Annabelle Movie Full Trailer #2014

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First And Second Annablle's Trailers in one Video

Opp Opp
sợ quá đi
Shad Bigham
This movie is not scary at all
Harsh Sharma
how horrific movie
Ni Win
i want see a full movie please 😃😃😃
Isabella Maria Bernal H.
no me atrevia ni a ver el trailer y lo vi yno me dio miedo
Maria Lujan
ase un comentario
Tony Lewis
holy shutting fuk Annabelle is a fuking bitch
Tamer Gören
neresi korkunç filimide sıradan frakmanıda
Arianna Terrazas
Arianna 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
naryok 24
serem bangaet
Kitty Kat
oh god um...
Fã Ladybug e Steven Universo
Kfran Kfran
ماذا حل بكم انها ليست مرعبه
búp bê cung nhân mã channel
kenny daniel
papá te quiero mucho
Micaela Lobo
linda peli
اغاني سبيستون
حلوو كلشي
fabulous potato
if my husband bought me that doll (if I had a husband lol) I'd be like "WTF is this shit, it's ugly af"😂
Emili Betsabeth
Que miedo me dio
Adid Mieles
esto es mentira no da miedo
Aida Acevedo
and nya what the hell did u do to the demonic dol!!!!
Britney Moncherry
bad for small children
Daria Aileni
victor arroyo
😍😍😍😍😍😍es muy ermosoooooo
Carolina Verdes
it cool traler shit
Yasna Mohammed
this is scray
Yasna Mohammed
Sufian Mouncif
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dit is not got
mia Orea
fadwa charai
had lfilm wa3eeeeere
Anabella Rodríguez vídeos
y pan un comentario en español
Kauany Weller
kkkk. que. medo😱
Friska Varisanti
serm bangt
sanvi sanvi
omg 😨😨😨😨
Mai Irini
Rod Bebenek
Check out "the curse of Robert" and "Robert the doll the movie" , if you enjoyed watching Annabelle you'll like both of these others.
Catboy06 - Norsk Underholdning!
OMG I was so scared
Xenia Martinez
the jomar Roblox you two can connect come in chkea Cmputer the no keria ni you have church and no keria ni and
Sunday pro
I like Anal belle
Rajendra Singh
I hate annabella doll
Slimey .cloudy
i dont believe any of those horror 😒i believe in god😊
Michał Smętek
No scary
хлоя буржуа
o. nou
Kid Jr
wow , really scary for watching it for the first time. 😈expecially ANABELL because ANABELL, is more scary than CHUKY😂
Maria Juan Pedro Hernandez Vakdebenuti
medio es. calofruo
Robert Serwata
I have seen Annabelle and it is really scary
Nandini Dasgupta Bakshi
Even I have a doll like Annabelle and I think she is creepy I mean she doesn't have eyes like that or clothes she has a smile on her face 🙎🏻🙎🏻
Jaime lamboy
my sister site so scared omg
Pernilla Andersson
fy fan vad läskig
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