Women Try Underwater Modeling For The First Time

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Goddesses, unite!

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Marina Club
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Get In The Flow
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Sky Lounge
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Fall In Love
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Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam.
Natasha Maldonado, Makeup Artist
Brenda Stumpf, Photographer

Mattie and Ki-Ki
I swear I saw Sheridan modeling in a picture at lane Bryant (no hate)
Roses are red
Violets are blue
The part that you want
Is at 2:32
Sami K
My friend on the swim team: ok well YOU try SPRINTING UNDERWATER using ONE BREATH per 25 YARDS
Me: calm down this is art not sports
Isaily Torres
Glamazon M
Jazzmyne is sooooooo photogenic

I would die cause I dunno how to swim ;~;
Anna Ranay
So fat
WOW!! These look freaking awesome! They're so pretty.
Beebo's Forehead
Armando Alcala
wow both photos looked amazing and peaceful... I'm stunned!
BreAnna Jones
# G6
girl curvy is beautiful. ANY body is beautiful
Benny Ugly
i laughed so hard 😂
Amber Addison Bishop
🙄 help me Cx I LOVED IT
Olivia Azzopardi
So cool! I wanna do this!!
shopiknjammer48 AJ
They thought they wouldn't look sexy. At the end, THERE SEXY THE BACKGROUND IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!
I stealed his jar of Kookie jams
I even can't let my hand from my nose because no matter what tricks I use , there is always water in my nose, that's why my hand is sticking to my nose underwater xD
Ashlee P
Lelia 566
I would have drowned
Ste La
Is she the whale? lol.
Cludy Moody
I wanna do this but I'm afraid of drowning and would definitely have some sort of panic attack.
I am the Comment police
I never even knew what this was before this hahahaha
Rebecca Grace
my favourite girls on buzzfeed and boldly are the 2 girls in this video and also Freddie and I know syfia (I don't know how to spell her name) isn't in it anymore but I love watching her channel #safiyanygaard
Amber Mccarthy
they looked amazing
ItsDaPizzaGurl 101
they look so beautifull
Paris lover
they both looked pretty under water but how is their makeup still so flawless i mean i wear water proof make up when i go to the pool and 1 hour later i get out and my make up is either runny or its gone
Sammy Cutie
How can she open her eyes while she is in under water?!!
Najma Warsame
lol me too
Pilgrim AJ

i mean cmon!
Cora Constant
Can't swim...😢
Jenna Kitty
wasnt this a buzzfeed channel?!
tatou Land
why is every women so fat😝
Beautiful girls. I would love to be able to try this! I'm literally like a fish in the water; I love snorkeling, swimming, diving, boating, etc... This looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing; you both looked great!
ItzAnna TheRandomGeek
U stole that vid from buzz feed 😡
Cathie Repik
omgerd there so pretty and nice

i want friends like that :3
Donald Trump
Wondering if my hair was underwater.🤔😍
Dora Masua
I ❤️ that red 💃🏻omg I love t floating in the water
Evil Chicken Squeaker
I really love mermaids and I'm very good at holding my breath, I'm also on the swim team. I could TOTALLY pull this off, I need goggles but I'm sure I can rock a majestic look closing my eyes.
Risa Gamer Vlogger
Wait is that make up Water Proof
Risa Gamer Vlogger
lol Is that Camera Really Good at Pic Taking
Risa Gamer Vlogger
lol Is that Camera Really Good at Pic Taking
Kookie Kut
Please someone lets me do this, I f**king love swimming underwater, and doing this would be better, because whenever I'm under water and stop moving and just kinda model to myself, I feel warm and so so so peaceful, I'm so excited for summer, cause I get to swim
Kasami Moonlight
I am so glad that they used thick women
Ruide Jusufi
unaltered o*o [*Rochelle turkeys telemetry no lu mo>jojo
Zakiya Richmond
so beautiful 😍😍😍
jenw bry
I can't dive, whenever I am under water, I get panic
Lauren Waddell
I would totally love to try that, it looks so fun! Cool vid!❤
Jillian LaManna
that red dress! Omg!!!
You got no jams
I can't even stay 5 seconds underwater xd
ålisa køch
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