allwaysneedinit hardnfast
I thought this video was called amazing truck drivers not trucks and combines crossing wooden bridges
Leonardo Lucas Lucas
Those videos are very funnest and more didactic!
clikk bait i want to see the truck in the lame
Vivekanand Satrasala
You should say "Awesome wooden planks"
Amzad Amzad
so bad
Wilian Oliveira
Sabe nem fazer montagem kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Driving across broke dick wooden bridges does not take skill, it takes a low IQ.
John S
You mean truck drivers, as the trucks are not driving, they are being driven.
the wot player
7:12 motorstorm on
Sule Bello
waooo you are okay
amazing.... they're able to drive straight across (admittedly somewhat flaky) bridges...
9:43 Spintires haha
Arguing With Stupid People
Stuff like this is a daily routine for dump truck drivers.
ronell david
the last one is not lucky
8:02 and 11:17 should be called stupidity, and not included in a most amazing drivers video.
I am constantly amazed by the simple solutions found in many third world ** holes. Tey get the job done (sometimes).
9:42 Spintires :)
KHR Daily
Wow so cool ❤️❤️🤗💋💋💋🤗❤️❤️
i loved the last one 'paradise in heaven'.... driver jumps out.
Junior Gangster
how about Most Amazing Wood Planks Comp.
Henny Verheij
Respect to the drivers, but i do not hope it's their daily road trip to work ;-)
wow.. really Amazing
But the channel have no intro. If you have a channel and you need a eye-catching intro go here-
HD Viral Videos
It's Amazing ❤
Warlits De Valle
Wow nice
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