Women Try Underwater Modeling For The First Time

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Goddesses, unite!

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Fall In Love
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Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam.
Natasha Maldonado, Makeup Artist
Brenda Stumpf, Photographer

LlamaBanana msp
The photos came out so beautiful! I think they came out better then the skinny women.
I got goosebumbs of this
*insert original username here*
Christ they're so beautiful
Steamdragon Animations
I love Jazzmyne's look!
William E. Garcia
what is the name of the beat I love it
Esme Hedges
This looks so fun and they look sooooo pretty😍
The Nerd
For a second I thought it said underwear modelling
The Princess Pottercorn
Omfg Jazzmyne literally killed it
Christiane Luboya
Question how do you open your eyes in the water
Music 4 Dance
The photos looked so edited. They would've been so beautiful whyyyy!
ella simmons
They both look gorgeous x❤️
zek ram
A life guard will not be able to save you.
Tahni Armfield
the final photos looked pretty good!!!👍👼💃👌
Madalyn Sinning
Wow they are so pretty! I think plus size women are beautiful. This is so amazing to watch!
Your Lie In April
So before I watched this video, I got an ad and the girl said " the world is full with beautiful armpits"...
Max Leong
brenda stumpf? nice! :D
Scarlett Viera
everyone is beautiful inside and out we are all the same
Stephania Kontopanos
Take that "Take her swimming on the first date" meme!
Cara Malcolm
They are pretty!
amna alshehhi
There just so BEAUTIFUL!😍😍💕👍🏻
xx April M
I love this video!
Feriel Sullivan
Wow the results Oh my god .
Pluto - I do random things
4:32 😍
gracey schell
1. i cannot hold my breath that long lmao
2. i cannot go underwater without holding nose
3. i need goggles to open my eyes bc ow
4. i'm really short soooooo
Annie Vasquez
I loved the red dress!!! So dang pretty!!💖
panda . girl Slimes
Who Like when they when for a swim they were predenting that they we're a model.
Jordina Oweis
Cookieee Monstaaa
They slayyyyyy xx 💎
Sara Duncan
I'm gonna have my brother take pictures of my underwater in my mermaid tail
Fire Heart
Omg this looks like so much fun! I wanna try!! 😂😂
Youtube is my life ♥
I' mer eady to be a mermaid
Lily Tanguay
Am I the only one who thinks about the insta photos these peop,e would have
Kawaii girl
I really want to try this ;-;
the final photos were amazing.
Daja Jenkins
Y'all slayyyyyed this 💎💎❣❣❣
Joselin Cruz
Omg they looked bomb AF
i love youtubers tacos doritos
I can hold breath uderwater for 4mins since I was 4 im 12 NOW
Saphire Hobbs
Me: I want to do this

Tries at pool with dress

Other people: What the f**k are you doing
Linnea Eriksson
Omg, they were so good !👍👍♥️
Farha Shaikh
Awsome guys
Rachel Allan
Omg FRICKING gorgeous !!!
Karla Alvarez
Coment if you like mermaids🐠 like if you like unicorns🦄 i honestly hate mermaids beca use their mean
starry-eyed deer
Water in my nose is the WORST thing tho
Nutmeg 412
You girls look gorgeous
Olive Bakion
You guys made it look so easy when you are doing it
Melanie Cruz
how do you get a job with buzz feed and stuff like that
Taehyung's Wifeu
Omg the pictures were soooooo pretty!!!! TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!!!!!
Imma Pozyck
Idk why but im addicted to this vid
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