Alligator Walks Across Golf Course With Fish

newsviraldramaticalligatorgatorfishgolf course

Norma Respess via Storyful

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Юрий Лукин
DanK MelonZ
Why they recording my dog?
Emmalynns Channel
who else was told by google to come here
Matthew Williams
He just wanted to show off his catch. And he should. That's a big carp.
Brent - Highlights
Plot twist: the alligator is saving the fish by putting it back in water
Goonerville Gonad
What species of fish is this, anyone? Only serious answers, please. Thanks in advance.
Jen Ivel
Conner Sleep
I would piss myslef if i saw that thing
Mystique Ufo Pirate
like a boss.
Just another day in Louisiana, and im not joking i see this type of shit everyday
TheCactusGamer 2.0
wow, what a sight, amazing, wow, wow, amazing, wow.
I'm beautiful - I know
Didn't know Reba Mcentire played golf.....
Lugiono Trinh
The alligator is just confidently walking across the golf course...
It should actually be illegal to film vertically. I'll lobby this to congress!
Roger Balcer
If she says Wow one more time I'm going to hunt her down and slap her ! lol
никто :3
Cannibalistic Toast
I can't see half the gator cuz of the FUCKNG VERTICAL RECORDING
What kind of horse is that
The Diamond King
This was in the daily aww section of youtube
Sollux Captor
is it weird I think the gator is cute
Jessie Roberts
Jessica Barnes
I can show you the world~♪
Jake Adams
Just in case no one else's commented it yet; WOW
interrupting the gators breakfast lol
Amanthathaslosthopein allofhumanity
anyone here because of googles random fun?
A happy gator with a good catch of the day...GO GATOR~
even the gator learned how to capture something horizontally. unlike the redneck behind the cam
Youtube Channel
that gator has swagg
Edge Mcsnob
ur cat haz worms I think
Show off
fucking vertical video, noobs
Irah Lily
That alligator looks so proud of himself!
There's a fishing lure hanging out of his mouth, which probably has a big hook on it. He can't let go of the fish.
Great Listener
lady, haven't you ever been hungry?
AWWWWWWWW The gator is helping the fish to cross the water! This is one of the most adorable videos on the Youtube.
Edgar Furs
This motherfucker eats better than I do and I am not even poor.
Jaden Relic
My fish
Hey it's that one kid
If you look closely you can see that the alligator is holding a fish
GamerDoge The Doge
looks like a mouse
GamerDoge The Doge
funny doe
GamerDoge The Doge
wooow so fascinating😑😑😑😑😑😴😴😴😴😴
Heidi Fedor
How is this an aww moment?
N.O.Y.B M.F.
americans are retarded
Marc Williamson
He doesn't need fishing license??
Thy Pentacle
Roger H
haha alligator is like fuck y'all pussy golfers I gotta eat!
Static Union
Squirrelly McNuttersen
Looks to me like a Florida sewer rat. Nothing to worry about

Like a squirrel holding a bazooka
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