Best Trained & Disciplined Dogs #2

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Dog training is not always easy. The dogs in the video are very well trained and disciplined. People had been training dogs for different purposes from centuries. The dogs are one of the most intelligent and human friendly animals, if trained rightly they can be best of pets. Recent study shows that dogs can be a source to decrease the stress level in humans.

Vendetta Boss
wish my dog was so deciplin
This is 💯% dog abuse
Jessalyn Travis
and they forever waited lol jk
why torture doggos to train. We dont let you stay before you eat. Damn you pigs. they only eat kibble and they suffered to stay there. you mustve hurt them to let them stay. dogs are for happiness not training Shame on you. SHAME ON YOUR COW
wtf I had to hand feed and shove my hand on my tzudoggo to let her eat and these dogs eat on their own like HOW
donnita grasham
how much would you charge for a German Shepherd
sea otter
Ugly way to pet the dog 。
Lazy Tab
The thumbnail one is a poster saying be brave.
Angel's Videos
This is the opposite of my dog 🐶😂😂
Roberto Ribeiro
Murit dogues est camilarum oriundum?
ilanur hanifah
my cat act like a queen.
Herman Hermitz
Dogs belong to oriental people, just like their owners, appear much smarter and more disciplined than those belong to other races.
cianna paige
you biches
cianna paige
you guys are so mean
ᎠᎪᏒƘ • ƘղíցհԵ
So smart
soon cod player dark knight
3:51 i legit said your an big kid now! now you need pampers......
metz ergenstein
Actually those dogs have more control than me in front of food
hey people. there are millions of street dogs here in India. almost no one cares for them. and you people are so good. we would like if some rich can transport all the millions from here in other countries and keep them as your family. because trust me here many die in road accidents, starving and human abuse every day.
صوفي صوفي حبي
Aan abbreviationa
صوفي صوفي حبي
Ensar Sejdiu
Ryan Myers
Good video
Dog Lovers
Hey dog 🐕 loves, check out our cool dog T-shirts!! ☺👇
Reno Adi Pribadi
3:20 this is cute
Antonio Guterres
hahahahaha anjing pintar
Griffin W
a lot of these people have control issues
I wish ine of those trainers tech some manners to Trump
A Random Chicken
:) (sorry for my bad English)
Фантушка детТВ Fantushka kidTV
cat and dogs - cool! :)
Matt Lee
U can't train anything without abusing it to doing as u want to do, God with give you the same treatment as u gave to his creation
Click bait thumbnail
A k
wow its awesome
EGgamer 17
1:00 does the guy not feed that dog if so. why would he donthqr
Anne Kennedy
what happens if you get it hurt and not there to give them the command to eat will they starff themself ?
Arnold Trinidad
my dog was like "gimme my food bitch!!"
i wonder if such a dog would be able to follow commands in another language , , do they feel the right thing to do or do they really understand certain terms which are important to them . ???
Mary Htoo
the dogs doesn't have to wait for food
How do I train my dog? I beat him with my stick but it aint working.
sehar dar
so cute
Loydie Mason
what kind of dogs are these..?
Houston Foxworth
things the way dogs do. [Go Here== ] Once you come to this point where you see things the way dogs do, every other thing easily falls into place. This literarily saves you and your do from any pain or irritating feelings. "
Forsaken Terratoma
This is not abusive in any way, in fact it shows that the owners are dedicated to their animals as they have spent countless hours training them to do these things.
أبو تميم الغامدي
Indupriya and mohith kauri
really superb
brondo caprice
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he call one by one
Beruktawit Sahle
my dog is smart like them
zapraszam na mój kanał
surya k.c
if you can try you can anything
Drachen Flame
not that I'm one to talk cause I've got 5 dogs several of which are large breed and possibly will get 2 more large breed in the future but some of these people had a lot of dogs
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