Abstract Note
Nostalgia, this is the first train video I've seen.
x тғw
4:48 Best eerie ever
Thomas Adventures Productions
DANG! Those F59PHI trains are fast!
Nessrine Kabbani
Nicktran123 Games and toys Roblox railfans and more
Coaster fan took ur place
Evergreen Rail Productions
remember kids we don't care if there is an idiot in the video
chalin P
please never wear head phones near a train track
Trains N' Stuff
Wayside horns would ruin this place, first, not knowing where the train is (there's a blind curve), second, most are 70+MPH, third, too many trains. That being said, amazing video and catches and shots!
asac5050 asac5050
P42 vs f59phi which is better
Awesomeboy _13_
lots of lates!
!γ Β. Το
Yvonne Garner
That was A very good video.Can you make some more?
Christopher O'Rourke
Great video of the Pacific Surfliners, Coasters, Metrolink trains. Metrolink trains from Oceanside to Los Angeles, Coaster from Oceanside to San Diego, the California Amtrak Pacific Surfliners between San Diego, Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo.
pete ferretbear
There are some impressive coaches on American trains
Zack and Zane
Beautiful K5LA on F59PHI #452!
kelvin tan
Kent Loudon
Does anything actually STOP there ?
Kent Loudon
At least there are two ladies in Encinitas who believe in crossing signals.
how fast are your American trains ?
80 mph?
our German trains are doing 185 mph
Juan Cervantes
my god mother lives in Encinitas and my b-day is on November 10
Boba Fett
The First train was #777

The runaway train in unstoppable was #777

Illuminati Confirmed
Lixander Garcia Almonte
Harry Truman Productions
What speed are the trains going at?
Daniel Morén
Single rail... I thing im going to puke
Allison Holm
i love Amtrak train
Amtrak Lover
Idiot at 2:00
RailFanBen 59
What camera do you use?
Pablo Maidana
Hi Spencer! Greetings from Argentina. Excellent video, i probably will travel to California next year to see this trains.
I have a question, you had some BNSF footage removed by youtube for BNSF order?
Im trying to get the videos but i can't remember who uploaded them.
Casey Bowen
About 25mph or 35 the max
Homer Thompson
1:53 waiting that extra 15 seconds would've really messed up that girls schedule for the day, smart move to disobey the law like that.
Jaydon Mxsst
compared with Holland this is meh normal speed trains between stations can already by 140 kph and sometimes 160 top that lmao go youtube "Intercity komt langs'
Babckok Wilcox 3600
Good video
Awesome American Trains
Correct me if I am wrong, I think that Pacific Surf liners can run without locomotives
Charlie S
I fuckin love trains
Dhruba Banerjee
what is the speed at 8:10 ?
Dhruba Banerjee
8:10 at its best
listen to my mixtape its fire
Are wooden ties even good enough for the speed of these trains?
brett mcleod
European trains may be faster but North American trains are a hell of a lot bigger and heavier.
Ricardo Alves
Amtrak trains are flicking omg!!!!!
The Noobly Minecart // NooblyTNM Minecraft
so slow compared to england
+spencerhughes2255 it's more like 100 mph
At 1:25 train is so fast it shakes the Crossing Towers
Stupid lady at 1:56
In my country, the gates lower about 90 seconds before the train arrives
Absolutely love the video, thank you for sharing it. Had some questions about the lights and speed, but a quick run through the comments was good enough to get the answers I was looking for :) Love the fading light and time of day used to photograph daytime as well as nighttime trains passing by (unless it was edited footage) :) .
Indian railway Locomotive
Superb! keep it up...
Blue46m 3
This is my fav place to go rail fanning
Do u recommend the XA20??
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