Roman Reigns has a chilling encounter with The Undertaker: Raw, March 6, 2017

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The Deadman made a surprise appearance on Raw to remind The Big Dog whose yard he's standing in.
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alireza abedini
Did Roman really just disrespect the Deadman like that
Elena Augustina
Undertaker number 1 <3
Sandeep Kuchara
Roman sucks
Melissa Knight
Wow what a fight !! This was epic.. !!
kimberly lynn
I love Undertaker coat and hat.
FinalW Ultratus
Deadman 2:23 i loved dat part
Tife Awoseyi
Undertaker makes raw the best and SmackDown
Siddharth Phanse
BC Richard
El Dandy should have retired the Undertaker.
dean ambrose seth rollins
10 totti
We will not forget you, the legend of wrestling undretiker, the last wrestler came history
VJ Sahil Forever
undertaker is real superstar in wwe his most fight is win
Rakesh Bhagwane
Roman reigns is biggest loser of the univers
Siddaling Okali Siddaling
undertaker is best all players are waste
Naranjan Singh
Thank u taker never rest in peace
Ronco AL_Harbi
(99.9%) YOU'RE "THE PERFECT" ....
Don't Ask About The Other's (0.01%)
Simon Willis
Boy is just a WWE star pushed to be what ever
Taker is the icon of decades
A WWF original a figure of huge legacy in and out the ring
And the old skool in things i grew up with
Taker >>> Braun
Roman >>> Taker
Braun >>> Roman
Hit English Songs
The Best Part Booo......Then Suddenly Yay......
Christopher Evans
Undertaker 1990-2017
Spencer Neloms
I love undertaker's entrance
sarojkumar nayak
Undateker is too old to wrestling
/ Nna-yllek et Aicilema /
UnderTaker si the BEST EVER!!
Getting real sick of him saying this is his yard, oh arnt you badass
Niky's TD Land
At least Braun Strowman got to be in the ring with Taker before he sadly retired
WWE Entertainment
Why did WWE cut the part out when Braun yells ROMAN?
Cristiano Machado
The undertaker it's legendary superstar
Blacksaber Predator
Death itself the only thing that can scare the Wyatts
Undertaker appears and starts to Stare down Braun

Braun: yeah, I'm gonna just......Gonna

Undertaker: ......

Braun: backs over to ring's edge I'mma just.....Gonna just going......

Undertaker: ......

Braun: gets out of ring and walks off
the actual boo is louder than the edit 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Roman Reigns
hope takers last match will be cena vs taker at mania
Vasil Mironov
Roman rest in peace
Vasil Mironov
wrestle mania always be undertaker's graveyard
swerve boy
Brawn strowman was scared asf
Ayan Afaq
Undertaker fan army..???
Hit like.
Riyad Hineadiq
Does anybody remember that episode Roman Reigns said he grew up in the slums and had to fight everyday to survive? 😂😂
Aditya Satria
for the people who think reign has retire taker, you can go to hell,
taker retire on his own accord,
Kadriye Ates
geri dön taker
Bryan Zachery
Deepika Sharma
I love you roman
Joel Grundmann
Ich habe doch gesagt ich muss sagen das ich nicht mehr t zu Hause bin und das ganze Zeug mit dem Auto habe ist noch nicht so weit
Joel Grundmann
Undertaker ist der beste
مجرم قيمز MGRMAEMZ
يبطل مشاءالله محد وصل الاشتراك هذا مشاءالله
Heyder Suleymanov
undertaker sucks
Trace Conrad
That's a cool outfit he's got. Where do I get one of those
Kchum Bahadur
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