Hope For Dogs Like The DoDo -This Dog Was Acting Strangely So We Followed Her And Rescued A Family

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We got to rescue a whole family.

This mama dog had a whole other reason for hanging out around and in this house.  She had taken over the house and made it her own hiding place to raise her days old puppies.  

This is the story of Millie the very smart mama dog.  Every share of this video helps more dogs like Millie.

This Dog rescue is part of the Rescuing Rogue series - Episode # 24  and Produced by WA2S Films

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Heda Kom TriKru
The thumbnail made me think the dog was gonna hang itself omg
Soledad Cruz
I love this video😻
paola imeraj
Omg they are soooooo quteeeeee
Lun Phaipi
save the puppy
LindsAy with Attitude
Love this. Xo
Jay H
How do people dislike a video like this?
Mia P
5 boys 1girl
Solar _ Eclipse
Ok comment section when they started that intro I thought this was pitbulls and parolees
winston grundy
What a wonderful ending
Lewandra Erwin
I know u rescuers in Detroit have a hard time. my heart goes out to u guys..
Monica Vazquez
At the very end..... you can just see the Mama is so thankful and trusting her kind humans.... she can even take a nap while nursing !!!!! Good on you
Kute Kiwi
Raquel Martinez
Que belleza! Y que Pena que sufren demasiado en la Calle, tengo un cocker spaniel y lo amo como mi Bebe desde 8 years ago
Raquel Martinez
Pobresita la mama! Lo mas seguro do A Luz sola
Kennedy m
I can't believe people do this
Cameron Huff
At 12:52 they were all right side up except one that was upside down
It's Clow
Gawwww I want one! 😍
Trishajavier5 Javier 5
The WORLD keeps turning because of the people like you , thanks a lot for saving many hopeless dogs ....etc
Trishajavier5 Javier 5
Cute little puppies, i hope for the dogs to live long
How does a first world country like America have so many stray dogs ? U don't get none over here in the uk. U don't see dogs just randomly walking around by themselves, if u do, it's such a strange thing to see that it gets everyone's attentions. We have a huge ferel cat issue tho, but not stray dogs.
Kim May
God has created you amazing people. who love and care for his creation. God bless you all . thank you
Frida Haugen
Mean that is never happenings here
Frida Haugen
U I love in norway they is never handling here
Amazing rescue of this poor tired mama and her puppies. What a contrast in Conditions. So many soft clean blankets and all her needs met. It was absolutely her lucky day.
Madison Giles
The people who disliked this video meant dis I like!😂
rachel thomas
We need more people like this lady in the world. Thank you so much for helping so many abused/neglected/unwanted animals. I can't bare to think what would become of them without your help x
Jessica Bowie
These are good people I'm crying such a beautiful story Thank god for people like you
That was so amazing.... I think I almost died at the end as she was nursing those little pups, preciousness overkill. And mom looked so happy and content with her litter, you could tell she knew her pups were going to be okay and life would not be such a struggle anymore.
mary rose pado
they're adorable... imiss to have a dog like them.. Thank you for saving them 😊😊😊😊😍😍 godbless
Judith Campbell
I've got to giggle when watching those puppies nurse because of the one who was up side down while all the others were right side up! Lol
Aww so touching, I cried! <3 Bless you guys!
The Vasquez Family Blogs
Apart from rescuing the dogs they should really rescue that community. Every single house look disgusting.
frehiwot berhane
Vero R
Oh what a beautiful rescue 😍😍
bruxinha malvada te dá vassourada
Porque laçaram a mãe dos filhotes com violência? Não era melhor ir dando comida até ela ficar mansa?
Tegan Godwin Vlog's
This is so sweet and nice to think of animals this way we all should
Lexis Ward
petra carbonell
That was the cutest thing I ever seen
Mel Gionet
awe ther SO cute
Joanna Longman
You guys are great saving all these dogs
dona troeller
awesome save.
Rosy Sanchez
thank you soooo much for saving animals ,they also have fellings and pp that let their dogs outside dont have a heart because they dont just get their by themselfes
you guys are so nice for saveing her babys aww
Harmony Freeman
You are so sweet
forever sister
Cole Planamento
awwww I love you guys
Parveen Kundu
You guys were the last hope for them. Keep up the good work.😇😇😇😇
Allyn Perez
Awh this broke my heart but seeing that the mom and her babies are doing well makes me happy . I hate seeing dogs mistreated in any way 😭
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