Roman Reigns has a chilling encounter with The Undertaker: Raw, March 6, 2017

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The Deadman made a surprise appearance on Raw to remind The Big Dog whose yard he's standing in.
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Roman Reigns does not deserve to fight the Undertaker
Muller Gameplays
Faiz Ikhwann
Undertaker vs Sting!!!!!
Ritesh Sharma
Today all the undertaker fans out there :Roman should win at wrestlemania, because brock also has defeated Deadman and if Roman wins this will prove that anyone can defeat him and then brock's F5 to Goldberg will have no value left.......!!!
wanna see a better video watch it on my chhanel
Drita Kadriaj
underteker stronge
Dinh Van Nguyen
If Roman defeats Taker, I'll fly to Stamford and beat the heck out of whoever in charge of the script
Mr. Was geht Sie das an
Naveen Kargeti
every body know that undertaker is betterthan Roman reigns roman is a ediyet
Michael Adel
3:32 that is out of the undertaker character moves , he used to stare on his victim eyes while the victim is on the ground
trevor sutcliffe
The power of Reigns
trevor sutcliffe
Can't wait till the best Wrestler in the world retires the Undertaker
2NE1Fan 23
anybody going to wrestelmania have banners/posters say if reigns wins we riot and if reigns wins we stop watching
2NE1Fan 23
rather watch ellsworth than roman reigns now that is saying something
2NE1Fan 23
and i wonder why wwe is losing money
Zobiya Fatima
I love Roman reigns and hate under taker
Tony Daccache
if roman wins,we riot.
Justin Marty
Roman rins noooooooo
Justin Marty
my yard now show him
Justin Marty
Roman riens u can do it
Changez Shah
Recycling Kane's old vests....good job.
Bilal ergun wwe
WrestleMania 33 triple treat match :
roman reigns vs braun strowman vs underteker
godliness :god
Roman reigns music's sounds Roman reigns like Goldberg's music dos
Andy Becky
Beast Hype Gamer
Coming back here realising this is so fake and dumb wow
Kelvin Conraad
omg the hair is back I mean the undertaker is back obviously
Danny Ruiz
I rather see taker vs cena
Lol! At all the 'Roman sucks!' chants from the crowd! Poor Roman! I wonder how Joe Anoa'i really feels about his career in WWE? It must be so tough doing shows every Monday with the crowd hating you so much...
If I get 50 likes, Roman Reigns won't beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.
Tmg Mike
undertaker still wrestle i though he was done after brock
Neil Allsworth
people are going to disagree with me on this but what I think undertaker and roman reigns have see look about them and way they both walk to ring I noticed no reigns will never ever new undertaker no wrester can be but I if done right reigns could be just as good has the undertaker wwe need turn him heel for that to happen just my opinion
bunma kristiansen
coool i love you undertaker
now it is the time that roman should lose taker in wrestlemania 33.
mohd sonu
honey sing song videos
Max focus AS
Roman Does not deserve to beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania
sumit brar
I having a feeling that brauns gonna interfere in the matchup and undertakers gonna win by dq
Li Osmani
taker should retire already or change his gimmick. he comes out as the dead man...but as soon as he takes one punch he crumbles up and acts all weak. i know his old so cant be a force like he used to be but hell goldberg is old too but his gimmick is still strong
Redstone Dragon
i saw the undertaker and the big dog roman rangis i was there
Norma Bates
Michael Cole's commentary is still as terrible and lifeless as ever! Ughh! vomits
Jayesh Baves
nice vidoes
Vince make undertaker win but make Roman look strong because that's the only why you will let taker win make sure the match is great
Said Debbab
yeah yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes the undertaker Will win again
om shinde
The deadman
lucifer chithu
Sahul Chauhan
Abdulaziz Aljassim
I remember when I was small I used to be scared af from the undertaker
prabhsharan singh
brock lesnar brock lesnar
prabhsharan singh
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