Roman Reigns has a chilling encounter with The Undertaker: Raw, March 6, 2017

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The Deadman made a surprise appearance on Raw to remind The Big Dog whose yard he's standing in.
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I see a little bit of the Undertaker in Roman Reigns. Perhaps not now, but if it's in the cards, he just might be poised to be the next big thing.
Vees h
I am the guy..!.!
BosT Temper
sometimes i feel deadman takes his sweet time walking into the ring
Saddam Shaikh
original BigDog The Undertaker
DeAd Assassin
i legit cried when mark retired :(
Camila Cabello
Enzo amore vs James ellasworth
Ekrem Memis
If WWE makes Roman win at mania then they have no choice but to turn him heel because he is gonna get booed for the rest of his career!
chaffy taffy
What to do when the undertaker steps in the ring with you

Leave the arena a.s.a.p!!!
Leandro Viegas
Grande el hombre muerto
C.o.Williams Burger
Rata San
undertaker, why you leave the wwe? :'( omg
Martin nachev
Killer Cred
Dennis Zafaralla
Roman Reigns is gana win this time
Shade Kumeroa Whaanga
your cool undertakeer in wwe
is scared of the undertaker
Prashant Kumar
The undertaker is always right
Zain Ali
no one can touch the undertakers class he was true legend 👍
Sergey Worster
No pne ever talks down on the undertaker
Nicolas Nidal
When Michael cool said the original big dawg is back to reclaim his yard it wass like soo emotional moment!
Braun Stroman showing either:
WrestleMania 33...BELIEVE THAT!!!
Daniel Grissom
No entrance give me goose bumps like undertakers
Hightop Conner
Vince McMahon's thoughts on March 6, 2017: "Hm. Aha! I have something no one has thought of ever before. Roman Reigns would be a great heel. Even though people love him he would still be a great wrestler and a top heel!"
Me: "Bruh"
Daniel Boehm
I'm watching the after wrestlemaina and secretly wanting the undertaker to show up out of nowhere and choke slam him like this again. I respect undertakers right to retire when he wants, just not to this turd
ggo baturay
This guy has been in this company for 27 years and nobody can do anything to this legend
Mohammad Asif
roman beat taker wha roman ur king I l u
giorgos ferrari
the undertaker stop wwe;
Md Sarwar
i'm big fan of roman reighns
Zejo quake
Undertaker reyizz
Sloppy Wrisk
Roman Reigns .. The New John Cena.
S S Khan
hello g
Cris Ron
Hit like if you hate Boreman Lames. Taker is the greatest wrestler ever in WWE and Boreman is the worst ever.
Louis Mcarthur
hate romans lack of respect for the deadman he probably came out to to speak on your behalf...or finish a score with bruan
SuperDiamond _Wolf
# I love roman
Ahmed Riyadh
OMG the reaction of the crowd a the firs moment when the lights went off ... Unbelievable
Ahmed Noseir
Roman reigns won
Jen Resk
Loudest boo since Muhammad Hassan
Faisal Al Balushi
For me this is the end of watching WWE after undertaker retirement
Albany Outpost
As a kid I saw Undertakers debut and ever since I was amazed at the brilliance of his character that never got old. I stopped watching WWE circa 2002/2003, but Undertaker is a legend and I wanted to say a massive thank you for the memories. Good luck to you and to all the wrestlers who retire and to all wrestlers who put their heart and body in to the business to entertain others. Good health to you, be safe and finally, a massive Thank you for providing great memories of so many childhoods across the world. All the best.
Believe That Roman!!!
Aditya Kashyap
Jonathan Ruiz
so many others left, john cena, sting,rey mysterio,aj styles.But now u make him lose to who? oh yah brock leanar , and roman reigns , lets make him tap out by horneswoggle while where at it.
Samuel Luong
Taker took down reigns like it was nothing, then he just walks away
M.G Daniel
Kill yourself, Roman..
waltergames 3
like si eres español y no entiendes lo que dicen en los comentarios
Mir Khalid Nichari
WWE known due to Undertaker
dhaval p
Undertaker the phenom helped to make Roman s career same as he had done with kane tripple h and brock lesnar , just look at the aura of his at the end of the match , does he look like a man who looses? He indeed is a wwe and will be
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