Little Panda Policeman - Play And Train The Observation Skills - Fun Educational Baby panda Games

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Play with Baby Panda and become a cool police officer!
Simulate the real police station, handle all kinds of cases as a police officer! 
Improve the observation skills, shorten the reaction time, develop the sense of responsibility, and become more courageous.

Different kinds of police officers Have different experiences of being different kinds of police officers, including criminal police, patrolmen, special police, traffic police and security police.

Train the observation skills, reaction time, and logical thinking ability through the experience of searching for clues, hunting down the escaped criminals, analysing the cases...
Become a cool police officer with police uniform, helmet, handcuff, whistle, walkie talkie, and police car... 
 Mysterious cases including bank robbery, radish stolen, missing necklace, lost kids, traffic congestion...

Warm tips from the police officer Kiki:
1. Protect yourself when you're in danger
2. Ask the police officers for help when you get lost
3. Follow the safety rules when you cross the road
4. Keep an eye on your property and little pets
5. Remember the emergency phone number, and call for help only in emergency

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