I'm red 'e' to watch this video
ғɪʟᴛʜʏ ᴛʀᴀsʜ
I had a teacher who kind of lost her mind as the months went by. Then I had this creepy teacher who seemed to enjoy telling us he'd come visit our homes and proceeded to name our addresses out loud to the entire class.
Not smart
i have no inter... dammit
there was this one teacher that gave my class a worksheet on something we knew nothing about but the answers were on the back of the paper
what if we're watching this at a friend or family members house
Zoë Bartel
i don't have internet

fight me
sylveon magic
I had a mr. Odd too
Shadow Dragon
My 3rd grade teacher was a freaking bich
Game Over
I don't have parents or friends or even the Internet I'm just a died ugly child
Be Themore
I only came here for theodd1sout
Luckybit e. x. player
My teacher just gift me homework I don't learn shit :(
3:18 correct me if I'm w but is that Dave Strider in the bottom left corner?
Tom :D
i had this dt teacher who gave me food poisoning bc she didnt know how to cook pizza
I love zee Unicorns
Tabbes, im pretty sure that your trachers, are my teachers XD IM TELLING THE TRUTH!
Youssef Shalaby
I guess this video was pretty jOKe,

Cathie Repik
wat is intirnet
Noel Mendoza
How about pickup linee
Terēze Locika
I had an art teacher who was pretty strict but calm in class, but she also had an art club of sort where some stuents came every week to work on a year-long, big drawing. And in that club, she really loosened up, joked and talked to students a lot, she drove us personally to contests and she even went with me to cafes and stuff. She was actually very chill, kinda sassy and sarcastic at times, smart and overall awesome.
Scookie TheGreat
Once the Vice-Principal called my parents and told them that I was wrestling with some boys and that I also cussed at a teacher.

I didn't even go to that school.
Noah Gehlhausen
I had a spanish teacher that for our first assignment, she gave us an essay in spanish and told us to translate it with no outside help. (Internet, books, people, etc) Needless to say, nobody was able to do it. She basicly raged because of it. Saying we "weren't trying" and such.
A cold Chinese takeout from the night Before
My teacher got mad at a kid for blindly drinking water
Im a simple girl, see that Odd1sOut is being featured in the video, instantly sub
FluffyBunz the Hamster
3:08 "nothin but playboy magazines in here. typical."
I'm serious I don't have internet

Rodney Dickinson
I feel her because there was a teacher in my school that I when to for science and we hated each other because he would kick me out of the room because my smell was disrupting the class
Awesomegamergurl girl power5907
I have Mrs. Renna she is very funny. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Lps Red Prismarine
I have a story about a bad teacher. She wasn't really a teacher, she was a main person for the after program. At the beginning of every day we would head to the cafeteria and have a snack then go outside for a bit. One time a staff asked me to walk with a girl to tue bathroom as we werent aloud to go alone. After she got out we started to walk back outside. She yelled at us to come here. We all knew she was really scrict so we did what she said. Once we walked in she said "I'm tired of everyone going in and out today! Sit down and stay there until the other come inside!" At the top of her lungs. We both sat down and was super quiet the whole time. We didn't dare talk back to her. The worst part is that no one even noticed we never came back outside!
Strawberry toaster strudels are SHART
Luna Moonlace
I had a puny teacher
Deadly Potato
I had this math teacher who would waste our time in the beginning of class and then chastise us for talking too much and never finishing the lesson. Like seriously, most people never got an A on that class. I distinctly remember one time when she took 15 whole minutes to explain how she slightly injured her leg in a relay race. Later that hour, she began talking about her daughter and I legitimately never learned anything that day. She made us stay after the bell to give us the homework. I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT HER BUT ONE TIME SHE FORGOT TO GIVE HOMEWORK SO
Gelatina Games149
One year ago I had a teacher CRAZY. Ps: she love coffee

Was teacher day and one boy give a floor SOO beautiful to her then she put in a pot then... SHE PUT COFFEE IN SIDE!

Ya she is crazy
IcyGamer YT
I just recently had a science teacher a lot like hers and he is my favorite teacher of all time
Amber Stone
I'm so glad I'm home schooled
Plushie man 5000
You forgot the teacher from the freaking underworld
Blue EmeraldHD
Half of my teachers made the class laugh at me im not over weight im in decent shape and im quiet and i dont like be loud I'll admit it im socially awkward but my teachers decided to make fun of my aspergers in front of the entire class and had them laugh at me and i almost for got to mention he gave a half assed email that was a """""""""""apology""""""""" he did the exact same thing and never got in trouble for it and now hes trying to make me repeat that class..... no way in fuck im going back to that school anybody who reads this im sorry if you ever had a teacher like this and i feel for yah just trying to share my horrid experiance with my hs teachers
Gracie Leigh Mohamed
5:07 so everyone hated her after that lol
Tobin Wine
i had a teacher that had us play one of those get to know each other games....
in febuary.
I had a Chemistry teacher who taught in a manner similar to Gordon Ramsay. Just picture Gordon talking about Voltaic cells and Electropositivity.
Squidward Tentacles
i dont have internet
Rain Bow
Victoria Magana
Zenobia Gonzales
Cough Mrs. Alling cough
Lol red e
omfg my math teacher from this year... nothing unusual just the typical teacher you hate. one time she handed out this extra practice sheet she made and copied and a lot of it was hard to read. the copiers in our school aren't bad so it wasn't that and I guessed it must have been because she used a ballpoint pen and parts of the original were too light to see so it was like a bunch of dots. she got really salty that her students couldn't see shit and I was talking to my friend next to me about how I hate ballpoint pens because this always happens. apparently she thought I was talking about her and cane up to us and said "girls is there anything you want to say to me". I was actually so confused and said " wait what?" and she said something like "what you are saying here is so highly rude and disrespectful! how dare you talk about me like this. I always see you two talking and I know its about me! I could hear you across the class!" then she looked at me through my soul and told me to move immediately. everyone else was like wtf just happened because I never get in trouble since teachers either don't notice me or don't care about me.

extra: when we finally got our terribly placed seats changed this one kid who is like the jokester of the class was supposed to sit at our table. we were all good friends with him. our teacher asked "I haven't had the chance to ask but how was MAP testing? what was on it?" this kid replies with "math" and she just says "Evan go sit over there, rIGHT NOW!" he got moved in under a minute and we were all trying not to laugh.
Phillip Mosier
How does tabbes know what weed smells like
britta mccollum
I had a mr.odd, he told us corny jokes and he was going to vote for Donald Duck, he always wanted us to fear him but we really didnt but he was the best teacher in our pod he was nice but strict he expected a lot from us but at the same time not a lot, today I was thinking since he drunk coffee a lot and wanted the new kids coming to fear him to get him a coffee mug that says children's tears, me and my friends are going to do it
Gavin // Random skits and stuff
cellear data
Beth Ryder
my 5th grade teacher was really stupid just look up allan boyko football
Medival Gaming
I had a language arts teacher in 5th grade and she litteraly taught us nothing. She was gone the first couple of months during school because she was having a baby and stuff but when she got back she was just as useless. Like when we had to take those surveys on our teachers almost everyone gave her horrible responses and she came in crying saying that we hurt her feelings by giving negative responsives on a survey we were SUPPOSED to be honesst on. Also one day I was walking to the classroom and she stopped me in the hallway and basically told me to stop focusing on school so much and do some extra curricular activities. If you don't know I did an extra curricular activity litteraly Every single day after school and she had the guts to tell me to do some when she didn't even know for sure if I did or not. She also told me to stop reading during our free time and need I remind you she was a LANGUAGE ARTS teacher! Sorry for the rant :) but she made me really mad, on I'm done now
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