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Trey Da Six Three
Only watching this to make sure none these joints are from me
King Capitilized
I'm totally not going to search them up after this video finishes...
unlisted eh
JGB Creations
Cherie's DMs were the best.
Donald Pace
Mr. Knockout
It's funny how these low scum hoes think they're relevant when reading these dms. stupid whores
Snow OTF
Damn y'all haven't drop a skit all year
as bayraklari as as!!! 😂
i like how jayden cole ridicules the frat boy for NOT assuming she's a whore.
Android Kelley
What tv show was he on? I'm trying to figure out the password, and the tv show, and I wish devillie was Alexis fawk
Seth Edwards
I'm 18, I'm a guy, and even I know this is not even close to how you talk to a woman at all. JFC!!!
"Online porn does not open. Did you porn be from here!?




what is wrong with people
pran protim
Haha crazy fans.
Odain Cameron
No New year, New me?
Yo drake samples y'all on more life. Crazy.
Joesph Lance
altho i enjoy porn the 2nd last comment about all the other proffesions was righr
john johnson
Men give your life to jesus and you will no longer be slaves to your balls. Your mind will be free and won't be subject to selfish sexual desires. You will have power over your life instead of letting your balls do the thinking. Women give your life to jesus and you will not be subject to men who use and abuse you. Men will respect you and give you the love you deserve and won't think of you as a sexual object. Give your life to jesus.
Buckets Mix
They on drakes album
Buckets Mix
Y'all on drakes album
i can never take these nasty bitches serious, sorry thats just how i see them. Just nasty whores
M' 12
you niggas would have more subscribers if y'all didn't upload once a month or 2
Meiux RC
I never quite understood why a person would like to work as a pornstar, but I don't really want to judge them. If they want to have sex with strangers then go, whatever. A lot of people do that all the time, the only difference is they don't film it. Or maybe they do . . . I dunno.
Brian Carballo
Bruh where tf are these dudes? If they don't release something soon ima cry 😫
Jay Hayes
where it att
Jay Hayes
the one with the random singing killed me at 0:54 I think
Josh B
Jayden Cole is just a witch. Terrible person. Had the displeasure of meeting her once. Never met someone so vile & snide.
Matthew Willis
I don't have the balls to do this 😂
hannah chamblee
that third bitches weave is all sorts of fucked
Tolga Aydın
0:50 de bir tane Türk velet Günaydın günaydın diye sesli mesaj atmış amk kdlfldlşfşsşfldşfldld
phone e's revenge ||| plz
Ayan C
When new vid dropping
that moment when you know all of them ..
christopher box
puts "pornstars" in the title.

Dios Divine
Damn, most of these hoes ugly. I can see why they joined the industry.
Türkiyem !
0:48 Türkü mü soyluyor lan :D
frederick steiner
whats the song in the back ground please
porn is wrong because they have unrealistic sex in a video and thats not good
unluckiest gamer
whens new year new me coming out I been waiting fam!!?!?!?!?!?!?
TheOneAndOnly L
John Johnson
New year new me
Linda Hartbig
I love Cherie ❤😂
Lucas Soares
it's Samantha Rone not Rome
Jay Hayes
bro new year new year me vid. where it at?
Umut Baran
Guy in 0:48 sayin "good morning" in Turkish with a singing manner its so hilarious when you know the language xD
Kowalski 420
hahaha this is so stupid
Jerel Moore
I hate whorish slutty good looking women. They should be wives and mothers but they want strange men sticking their Cock in their beautiful bodies. Are there any women out there who wants a romantic date?
I always Check the First page of Pornhub, and after watching one or two maybe none videos from there I go xnxx and scroll down and finish my work
Special thanks to

Yep me too bro, everyday
Stallion 401
Your next video better be a new year new me niggas
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