I'm red 'e' to watch this video
I had a band class for beginners like me. Our teacher was busy with some other mumbo jumbo at my school, so he got a substitute teacher. I knew that the teacher doesn't know a single thing about music but I at least expected her to know what to expect from a beginner band. So when she came she told us to play a certain song which was one that we had some slight trouble on. When we started to mess up she asked us,"Why are you guys messing up?" We all looked at each other hoping that someone would say something because our own answers to the question she asked would lead us to detention. So we just sat there in silence for a few seconds until she told us to redo the WHOLE FREAKIN THING. Because we had to press our lips against the instrument we had calluses(not that kind, just a really small one) in our mouths so we told her,"Ma'am, we can't play cause our mouths hurt" We all knew that the excuse sounded like crap but we had to hope that she would understand. Next thing I knew one of the students was arguing with the teacher, I wasn't really paying attention to it but I heard the teacher say,"I AM A RETIRED TEACHER"
It was at that moment everyone thought this,"RETIRED TEACHER MY ASS! She don't know what to expect from a FREAKIN BEGINNER that would obviously mess up!"
I don't have ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)s
I don’t have thi internet
Theodor Totev
we have that one teacher that says to raise our hands if we want to ask her something. After half of the students raise their hands she said she isn't going to answer anything!
Wolfey_ Wolf
Who else is only here for James?
SS.Paper guy 4 you
I have uhh Mr odd but it's a she
Mark Robbins
None of my teachers swear! Yes, it's a catholic school.... so?
Diva Maine
1 year my music teacher said that my hair looks like I just got up and out of the bed and went to school I honestly wanted to slap him now I really noticed any play with my friends hair that had beads if calling them snakes knowing that we were in the third grade that was annoying
puppy chan
I'm using offline video's
cameron Abalos
Flyboy 21
I'm don't have internet. I'm watching this on a toaster
1:26 looks fucking EXACTLY like my friends mum whos a teacher at our school..
ACTUUUUUALLY, i dont have internet. im just watching this before my internet is off and didnt refresh the page, thankyouverymuch
Michelle gg
We have cancer lol bitch
Shirtless Commentary Guy
Mr. Odd is voiced by the Odd1sout
Jayce Crisostomo
I'm watching this through phone data.
Shilo Bryant
Teachers voices is James is voice
Alexia animates
(5:50) I wrote that once but I erased it I was thinking through the whole test “I hate my fucking life”
Future Thrush
2:28 I know how you feel Tabbes, although my maths room smells like B.O* rather than weed!

*Body Odor
lolchannel lel
i dont have internet
Sweatgirl17 Gonzalaz
I don't have internet I have data
toy checka
Fuck ya 😈😈
Carole Zhang
This is my story:
So I had this teacher that would yell and rant about how she isn't paid to babysit us kids and we were in the 1st grade! So whenever we would bother her or do anything wrong or piss her off by asking her a simple question she would get super angry and say," YOU STUPID KIDS STOP BOTHERING ME LEAVE ME ALONE YOU IDIOTS!'' And something else but this on kid started crying and then sobbing but she just ignored him and said," SHUT UP!!'' And then this other time a kid lost her tooth and two teeth and she started bleeding but the teacher said," oh come on you big babies shut up you people and YOU WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME YOUR DISGUSTING UGLY TEETH AND THE BLOOD?!?!" And a kid had a nosebleed but guess what she didn't care and she finally got fired when she made a kid choke in a place where all the first grade people would play with their parents or parent.
Rami Abdulaama
1:00 (Leaked footage of satan)
Meep_Meep Gamez
I hav this one teacher who goes buzzerk when we do nothing. Field Trip, 5his teacher acted liked she frickin owned the place. When we got into big cities and like 3 kids were talking she would say "Be quiet or we aren't going the musem!". She like screams at us.
Yvette Campbell
What if some body on the street showed me this
Eris Smits
In 5th grade my teacher didn't like hoodie's so one time I where on by accident instead of asking me to put it in my locker she grabbed the hood and shoved me across the class so court hospital ( stichis) worst teacher in my book
Daniel Stone
Those puns are amazing
Ajax stuff that you might like idk
Jehovahs witnesses confirmed, was the essay good, and not offensive?
Kid gamer
i do online school (basically home school on a laptop and 90% less school time) and I have this math teacher that spams me to get my work done ahead of time when im just going at the normal pace and its super annoying
MashedTaters Gaming
Ya James
Savage Cat
My dance teacher put a video on it was a to z of dance.this was after school for some reason once she played the video every one else and me knew why it was because the video had 2 inappropriate dances pole and twerking let's just say she was my favorite
Ken Kaneki
I hate puns
Dat Taifuu xD
Tabbes : I fear no man
Tabbes : But that thing
Teachers showing there ass to you while they are helping another student
Tabbes : It scares me
Septiplier Phan
I love the types of teachers that tell jokes. Even if there dad jokes or puns. I love them
Fabian Toledo
Princess Hatsune Miku
I like puns!!!
Panda Lui
I’m a jehova wittiness
SINnamon Roll
olivia cantika larasati
I'm Jehovah witness soooo
Nightmare sans NM
But i don't have internet i have unlimited data
seb sant
That's edg'e odd1sout 😉
nova 6
I have no internet
Dogeboy .__.
Where was TheOdd1sOut
Monica Persson
YouTubers spotted I know at the end chilly timtom jaidenanimations? Shugrr? The odd1sout? The little green hoodie guy......
The first teacher I had during my Freshman year of high school was my biology teacher and he was just like that old man you described. I was the only kind who laughed at his jokes and he said that he'd get that one rare kid every ten years. I felt special but also felt bad for him cuz damn those jokes are funny and everyone else it's just trying to be cool and hurting this poor guy's feelings.
Molaire Compere
(@-@) weed life n@gga

did you said the n-word
yes I did
Amanda :D
I had a teacher that would sit on her butt and use the teacher who taught before her’s video lessons. Then she assigned projects where we would have to create a whole lesson plan and teach for the day. I learned absolutely nothing. Luckily for my friend who was supposed to have her this year she quit.
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