice bro
Ghanshyam Jha
nice bro
Ghanshyam Jha
nice bro
The revival number of times of this animation, exceeding is impossible 10,000,000 times.
LavyGoolGT lavy
song name
vincent thomas
Cheb Bilal
Muhammad Dani
ije 1212121212121212121212121212121212122121212opo sei berombang
timothy kelly
I did it with me dad
Riana Sue Marquardt
ersten beiden sachen waren cool 😉
Super Smart City
Very nice https://youtu.be/C1uktW43BKs https://youtu.be/n4__vscQpqs https://youtu.be/ZQpz7e_crZo https://youtu.be/p-as-BvMtbU https://youtu.be/VPN3p6iN-LA https://youtu.be/PNSEtCTvo98 https://youtu.be/GS6s6UTxD8w
jdog ricks
I will give you 10000000000000 like s
jdog ricks
I will give you 10000000000000 like s
jdog ricks
I will give you 10000000000000 like s
محمد قاسم
اشتركوا بقناتي
Klemen Mljac
To je sranje
Grzegorz Bednarek
Sumeet Maurya
I will bet that 90% of people has only liked for that bow and 🔥 arrow 😎😎
Adam Tulloch
whats the song?
Sexy Potato
1 like = 1 DEAD isis person by patato bazooka
Willian Oliveira
3 Good
Kalpesh J. Panchal
Khent Cedric Mondejar
way galing
Shashikala Kawale

Good Stuff Experiments
Lighters are awesome ;)
Bijendra Kumar
Wastage of time , money , things . You not wasting the things your are wasting the nature's thing . If you want to make an video then make a video that is useful. You are not wasting but making other small children to make it waste everything that you are doing. Idiot ! You are such a big fool . Not only you are a fool but who are making such a video like this are also a fool . You should respect the nature's good not to waste it . Because it is a very important thing that god has given us to safe it and to use it very carefully . It may be dangerous for the environment.
It's very bad
Lukagrozni9 Lukagrozni9
Fak you Mr craze
#gwapo Diza
Dee Ess
Should douse the objects w a gas so et ignites upon impact w the lit matchstick
V. Idea
Hello friends 👍 👍👍 👍 Very good Video :) I love and thank friends very much!
Roy Rock
Kaden Klingsheim
Awesome!!! My brother and i love your vidoes!
MR. Luthra
guys plse watch this video its amazing life hack with lighter https://youtu.be/gf9rUsEOVw4
Gaming Panda
rayven ann WST
what is that metal thing name ? pls
someone respond
Dovie Morris
How did you lern how to do this
M Zaid
N8 44
Life hacks are suppose to make life easier and I don’t see how a flaming mini bow and arrow makes life easier
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Zeemon CSM
today is my funniest day because i watched so much of "life hack" make my day so funny and keep laughing..
Guy Ettridge
I'd do a thumbs up, but I blew the fucker off!
Adham Jurayev
Lukas Neisecke
Diese Armbrust ist ein Fach geil
Jacob Staten
It's not a "hack". Hacking means to crudely chop away or destroy something or at best bypass it. You are building something. That's the opposite.
Randy Wilson
With the lighter gun shoot it at gasoline
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