Shawn Michaels warns Roman Reigns about facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania: Raw, March 13, 2017

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HBK is impressed with Roman Reigns' recent in-ring success, but he's skeptical about The Big Dog's chances against The Phenom at WrestleMania.


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I want Shawn to do a match
DeathSoldier - Mapping/Gaming & Stuff
i thought he was going to challenge him ;(
Edward S.
Botch man lames had no strength to reverse the tombstone
Miguel Angel Alarcon
Román retire
rumman muhammad
$$$$bo$$$$ vs kingggg gonggggggg
Wwe is fake teehee
Abner Villazana
he got hit with the force of god 😬😬
Roman can beat anyone.
Endirmite 2.0
Shawn should've ended the streak & retired The Undertaker.
Snorlax is High
Undertaker is old and fat, he needs to give it up
Blade Smith
What reigns said in the end he did it he did retire undertaker .. reigns is better then anyone to step in this business . He is a superman .. even brock lesnar was shocked when he did fight reigns..
In my fan opinion, WWE missed their opportunity to push Roman Reigns, when it would have worked. Royal Rumble 2014, he sets the record for most eliminations then gets eliminated by Batista for the win. I don't know about you but WWE seems to be missing critical marks in booking opportunities. If this was 2014, I'm sure if they had backed him like they are now he'd at least be over with fans, even if it was as a heel.
"....And I'm THE GUY that's going to retire him."

And that right there wasn't a prediction: IT WAS A SPOILER.
omar emad
Roman reigns can't talk
Robert Padua
The push is strong for Roman!
Daniel Singh
Roman is cry baby
Tyriq Lambert
lol roman reigns got blasted by braun stroman
Tyriq Lambert
undertaker wins anyways because he lost to brock lesnar and brock lesnar beat roman reigns so there's proof right there
Dead Brothers
braun stroman sucks
Dead Brothers
braun stroman sucks
Geometry Dash Kingdavid3241 -ZenthicAnagramZ48
Looks like something did happen on my moms birthday
now what roman beat the undertaker
LasVegasGurl 3:16
joshua green
where the hell was Braun Strowman at wrestle mania comes in like that charges roman down like a dog !!!!!! hahaha
Raj Bhavle
roman reign
Diego Salvador
2:46-2:50 That was beautiful👌
ANi siNgH
roman wons undertaker looses he is afraid of roman nd retired ...but undertaker was a good wrestlerer....THEN ,NOW ...FOREVER
I want to make a .gif image of that attack by Braun, Anyone know how?
Brandon Marshall
Roman reigns beat the undertaker in Wrestlemania
Elvis G.
Should've hit that sweet chin music on him 😂
Ice cube fan
2:45 when you get by that thunder gun wind without noticing
Tony Montana
every year before someone faces undertaker hbk has to have a talk with the opponent
shan maicols
Muteeb Farrukh
that was the worst wresstlemania ever
Anjali Rajeev
Roman reigns is nothing in comparison to Shawn Michaels and Undertaker.
Seth Hardy
That was a heeling promo from Roman, WWE need to stop ✋
Trey OVO
Sadly so Roman was right...😔😔😔
reigns is such a lame wrestler. i mean for real... how can a guy related to the rock be so boring and uncharismatic? undertaker deserved a better opponent in my opinion.
Xiomara Rodriguez Reyes
YOU ALL DO THIS. lmfao You guys complain about Roman and then give his videos millions of views. Seth doesn't pull the same numbers, Kevin doesn't pull the same numbers, hell Brock doesnt even pull them sometimes. Noooo one does. You guys are coming to hate and leave comments and you scream and boo the loudest when he comes out. What's that saying 'no reaction is worse than a bad reaction'?
Anime Is Freedom
When Roman won against taker the fans were like ):(
Mohini Pandey
see you again deadman
Sam Godinez
you sharap puto seque muy bien roman reigs el mero chingon
The Conrad
Fun Fact: Braun Stroman is Big Shows cousin
McGraw9659 -
Damn. . .
Rudolph Rangel Jr
he did say "with all due respect"
anup rawat
Roman Reigns is the Stone Cold of the PG Era
Tejas Menon
my childhood came to an end...... thank you taker for all you're memories.
Go Braun go, what a tough shoulder charge !
Well done !
All this new wrestlers suck is no more fun '90s wrestlers​ rule the wwf will never be the same yep I said wwf cause that's when I was watching real wrestling hate on it
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