Roman Reigns has a chilling encounter with The Undertaker: Raw, March 6, 2017

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The Deadman made a surprise appearance on Raw to remind The Big Dog whose yard he's standing in.
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Mark Calaway
Did u guys see strowman got scared a little after takers bell 0:35
shinji sami
no matter what it will always be undertaker's yard
Danny Shaw
Hey vince nice editing the roman sucks chants
16 Bits Forever
Respeita o Cara kkkk
I dont like seeing long usernames on youtube
The undertaker looks like Boris karloff with the hat on.
Rafay Mohammad
Roman's face @3:26 showed the whole story.
Aditya Ghosh
why do people hate roman reigns
No Limit Mac
Roman The Best Wrestler Don't Argue Wit Me
Nagsen Dawane
stupid undertaker 😾
Rubaid Hossan Rafi
if wwe make a video of top 10 loudest boo.then roman will surely get the first & loudest one.#Suck Roman
Luis Castro
roman should of superman punched him when taker was walking away
X-legends blade_750 Blade
Gajjela Santosh Chary
wwe best undertaker
luis varela
Jay A
Roman's performance in the Wrestlemania match was actually pretty good. He has a bad habit though of going from dead, to not hurt and hitting a superman punch, then selling. Like there are no smooth transitions for Roman. It'll probably come with time and experience, but he was pushed way too soon.
Tequilla Jones
all who disliked are hating
Lady Volleyball
I've only seen reigns come out of the rel entrance 2 times now and when he at takes hhh
overtaxed 1
No sudden movements strowman, he can smell your soul. :)
Luis Candelita
Roman Reings Must be the New Undertaker
Trevor Phillips
this is braun strowmans yard now
wasnt taker on smackdown lol he could just go anywhere before he retired smackdown to raw where next NXT
taker and goldberg some of the most respected guys in wwe history
Fun King
Omg undertaker is back please come back King of wwe our undertaker
aaayesha962gmail aaayesha962gmail
under taker is great wrestler and super great body
aaayesha962gmail aaayesha962gmail
under taker is great wrestler and super great body
Eating Disorder Gains
1:38 see what undertaker did there
1:01 It makes me sad to see so many still recording in portrait mode in this day & age 🙁
It'z Jeffrey
taker is beyond any, and I mean ANY doubt, the BEST wrestler of ALL TIME!!!
Jas Dhillon
Taker almost choke slammed Roman through the ring, that was badass
Jeremy Fuellas
Honestly they shouldn't have put Roman up against the Dead Man on his last match. They should've chose someone more worthy of retorting the Undertaker.
Rated Ss
Undertaker is old
Magik Karp
how many rains does it take to flood the world :3 it takes 1 cuz roman reigns is all you need
Kittt the Bruiser 2.0
IT WILL NEVER BE YOUR YARD!😡The One and Only Undertaker has the Yard
I see a little bit of the Undertaker in Roman Reigns. Perhaps not now, but if it's in the cards, he just might be poised to be the next big thing.
BosT Temper
sometimes i feel deadman takes his sweet time walking into the ring
Saddam Shaikh
original BigDog The Undertaker
DeAd Assassin
i legit cried when mark retired :(
Camila Cabello
Enzo amore vs James ellasworth
Ekrem Memis
If WWE makes Roman win at mania then they have no choice but to turn him heel because he is gonna get booed for the rest of his career!
Chaffy son
What to do when the undertaker steps in the ring with you

Leave the arena a.s.a.p!!!
Leandro Viegas
Grande el hombre muerto
C.o.Williams Burger
undertaker, why you leave the wwe? :'( omg
Martin nachev
Axtm13 13
Dennis Zafaralla
Roman Reigns is gana win this time
Shade Kumeroa Whaanga
your cool undertakeer in wwe
is scared of the undertaker
Prashant Kumar
The undertaker is always right
Zain Ali
no one can touch the undertakers class he was true legend 👍
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