This Dog Was Acting Strangely So We Followed Her And Rescued A Whole Family: Ep # 24 Rescuing Rogue

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We got to rescue a whole family.

Terri Sumpter of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue received a call from WA2S Films about a dog that was wandering close to Michigan Humane Society's new Detroit facility and was acting strangely.  DPC responded to the call quickly and set out a trap with Church's Chicken.

This mama dog had a whole other reason for hanging out around and in this house.  She had taken over the house and made it her own hiding place to raise her days old puppies.  

This is the story of Millie the very smart mama dog.  Every share of this video helps more dogs like Millie.

This Dog rescue is part of the Rescuing Rogue series - Episode # 24 with Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue featuring Terri Sumpter and Produced by WA2S Films:  

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Welcome to all Viktor Larkhill fans - thanks for joining us!

Ravinder Singh
The lady is lovely 😊 she is so 👍
Natasha Robinson
What you guys do is amazing
Miriam Maldonado
Amazing people whom enough care for things in life to make a bettet place, homes destroyed and abandoned dogs hopefully is the past of Detroy God bless you all that make the difference!!
Bella Jae
So beautiful
Angie Sprinkles
Where was this at? Like what town or state
Yashaswi Singh
Those little puppies are like drops of cuteness...
Sofia Girl
just amazing how good people like you guys are still living in this world...😢..bless you guys
Kenneth Hedden
Snlff,sniff.Ok now I'm tearing up. I'm a man,I don't cry.
Kimberly Route
So adorable
Leah Gubbins
I what to halp if you need money I will give you some
Charlotte Coupe
Leave him and get the babies first
Kim.mp4 X
10:15 you could see the look in the mom's eye like she was saying "thank you so much." Ahh this is so amazing.
james espiritu
the real question is what happen to that house and wheres the dad of the dogs?
james espiritu
i thought a dog saves a human instead its her family lol
nadine yousef
I don't think they feed him he looks so unhealthy I hope you feed him and make sure to give him a lot of food and lots of love if you get another dog he will have a friend and be happy I am happy that you got him away from those mean people anyway bye puppy rescue
Emma Shoemaker
These poor dogs, the just need nice owners in the first place so they all have good life's to begging with and don't have to go through almost dying
21MaKenzie Bailey
Why was that one puppy upside down towards the end? Lol... They were adorable... Your a good persons for caring.
чαzmín pєrєz
í'm ѕσ ѕαd αвσut thє αnímαlѕ í wαnnα kíttєn αnd α puppч α fєmαlє
Angelu Shine Capilla
how do you u know they're gender
Jade DeGraaff
Whoever thumbs down you don't have a heart
Dhadu Manu
wow puppy's are so cute thanks for saving animal
Can't believe people dislike the video
Emma Kinley
If I would have rescued them I would have kept them with me this video is amazing and you guys truly care so thanks for rescuing the dogs
Rafaella Gianna
i am doing the same thing in Australia
Jade DeGraaff
Whoever thumbs down you don't have a heart
Brent Dirks
You really did that
gurpreet singh gill
God bless you beautiful lady good joob
Birds Eye View.
Dog: what is this? They think I will just walk in there? Aaaaa heck no!
Tonya. Rapczak.
you guys are awesome. I love it that you guys rescued her and get puppies, I am a huge Pitbull lover I own 3 mix breed pits and refuse to own any other kind. I want to say I love you guys for what you do. much love from Ohio..
A homeless pit bull of unknown pedigree and temperament reproducing more homeless pits of unknown pedigree and temperament. The height of irresponsibility.
Smrtr ThanYou
I'm a grown man, and I'm sitting here in tears, just so thankful for people like you. my own dogs are my world..they're my kids. I'll never be able to understand people that place these beautiful creatures in harm's way. I would love to come and help you rescue! I live in the Detroit area.
Is that some kerbal space program music? Or Morrowind?
Brian Cullen
Can only hope there are more people like you I want to do this when I retire
yeah, 5 boys and 1 girl
Jason Tolbert
we got 5-1 5 little boys and 1 little girl.
Peppermint Snowdrift
Ew! Nasty neighborhood!
christina valdez
this should be a TV show on animal planet
Latifa Berri
You guys are so loveuble and incredible
IDK...those dogs looked pretty healthy and happy free from the oppression of the human overlords...
"She just doesn't understand that it's her lucky day" that had me smiling
Charlie Triggs
Hey Dj dash
Denise Martinez
I hate those grabbers there so traumatic. I'd use a lead there so much gentler. still I praise all your doing for these guy's and gals though so precious. blessings to you all
Cynthia Veldman
Cynthia Veldman
Jelly Bean
"look at how adorable he is, so cute iloveyou"
me at every animal i see
Rayven Bowman
13:10 the one on the right has a heart toosh
Bradena Miller
I'm going to put my life into taking care of animals and will never gave up on them
Ana Loren Marin Nogera
wonderful angels saving this mother and her little babies😂
Biahna IsLit
I wish there were a lot of people like you. People just don't have a heart like you and it's sad. I wanna grow up to be like you! I love dogs and I wanna rescue them. Some people don't even care about animals. I wish they did but in a child and my parents don't get why I love them so much I can't bring them to safety! I wish dogs and animals are safe that's my number one wish I can ever make in my life😽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽 PEOPLE PLEASE TAKE CARE OF ANIMALS AND OTHER PEOPLE! LOVE ONE ANOTHER CARE ABOUT ONE ANOTHER SAVE ONE ANOTHER HELP ONE ANOTHER HELP ANYONE AND ANYTHING THAT IS NEEDED FOR HELP! Like this if you agree❤️ myself I agree
Shyree Collinsworth
You guys are amazing people I just love they way you are we need more people like u guys in the world because animals deserve​ to live a good life like us this touched my heart so much to see you guys doing this You guys are role models!
Thank You ❤
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