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Been a while since I uploaded. Thanks James for agreeing to be part of this. You're an awesome bald character guy.

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I'm red 'e' to watch this video
Cupcake Paradise
my geography teacher sometimes is twlling disgusting jokes for ..............boys' things.............sometimes.
Tanki Gamers
i have no internet
Jeremia Palojarvi
I don't have a family or friends or internet And if you are wondering how I am watching this, I'm watching this on my friend's phone. Wait... fuck.
Shawn Co23
I have a teacher who tells jokes like that, too bad he's crazy and spent the whole year trying to convince us the government was controlling us and that the illuminati was real.
_ Piixelated _
Ethan Ton
I guess you could call it a "high school."
Fire dragon128v
I have no internet.... shit!
diamond girl
number one reminds me of mettatton
Risebyte Mapping
...Yeah a pedophile...
Clorox Bleach
I one time had a teacher named Ms.Nagengast. There was nothing special about her, I just felt like commenting something.
MMEnderGamer123 -
james wanted to be a math teacher anyway
Rachel Hollars
I had a second grade teacher that would abuse her students emotionally, verbally, and one occasion physically (she slapped a girl for bringing her stuffed unicorn to school). She also screamed at me and wrote a letter to my mom on the first day of school for being on the wrong page. I'm not even sure how she wasn't fired.
Rachel Hollars
I had a second grade teacher that would abuse her students emotionally, verbally, and one occasion physically (she slapped a girl for bringing her stuffed unicorn to school). She also screamed at me and wrote a letter to my mom on the first day of school for being on the wrong page. I'm not even sure how she wasn't fired.
I've got an old teacher like the math one too. But he teaches history
Gianna Adela
One teacher I had got severe migraines like 2 out of the 5 days of school each week. We'll call him Frog Man. Frog Man never was in class, and when he was, nothing got done, yet I still learned more than I did in Pre-Algebra. In Pre-Algebra, my teacher gave us 50 problems of homework every night and yet she still managed to teach me nothing.
Alvar Löfdahl
Why does the schools in the US close when it snows?
I mean, here in Sweden it snows all winter and even in april this year, and you don't see us closing schools all over the place!
i mean tabbes
fables sounds black
Kelsey Thompson
Dana Dynamite
something from my English teach this year:
Ms.B: Blondie!(I'm not revealing names) go outside, now!
Blondie: But miss, what did I do? (btw she was doing nothing wrong)
Ms.B: You know what you did now go outside and don't talk back to me!!!!!!!

we have her for three more terms(30 weeks)
On The Wall
My teacher is two people
yolo man
I don't have internet.....
Da Best Peashooter
If 95% of the class wasn't there there were 40 students total and 38 absent (2 students =5% 2x20=40 5%x20=100%)
earned a sub! smexy voice ya gat thea
I math teacher is a TRIP. We can't do basic things like sneezing or fold paper.
BigBritish Man
yo teachers are de best
Undertale Undertale
I had a theaher who litrely tried to hunt me down and give me repeted 0's 30's and 50's soooooo i then called her by the first name, and i got moved yay.( god was nice to me that day) ps: i told my mom how she is a female dog and when i moved we were happy as alll f***
And there is a story about this ather female dog who HATES me and gets TRIGGERD every time she see's me and i dont care but she's a story for anthor time...
thepenguinflash _
I always had to go to school on snow days because I lived opposite my school. The only reason I wouldn't have to go in would be if none of the teachers could get there.
RapidRaccoon Vlogs
i wud have a teach like the last
yamaris morel
i have a teacher that is energetic, always ready for questions, gets you ready for the test, really nice and all but she grades papers....lets just say her students are in 9th grade and her standars are fucking Doctorate degree. you can have 100, you miss one assignment and your shit goes down to 65.
Kitty Universe115
I WISH I had a teacher like yours who always made puns
Musical Nerd
I have so many crazy student stories...
Galactic Fox
I mean I'm cool with any teacher as long as u respect us as human being I respect u....this purpose just flew out the window when I met my 8th grade social studies teacher, once I tried talking to him about my grade during his class when we were doing a timeline or something and he yelled at me for "distracting and disrupting the class" and I'm a good student I would never stand up for myself but he asked me to stay after class to talk him..I told him I can't cause doctors appointment guess what he said TOO BAD! Well he ended up getting fired for too many complaints
Slimeustas The Slime King
I had one history teacher that ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS talked really loudly and it was annoying so I gave up on history until a different teacher started teaching us the next year
Jose Alvarenga
Im barely a new subscriber :3
I don't have internet

Hue hue hue hue hue
Pastel Doodle
I have that pun teacher omg XD
Bumble Bre
Mr. Wolf let's us do whatever the Bleep we want.
TheMadPlatypus !
there was one math teacher at my school who didn't turn up for about a year and all the students where like where did he go later on we found out he was fired for having a relationship with one of the students creepy
Levi is Bae
No Really, I Don't Have Internet, I'm Just A Hobo Using The Computers In The Library
Kylie Frost
honestly all the teachers i had/have were really nice to me and i could talk about emotional problems...i would cry in class ALOT (and i still do) but my teacher would let me sit in the hallway and cry it out...my history teacher is really nice because she reminds me of my mom and gramma mixed into one...i always give her a hug...
mentions not having internet to watch this video. forgets about youtube red.
Pug Lover77
I have a teacher that didn't come to school on my birthday. But I hated her anyway because she was a goblin and yelled at us for doing jack shit.
sir video game
an 4/20 i haled hitler and cussed out my friend and punched in in the gut he then thought use how to braid a rope (it was current events)
Lady Orchid
One time in tech class we were using hot glue guns and so I was using one and I got a big glop of glue on my hand and it was really hot so I was going ow ow ow ow ow and wiping my hand to get the glue off of because it can get really hot because it's basically melted plastic anyway after doing this everyone started laughing at me and picking on me because it was apparently so hilarious I was getting a little upset over it and of course my stupid teacher mr Ashe did not give a crap and not stoping the kids who where picking on me and so for the past week people were going up to me and whispering ow ow ow ow ow and I had enough of it so when I got back to tech class the following day people were still being mean about it so I finally tell mr Ashe about it, this is word for word what I said "um mr Ashe people have been teasing me about the time I burnt myself with the glue gun so I was wondering if you would tell them to please stop. Here is what he says to me " well you were being kinda loud" I BURNT MY HAND!!!!!! Is what I wanted to say but I said this instead but it wasn't really funny when it happened it really hurt this is what he says next well the hot glue guns are less hot then they were back then so it's not that big of a deal and you were just overreacting. So the fact that there less hotter then they used to be automatically makes it so its my fault I'm getting picked on. How ridiculous does that sound after a while I realized he wasn't going going to do anything about it so I said whatever and he says oh now your giving me attitude because I'm trying to help you! That is not helping! Telling a kid it's their fault their getting bullied so they have to stop the thing their getting bullied about that is such utter bullshit and when I told my parents this they were really pissed off because mr Ashe was being retarded and didn't tell off the kids who were picking on me and being little assholes so yeah mr Ashe is a horrible teacher and he is just an asshole
lps Galaxystar 2007
I don't have Internet.
Chaos Gaming
My biology teacher is a funny guy, but he calls us "Jack-Legs", for example "You Jack-Legs think biology is easy"
Triggered !
So back in my first year of high there was this teacher called Mr. Smith,who was my "Literature" teacher.Back in first grade he did show up on more classes then he does now,however back then it was like this:although to some point creative tasks,when he would task us something he would either play WoT on his laptop or watch some movie until he would eventually start snoozin and we'd barely keep from laughing at that sight.I only had literature in my first year,but when I started my second year he was the teacher chosen to teach me "Drawing and Painting",and thus will remain teaching me that until my final year.Nowadays he rarely shows up to class,lets us go home freely or ends up watching a movie again and falling asleep,but what's worse is that my previous teacher that taught me art at least helped me improve my skills,while this guys tasks are nothing new or not challenging at all,so far to the point where he has gotten me out of drawing.I only have to endure him one more year but I'm still salty af that I couldn't get a better teacher than him.Also forgot the mention the reason why he is always absent or sleepy is cause he is on some serious shit,like idk if he just gets hungover or high af?
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