Mira Yaghmour
You say its not bad dress then wear it
Mira Yaghmour
CandyGamingHD !
(Left pic) Outside me (right pic) my soul
Lai Ho
Who loves Ellen
Princess Dudu99
Awwwwwww Ellen is really positive
happy hearts
kyutie-it just doesn't luk like the pic it oK
Magical Fruit cake
I think everyone does that scroll down the comments when watching a video
Taposhi Mohiuddin
Its not my birthday
My family is fine
I do not have a horrible disease
I am not getting a puppy
I am not Sad
I like pie
Can i get a like for being Honest?β™₯
Tanika Ezard
When she says the second dress put sleeves on it um the girl is wearing a t shirt underneath AHAHAHA
Jennifer Cruze
I hate your voice 😷
Molly Vanderweiden
its just you πŸ˜‚ they look terrible
cupcake fan
I have one I'm 8
Lesedi Riet
why is ellen so adictive i waste most of my time on her channel but its worth it
At 3:00 is a before and after her mom made it better
Jade Moore
1:30 and 2:19 get a seamstress to make new bra pads
Bellona Haller
Ellen your really funny
Emma powley
2:11 yes yes it does
Reinaldo Sanchez
i will not do that
Awesome Anna Msp
ItzMoonPie The cat
If I get to 450 likes I'll subscribe to the people who did it, or give them a like, leave a reply if you liked pls
Zaharra Mitchell
Plz make more vids. We all love them!!
Trinitee Moloere
I love partners in crime
I got a thing to say to Online Shopping: How could you?
Criistalz Vlogs
Because for the bra pads ones you wear a bra so it looks better cuz the bra covers the middle and sides
I'm a kid but I have high heals
$@Γ·% $@Γ·% \(& $@Γ·%
Vaporeon 914
Once I was supposed to get this cute dress and in the picture it had a dress sweater. Turns out it was just the sweater. And my mom spent 40 dollars on it. Ripped me off so much
Makayla Davidson
"BAM I am the circle!" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love u kyutieπŸ’–
The white leopard channel
lesson learned do not buy your prom dress online
Aleta Robb
I'm using my aunt's prom dress
Exquisite Landscaping
Don't judge people prom dresses
Life As Manders
BAM I am the circle

(my favorite line of this video)
Abigail Rumsey
Well...not ordering a prom dress online...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

(Ps I love your videos)❀️
Millie Read
You are right when you say it looks OK!
Seerat Batth
I ordered a dress from Dillard's and they did a wonderful job it came out prefect because I'm came in time before the 16 of June because I am getting a promotion from elementary 😜
christoffkobe16 yuson
the 2nd one is fake look down at her dress looks like paint
Hannah Bananas
Moral of the story: don't buy dresses with bra pads.
Ned Sq
What's with the laugh
XxNightcoregirlXx :3
For all you young ladies out there this is why you should never order a dress online you might think you would look like the expectation photo but completely get a different idea once you see yourself wearing it and realize you wasted so much to get it that's why it's important to go into a store instead find a dress that would fit put it on and you decide if it looks good and if you want it you can just buy and that's it
Once I ordered a dress but I didn't know it was for a doll 😧😧
Ella Brown
This is Kira the cat
she gets abused
but by how many likes this gets
😺 Kira wont get abused
Bunny Rabbits Forever
You do know that they can just fix their dress cause, that's what I would do. πŸ°βœ‚οΈπŸ‘—
Kio Kio
if I was100 percent confident I would be complaing right now when I buy something on line that is wrong
Lyly The kitty
Bro this is fake
Elizabeth Santillan
"bam I am the circle"lol
mujib selamat
your laugh are really like... fake

sorry -,,-
Lorri Delvalle
oh my gosh i like the green one
Septiplier Away!
Noooo! This video would be awesome but it made me like rly rly look forward to prom! The only problem is that I'm only 12 and a half and I can't wait but there is so many yeard left 😭😭😭😭
jacksepticeye awb
poor people don't get there prom dresses but think what the expretion on the person that is taking them out would be lol
Anita Lemus
When Ellen said they weren't too bad I was like πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
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