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Been a while since I uploaded. Thanks James for agreeing to be part of this. You're an awesome bald character guy.

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I'm red 'e' to watch this video
at first i saw it was a new video and i didnt see it had theodd1sout so when i heard the teachers voice and i freaked out lol
Kaleb Gutierrez
hey cool I'ma Jehovah's witness too
Aurora Nightingale
I'm a little confused is Tabbes in high school or college?
This Is a Username
I wish my teachers were like Mr.Odd
Henke /// Animation Rockz
I dont have the internet
Apple Cider Pop
I don't have internet

Burning Aster
I want Mr Odd as a teacher! For the Jokes (Sorry James)
Leah Hernandez
You just earned a subscriber in the first 10 seconds
SilverClover 21
4:36 DAVE (Homestuck lol)
But I don't have internet
Fiona Robinson
hey james
Boston Bulbasaur
One of my teachers was a bitch just because one kid farted she made him the class punch line and punching bag and another one of my teachers that I'm related to is a phone nazi
Elle Renfro
I had a teacher that was in our ELA class and she was a substitute and she got fired because my friend was doing a report on cats and asked what "hind quarters" meant and so the teacher grabbed my friends butt and said "it's this part of your body" we almost got another substitute fired for grabbing my classmates ear and dragging him down the hall but well....for some reason she still has her job.... AND ABOUT BOTH THESE SUBS WTF MAN?!?!
Isabella Cristina
My Latin teacher like to growl at the students he doesn't like in the hallways
Diamond girls 64
okay so the first teacher she was talking about was basically mettaton EX from undertale
(my favorite person in the game)
misuki mei
I used to have this Language teacher who would literally give us a free class at almost every single class of her's. even if we actually do something productive other then sit and chat about shit, we still get half an hour to be free, and would chat and talk with her.
She was a really chatty person, and personally, I didn't like her. Idek why. Probably because she would literally believe the first thing someone would tell her (bullshit about someone else), and cut off marks for them on these random tests she would give us.

Then, I used to have this teacher who was the OPPOSITE of her. We would be way too afraid to even whisper to one another, and studying every day with her was torture. She would find a reason to shout at us every minute, even if the class is dead silent. She even went to the point where she pulled the ear of one of the student's who wanted to pick up a pen he dropped!! She's crazy!! I mean, who does that!
We all despised her very very badly, and boy, were we surprised when we realised those two were sisters.
MG//Raj 1996
I'm being serious she is 1 day younger than my brother
Blaze 83
how many slits are on you wrists?
Is it me or is that music from Blue's clues?
it is in fact the peanut house
im red 'e' to die
Nathaniel Kelly
I had a supply teacher for an entire term. we didn't learn anything in her class except how she used to rap, and about how great her grandkids were XD
Lmp Plays
I have a teacher that at the start of the school she said she would explain the exercice a billion time if need and one day she said "I AM NOT GONNA SAY THE ASWER AGAIN"
ASDFMuahii ,
I don't have Internet i have wifi
Los Bos
I don't have internet i have the BESTnet only in north korea.
my teacher once said he'd give me 30 bucks if i cartwheeled into class. i got $30. from. a. TEACHER.
Miss Musta
I have this one ridicilous teacher. Hear me out.
She hates this one boy in our class, and would always shout at him if she had a chance. She would always keep a 15 minute lecture to him about how to behave normally. (The boy is always super energetic so he always jumps around and stuff) Then everybody else including me had to always akwardly wait for the lecture to be over, and if we even tried to interupt, we would most likely get detention.
She picked this one girl in our class to be her favorite, and always adored her work and always was like:
"Look at this masterpiece!"
Her favorite student would always get A+ and everyone else B-
So yea.
Jasmine S
Yeah, I had that one overly religious teacher. To bad it wasn't my religion.
Blooks and pooks _
So this is my science teacher, she's really cool. But then the principals idiocy attacked....... he had teachers do this stupid thing called WholeBrain. If your curious look it up. It helps about five people in the class and for the rest of us we learn nothing so she has us do notes and fake sign language
Monokurama Plays
Ol man puns is gud with his puns
666 dosent exist and 666 isn't the DEVIL NUMBER 616 is the devil number cuz that was the old police number but that is a theory a GAME THE- FUCKING HELL THIS ISN'T A GAME
Arianna BOI!
I'm not on internet.....I have DATA ______w______
Chrissy Hoskins
I don't have Internet and I am watching this at my friends house
Dill Pickle
I got 100% on every push-up test throughout my sixth grade year without even doing one push-up because that's how many fucks my teacher gave
Hacking Gang185
Lol I was here at 15k
Alice Grisham
If you don't have friends your lonely
Cloud Gaming
I don't have internet
Grace Animations
Two Latvian look at sun. Is not sun, but nuclear reactor meltdown. Latvian happy because now maybe happy to plant potato.
Oh i get it now red e red e
ur trying to say ready
Frostfeather gamez
I had a great history teacher in sixth and half of seventh grade. She was really fun and fair but for some reason she was having problems with some parents and what not so she left the school. Our new teacher was, interesting. his class was really boring and no one really payed attention but still passed the final. The previous teacher had plug in air freshener but idk what happened to them. our class was last period and after the old teacher left the room was terrible. not only did it smell bad, but it always felt humid, which made the smell worse. The new teacher had an air freshener on his desk which he refused to use because he said it smelled bad. kids started grabbing it as we walked in ( since the teacher was usually late) and would pass it around. he got agitated after a while and ended up duct taping it to the side of a file cabinet. he was definitely something
Ruby Spark
I had the boss teacher. She would say something, like, Ok, pronounce Chan like this!
pronounced the way she said to

She also would give us impossible tasks.
"Alright, class, I want you to embroider your hands!
Second graders stare
one raises hand Um, Mrs.S, how do you embroider?
*Mrs.S goes into fit of rage, and puts dunce hat on child for a hour.
Imda Beast2006
I don't have Internet.... no seriously I have one more bar.... (help me....)
How do you now what weed smells like XD
Adolf Hitler hero
we all should walk into the tressting room so we walk intressting
Frosty Gaming/animations
I don't have internet yet I'm watching this video...,
Supply teachers in my school we sit and fo whatever we want
dega4560 dega4560
My kindergarden teacher told called my parents and told them to take me to a doctor and i remembered EXACTLY what she said it was "Your son needs to go to a doctor because im worried theres somthing wrong with him" The reason was for having a photographic memroy
Autumn Craig
No if you don't have internet you're somewhere else or you're a lair
jayfeather warriorcats
tabbes you say you have no internet

person i have no internet

tabbes can i stab you

person no?

tabbes ( stabs )

tabbes thats what you get for lying
katatat leia
I had a 5th grade teacher who wouldn't let us go to lunch untill we finnished the seven page packet that had five pages of crap we didn't know about, and we had to do it in five minutes and to top it all off we were always hungry
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