Annabelle Movie Full Trailer #2014

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First And Second Annablle's Trailers in one Video

Ryleigamer232 michele
I love this movie so much
Naeem Ayub
this was an awesome experience in the cinema. the stairs looked so creepy and well shot
Kid Jr
forken scary 😟😱
Michelle Vella
Shashi Lopes
Annabelle is very stupid and scary
Shashi Lopes
do u want to give children nightmares
Ilham Juliandi
end the goste fri end go huhuhu conjuring 3
Suruchi Yadav
Annabelle is really scary
Orestis Dana
Fuck this movie
Anugraha Santhosh
Ah.. You make me scared i am sitting in my home alone 😳😳
how do you get that movie on because i love scary movies
Nikki Love
was this a fake movie
Reginna naves Eva
Que. medo
Luz Henriquez
Ustedes son tan ustedes son tan miedosos a los niños no pueden ver esto porque ustedes hacen eso lo voy a demandar a la policía o sea a mí me tientes porque no puedo dormir Ahora en mi cuarto por la culpa de Chucky y tú Ana medio
Monika Aleksendric
David Santiago
la pelicula esta mas o menos like si te gusta
Kiran Ubale
Why the hell do they live in this house
Feby15 Oy
jewel richards
I called Annabelle and she killed my Mom
Marineete Lipińska
Anabel jest straszna!!! pisać kto z polski
Lalo Andrade
It's scary but I know it's not a real Annabelle dool , they just want to make a scary
Lalo Andrade
This is my second time watching this movie 🎥
Alona Tamar
Srivinaya Venkatesh
It's even more creepy with slow internet..
...u never we know when it starts and stops 👻👻
Gia Linh Hồ Phan
kinh qwá!!!
Chuck kind
scary help me
محمد نور
0غىظىدلظ ؤمنل باي😆😆😆😆😆👝👝👝👝👙👙
Kallaba Indire
i am so scared
Marlinde Eilander
the movie is scary 💩💩💩💩
Rojan Ghassem Alaskari
This is not scary! But the doll is very scary
Aitotlg Acmo
Best trailer so far and advice to the maker be sure to read bible every night haha just an advice who knows this story will be related to someone so pray for them too. Peace.
vikram vipin
plz upload Annabelle full movie on YouTube guys... I dint watch this movie
Mr Miksyy
Annabelle greisii
Svetlana Aleksandrova
Not Scary With Blood
sunshine lillard
That was so scary but I like the doll. I think she is sooo cute and a little bit creepy 😳
Sorin Chirila
Annabelle Mayton
Hahaha cool 😈
Bardhi Frroku
oh my gad is so scary
WorkForIt HD
I saw this movie i am only 12 years old sometimes it creepied me out
Janhavi Prasher
I think that the scariest scene was that one in which she was sleeping on her coach and when suddenly the spirit came from back to infront and when she was stitching clothes,well this was a very scary movie I have ever seen.......
thuhuong tran
Marakipo p
Gerlie Masangkay
i love to watching this Anabelle so scary but nice
mackenzie xoxox
is the t real anabell
mackenzie xoxox
don't touch plea s is scary
Cici Ayu
wihh serem
leart ahmetxhekaj
this is not scared i lol in this video
Lulu Silva
Akiles R
I like anabella but it is so scary
This is not that scary.
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