Best Trained & Disciplined Dogs #2

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Dog training is not always easy. The dogs in the video are very well trained and disciplined. People had been training dogs for different purposes from centuries. The dogs are one of the most intelligent and human friendly animals, if trained rightly they can be best of pets. Recent study shows that dogs can be a source to decrease the stress level in humans.

I see abused dogs and controllfreak humans
Веронай X. в.
как миииилоооо😋😋😋😍😍😘
Linda Lee
Do you trains private dogs? great job. Thank you for sharing.
Babita Singh
i have18 german
Scott kelly
I would had bit that fat guy
Victoria Kim
I just hope, hope that none of them used any violence to enforce the training
Gaz Kay
this is basics id expect from any dog or owner, if not your dog has zéro respect for you
John Nike
They are better then trump
Maple Syrup
my grandma's dog will eat the food from the bowl if you haven't even placed it down.....
KC's Choice
with the food waiting my wife does the same... which seeing her cooking is not a bad thing
vincent yap
that the resaon why i don't like china peoples because they eat dog meat
Random Character
I wanna have that many dogs one day (1:00)
Best For You
cute dogs
Dejavous Male
These dogs look slightly embarrassed. Their eyes say, "I would show you who's the boss but that will only increase my sentence and delay mama from taking me back home.
He better not mess with me and he should go through my file, for his own safety. Stupid human... Wag your tail and do the eyes thing and all these suckers fall for the same trick no matter how often it is performed. ESTUPIDO. "
Johann Strauss
super, einfach super! das ohne, peitsche, strom, ohne gemeiner gewalt. ein hoch auf diese besitzer!
kiara mailen martinez
que educasion. turned. los Pedro's
Yami The Neko
at 1:48 the 3 dogs look like pooping
Charlie the Hedgehog
3:26 sooooo cute
Please anyone have a German shepherd for sale in United States specially from Orlando just contact with me by whats app +14074063674
I prefer the same one in this video ...should be male and work line with short or medium hair Thanks
Princess Star
Pavao Špigelski
Reklamna fotografija nije iz ovog videozapisa, pa je to onda obmana.
White Diamond
LOL I hate it
Vaclav Guth
Páni, to je něco. Tohle je upravdu moc dobrý, moc se mi to líbí 😊. Jako by to bylo ani nemožné, ale je to možné a obdivuju to 👍👍👍
Radharani Das
What a nice dog
FernLalice 리사 오빠
อ้าวเห้ย มีคนไทยด้วย
Did anyone else click the video to watch the cat?
Debbie Perez
I can't stand the jerk with the red shorts and the rotties. I like to have 2 minutes with his ass so I can treat him the same. he's an ex convict on parole.
Panzer Blitz
In third world America they would be tortured and murdered in kill shelters
Tayo Omoloso
account five
CLICKBAIT. And this isn't that good of discipline to make a dog wait before letting them eat. Boring
iShell Beat
The last dog in the second clip looked desperate not to be last and looked really depressed cause it was last
Bich Nguyen Ngoc
Love dog, care and training dog the best. ➡
Kameron Spencer
I get it all these dogs are happy and their owners take good care of them, but I just think owning more than a handful of dogs is excessive. Not that they're being disenfranchised at all, it just seems like they wouldnt necessarily get as much attention as recommended. I love dogs just as much as the next guy and im not going to take anybody's right away, but to me, it just seems unnecessary.
I find it funny because I've never had to train my german shepherd to do this. All your dog really needs to know is how to stay. I just said "stay" then gave him his food waited a few moments then said "go get it" and he did what all these dogs did
Jack Edwards
this is dumb I thought my dog only to eat on command in 2 days that's not a special trick
The Animal Info
At 3:29 when I saw the three chihuahuas standing like that, trembling, I felt bad
Maritza Gordillo
madansingh Madansinghpanjabi
Aadmi se janvar jyada aagyakari he.
wish2 hamdy
Pop Animations
0:54 when you have to much guards
amir bajric
panika me hvata svaki put kad cujem taj odvratni kineski glas da socjalizira pse,bojeci se da ce ih sve poklati i pojesti.Nisam rasist ne pozivam na nasilje jedne vrste protiv druge ali prezir i okretanje glave kad kinez ima problem je nastao onda kad sam vidio da s uzitkom jedu pssece meso od tada ih ne mogu ocima vidjeti,kad ih pocnem mrziti oni ce i dalje klati i jesti pse,ali nesto s mojim mentalnim zdravljem nece biti kako valja
april angelo
at 2:58 the snow colored dogs face is so ... funny
Kavindra Sinha
I have one question ..... can any u hit while u train ...... dogs
The thumb nail is so funny
amrin borphan 086 fams
dog vs bear
KJ TheDogWhisper
3:22 they mostly beat there dogs to stand up so did u fucking best your dogs??
Bosnian ProEF
how cute the last one
rachel m
So cute
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