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Been a while since I uploaded. Thanks James for agreeing to be part of this. You're an awesome bald character guy.

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I'm red 'e' to watch this video
Autistic Nonce
Helo am homeless no electric and wifi i hav no fone for caling famile i ned money for help rent for alleyway
Jentry Darks
I was watching and I started to yawn but my throat kinda hurts everytime i do so while the video was playing I heard, "If you don't have friends... i should probably stop there" I had to laugh a little and i choked sos ;-;
Wooshifoxie 2465
When I was in fourth grade I had a teacher (not naming him) AND HE LET US OUT ON HALF OUR LUNCH AND RECESS

there is also another story with him, he gave us 2 sheets over homework... On THURSDAY due on FRIDAY
I had a teacher who gave me a 1 hr and 1/2 detention for sayin i hate her 👌 (this is true ;-;)
The Penguin Council
When the teacher is so horrible that you don't want to go through the trouble of talking about him
Every morning when my principal announces the announcements he always tells AT LEAST 3 puns
Ebonie Lyon
i just had a teacher subbing for my regular art teacher for 6 weeks. her name is ms fosberry (sounds like she's a character from one of roahl dahls books) so my usual art teacher was good. she's give you tips about art, gave us fairly simple but fun assignments. then ms fosberry came along, and was super bubbly, she was the type of teacher that should be teacher primary school students. but whenever she would try and help us and give us tips for better art, she would say stuff like "what does this MEAN to you??" and try to make it super articulate and expressive. she also came in and changed all of our assignments into super "meaningful" things.... so glad she's gone
arty neko
I don't have internet I am Internet😑😶😐😶
Sian Kelley
this one teacher would always say " Im the only who has a degree"
nunya biz
With the way the world is going, believing in Jesus Christ, might not be a bad idea, just saying.
Plush TV
If you don't have internet and your watching this video what if a random stranger on the street shows this vid to you (XD idk what my point is)
Audrey Majer
There's a teacher goes for the kill three kids by giving them alcohol and they drove drunk and then they died.
zman gaming
you could have no internet and be watching this video at a friends.
Mikey Dicey
One time I left my locker open and my friend kept my Pokémon cards save, thankfully nobody stole them because HE protected them.
bearded cat
My teacher encouraged bullying other students
Once I had a teacher and in the class there was this annoying kid in class, you know the type. He was trying to
be funny and the teacher said something along the lines of "If you keep doing that you won't be here tomorrow"
Primal Powers
Abby McCormick
Pearl Cheering Bunny
What’s the point of going to college if the teacher doesn’t care
Elizabeth A Thies
Im sorry miss nobody cares
Daniel Quesada
the classic me we don't need to work anymore you just play on our tablets or phones
Kawaii Rian
In grade four my teacher was a bitc-
I had a teacher who would call the office to bring someone down to beat me so I would do my work.... I think their in jail now
godzillafan 18
My 5th period art teacher is a fucking piece of shit.she always starts us working half way through class,and we can't have are own fucking backpack next to us.last week was the first week she has are own stuff in the room. Goddamnit mrs.kthompson.
Did we go to the same school
Crux Swirl

Also how did you know it smelt like weed so dOYoUSmOkEWeEd ?
the Dimond pug qhaef
are you the real odds1out
Olivia Handley
Once I was 11 years old found the red E pun funny
While you were reading this I stole your panties
Mr. Odd sounds depressed. I feel like him everyday.

You could say it seems a little odd
fox fox fox more foxes
Daamn girl
One of my teachers was really cool and chill af, he was my math teacher, he would yell at the class everyday but praise the "good kids" like they where gods (me and my friends). he wouldn't even teach us any math. He just said "if you wanna go anywhere in life behave, be nice, and be respectful grades don't matter." or something along those lines, then he would go tell the other teachers just that.He told all the teachers to stop teaching us useless stuff. and praise the nice kids more. he was cool. (but everyone else hated him because he would yell at them every lesson) XD
fireboy gaming flare
Are you red e? Ohhhhhhhhhh who lives in a pineapple under the sea???!?!!?
Alosmolimin Robert
if the "beutiful" teacher tells me "how old do I look? tell me I look more than 25..."
I will say "1 year old, Madam"
怠惰なお尻 Haku da kitten
You know weed smell like macha the police teach us tho
The Pyromaniac
There is such thing as God. God does not exist.
I had a teacher that sweared, once in class she got mad at me for no reason and said F$%K YOU. She lost her job
Leka Serbia
Yay :D
boyson 69
Sorry for people with no parents
boyson 69
In the beginning when she talks about no perantes she decried bat man 😂👌
Arrogant Tuber
I've had so many teachers that have ignored me because of my anxiety and inability to make eye contact.
I could sit there all lesson drawing and they wouldn't even care.
elite gaming
I watched at library until

Huhhhh omg I :-*
Snowice 345
Poor Mr.odd, you denfend him gurl!
Snowice 345
LOL 😂😁😂😁
Cristina Cruz Barrios
Okay. One time back in Third Grade, I had a teacher. Lets call her Miss. D. So Miss. D she seemed so nice at first, but when it was the fucking first day of school, she was mean and strict. Miss. D was
20% Nice
40% Strict
40% Mean.
I was always on the Good Side of her. And then when one kid screwed up, the whole class screws up! Miss. D yelled at the class and then lowers half of the class's grade for one student, one and only one student that messed up. Of course, I never got my grade lowered cuz I was an angel. Back then before I entered Third Grade, there were rumors about her. One specific one was that Miss. D threw a chair at a girl. A FUCKING GIRL!! The reason was that Miss. D was angry as a bull and went full out crazy. So the school fired her then re-hired her again. I was shocked and my little mind was like, "BRUH WHY THE HECK IS SHE HIRED AGAIN?! SHE COULD THROUGH A CHAIR AT SOMEONE!!!" I was screaming in my head. Beyond that, I passed her class and survived Miss. D. And now I'm in Middle School, happy asf
Kotten Kandy
I don't have internet 😂
Neo The angel
My art teacher talks about the weirdest crap ever... So one day she was talking about "making creative things" and she told us the first creative thing we made in ever...... Was our shit..... She started talking about how wlwe would play with our own poop and get it on our hands........ Ok Ill stop hear she just kept on and on and on about it and I'm just sitting there with a group of guys like.... Kill me please
Mason Cheng
Are you a part of a animation squad
marioguy 122
I don't have internet and I'm watching this you may think it's bullshit but hear me out I have youtube red and before I lost internet access I saved this offline so there you go 😂👌💯
i hate snakeu
I had a religion teacher who was caught drunk at a park at like 3 or 4 AM
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