Best Trained & Disciplined Dogs #2

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Dog training is not always easy. The dogs in the video are very well trained and disciplined. People had been training dogs for different purposes from centuries. The dogs are one of the most intelligent and human friendly animals, if trained rightly they can be best of pets. Recent study shows that dogs can be a source to decrease the stress level in humans.

Kitty Kat
Dog version: waits till countdown
Cat version: smells food SCRUMPTIOUS.
ClickBait whoever is watching
Marie J
They are great! Prayer makes like better, Jesus is coming back, be ready to go with him! :)
Carl Kaseroll
Hey, Ricardo, who wants to be called last?
Azula Hatamari
I love the role call. It's like a bunch of class mates
Rick Sehfeld
Pauline Semodji
1:06 eyes are scary
Sam sam
reminds me of jail
aww poor vin =(
It's Michelelynelly
At 3:40 those dogs
reminds me of the time when I was a kid and told my cat to never leave my mom's side and protect her, turns out he did just that :3 he even managed to keep our dog quiet so she could sleep
The one 1
Thats so cute
Breanna Mcgonigal
that thumbnail tho....that cat was walking through the valley of death and police dogs!
Abbas Zeinali
If only kids where that easy
Nyan kittis
почему все на английском????????
Eli Ak
just by 1$ you can help my dog :'( :'(
Bimla Swami
Yeah those dogs listen better than my husband 😂😂😂
Nice video, but thumbs down. You know exactly why.
ابو البتار
Komal K.R.
what breed is at 3:50?
Malcolm MacLeod
What's the point? This is over discipline.
Jiřina Turanská
moc hezká videa
PT Free
cute pets
b roxoke
I bet you that if anyone told you when to eat you would hate it but I mean making a dog wait to eat isn't really that much of a trick to me but I'm not saying that dogs shouldn't be trained it's just that you wouldn't really like it if you HAD to sit there and wait to eat! Am I right?
Rita Araujo
for pete's sake this is just sad. the countdown thingy was just so freakin stupid
Sofia Morazan
Саша Иванов
супер супер супер
coolest tricks ever
Big Monsters
saurabh kumar
ToyTube Ady
My 2 dogs cant even recognize there names. HOW???!??!?!/1?!?
vincent yap
those dogs like prisoner
Mr Mistero
I voiced trained my rabbit and it's been playing dead for 3 weeks now
Ariana Ayra Lionwood
if you have god communication and relationship with your dog, you can teach them...i have a pug...and pugs are well known lovers of food, hes 5 years old now and hes well trained (well he makes a mess while eating but it looks cute) in taking orders (even more when he knows he will get a snack :"D ) if training your dog involvs beatings and anything that can harm him, then yes its cruel, and not right...but all living things in on this wolrd need some order (we have laws, wolf have an alpha in a pack who gives orders, ants a quuen...and for our little friends we (the owner) are the alphas...train your dogs with snacks and petting and words like bad and good boy :)
Noah Mwaipopo
duh jamaa wanajua sana
Anurag Pandit
i have 16 dogs in my farm. All are guard dogs ,but not better than that dogs
Anurag Pandit
definately dogs are man's best friends
tyson globetrotter
love it...
Anil Murmu
Dog TTraaaaining Cooourses. Step by Step Guide on How to train Yoooour Dog!
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Sun Igbo
Where are the dogs advertised in the thumbnail?
H Lee
cassie D
no video showing the cat walking by the dogs. Ashamed of the dogs got hog down their food
Sunita Montgomery
I love your video,thank you for sharing.
Eddy Chia
The one where the dog's names were called out was so depressing for the bulldog.
Elena Huerta
3:27 Money
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