7 Baby Safety Gadgets put to the Test

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Lil crepypasta Dorks
The hooks you put on back of dressers I'm just now remembering when I was climbing on a dresser with my friend and the tv fell on us 😂
Terry Hensley jr
Do u have any kids
Little animal adventures
"Pourniture" (7: 59)
JM Dreo
"kitchen cabinet in the kitchen"
jason hood
The babies be drinkin bleach
cacaa Accaca
i need thoose for my dog
Pool gadgets
Putin to the test
Marcell Hadházi
dad,can you help me with the homework?
two days later
10 Homework Gadgets put to the Test
I need those foam corners and I'm 16!
Is he married? I guess safety isn't #1 priority 👉👌
Матвей Фомин
-Вов я отключаю интернет
1:17 Вов, я отключаю интернет ок? xD
Rawinia Tipene
you expecting taras?
tara is pregnant!!!
Adam Rojas
I love the way he says babies.
The Hat Trick Gamer
I came for my daily dose of Russian accents and "BOOM"
Hannah P
People who come to his house now are going to be like what the heck happened to the toilet, outlets, power strips, table, and cabinets😂😂😂😂
Linda Cordray
i have an all most a jar full of the outlet covers
MORE CHILD SAFETY GADGETS!!! i need to see some stuff for a water fosset and a bath tub fosset.
DarkOO FenixOO
co jak ktos po pijaku bedzie chcial sie wysrac i nie otworzy kibla na czas ?
safety is #1 bird
RubyLikesMemes 7
1 like = 1 boom
Tessa King
With the cabinet thing my parents still have it set up even though there's no babies in the house
Dinogirl 756
The first gadget would also work for inside dogs and cats
Jaden Fitzpatrick
this Gadgek BOOM
A random person in YouTube
Yoooo, how the new laboratory 😊😊😊
Patrik Niederer
in switzerland we put the chemicals on a shelf when we have kids eaven easier
Koro Plays
the last outlet cover is honestly a great thing to just have in general to keep cords from getting tangled. I might buy some
hahaha. папа, я отключяю интернет! (:
mikaelajoy galang
that gadget for the toilet is really nice my brother touches the toilet water🚿
Usagi the other Sylveon
5:42 When I was 2 my parents used to have that but I was too observant and I knew how to open them. I was a smart toddler. 😅
Maha iqbal
Maha iqbal
can you do a house tour ../.'.; PLEASE
nick kelly
safety was #1 priority
Miny Smith
try lube then It will fit.
Did Taras plug with Katherine?
TheEncriptedOne 11
I guess Taurus is gonna be a father!!! Congrats!!! But I guess Safety isn't always the first priority!!!
the gaming Kelvin
are you going to be a father 😀
Chloe Taylor
xxzdragon X
This is a sign that he wants to have kids very soon
Medo Ramies
in the first one there is halls in the side u can but the sideway charger
why would babies want to get into the toilet anyway
Zlati Angelov
1:59 "Deffinetly will protect it from the babies" :D
Hunaid Fida Ali Painter
Was sitting in his sofa in a ROOM
Yansen Haryanto
i install ELCB on my house. and it works very well. better than use the plug for fill the hole on wall socket.
little brown savage
4:10 I still have those 😂
little brown savage
guess he is telling us something
sean hunt
Are you guys expecting a Lil hacker?
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