Teens Who Regret Buying Their Prom Dresses Online

Teens Who Regret Buying Their Prom Dresses OnlineProm Dresses Onlineonline shoppingonline shopping failskyutieprom dresses

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Tomasa Lara
You annoying
TheFoxGaming LegendaryFoxie
i wonder how many times she said 'bra pad' in the video xD
Gabriella Mejia Munoz
I think it the people not THAT much the dress but still 😂😂😂
FireQueen Gaming
So let me get this straight they pretty much ordered a prom dress expecting it to look like this 👗 but they got this 👚?

That's sad
California Not Dreaming
Oh wow! 😳😳 Thank you for the 50 likes!! 😙😙 i have never gotten this many!!
skyler the queen
I feel bad for these people, well, I guess there date hates them anyways, congrats, u just wasted ur money hun.
Moondust Laylay
4:21 hey its still good just wear something that would blend in with the top and also why do girls just wear dresses to prom? Like I know its formal but what about skirts or pants? Ever thought about that?
Moondust Laylay
3:58 what's wrong with it? Its not even bad like bruh it may not look EXACTLY the same but it still looks good no no not even good it Beautiful I would accept it becuz its fine
Moondust Laylay
the sleeves can be cut
Emy Roro
my older sister bought a white version of the dress at 0:43 and it was perfectly fine, it was a really pretty dress tbh lmao
Those bra pads thoooo
Pokémon Girl
Oh wow I remember you had less than one million subscribers now you have 2 million subscribers
Get Rekt
Who else loves Kyuties 5 second intros?
Husnah Iqbal
Oh my. This is my first time watching this person... and I am dead. Wtf. Her voice is so annoying, her laugh makes me wanna kill myself, her style of talking is so ugly and AAAAAAARGH!! I'm sorry I won't be watching this channel again..
Hanne og Cathrine
You are not saying "Why" you are saying "waiii"
Mackenzie Crites
The thing is that you should never buy a dress with celebrities in the photo cause most of the time the dresses the celebrities are wearing are customs.
You could fix the ones with the circle bra pass by putting on a white tank top underneath
Emmett Allen
Cherry Nebula
If you're not a model never expect to look like the model wearing the dress
Audrie Chavez
Can I prank you guys

Read more
harlin episode
That dress I awful I meen who would like that and who would ever bye and were it and yes I said IT :)
Jason Liang
At 1:09 I stared at the picture on the left and it looks like the girl is wearing a different dress with silk just standing up to make it look like the dress and silk together
Lil Miss Vicky
Maybe cause it was itchy
Lil Miss Vicky
On the second one they just had a normal shirt under
the bra pads are there because the dress is see thro and they put those there so you cant see anything
iUnicorn :3
Wanna play a game!

Me neither
Simply Gamelogical
When i realized im not subscribed... What am i Doing with my life?!
1:29 is the same?!
Valerie Le
Why I read reviews
Lizzie Howell
Pause at 3:09
Rohaiman Iman
I hate shopping online
Disha Prakash
0:09 The face I make when I get homework on the first day of school😂😂😂😂
Maryam Arzuza
proba;y the parents dkid it when they were sleeping cause they did not like it
Evie Legos
Let's make a game every even like gets a puppy or kitten
bam I'm the circle
who Eles Agrees that kyutie almost NEVER uses clickbait
Emily Teague
1. Wear a singlet + Jacket
2. Still looks good!
3. Crop the sewing
4. Wear a singlet + Jacket
5. Still looks good!
6. Singlet and Jacket
7. Crop the Sewing and wear a jacket
8. Crop the sewing
9. Still looks good!
10. Looks Good!
11. Singlet and Jacket
12. Still works!
There was no sleeves on the red dress she was wearing a t shirt underneath
Dragon's Blood
F dresses.
Georgia Firth
I ordered my prom dress online and it was really cheap and it looks better than the picture
Mc mC
I don't know why I'm whatching this video, but I've loved this girl's attitude hahaha 💕
that one red dress that had a bunch of sequins thats probably what i would wear not what actually came tho what was in the picture
Ivor Fan's
the problem is, the dress don't fit on them..... if you fat, you couldn't wear thin dress..... i am not mean all but some in this video..... some are liar.....
Stay Breezy
Honestly my life expectations vrs reality
Juanita Ortiz
But dem peeps doe

Well some of them are doing good but they are lazy for not going to the store
Glitter Creature
You are loud that is not a good thing u r a bitch and need to stop talking get a life
Maryam Al-Taee
how come my prom dress was the same as the picture o-o
Shirley Frohning
3:32 I almost got that dress its like $300
Dasianae Cross
This is why my mom doesn't buy online clothes , now I understand
Cheira Emeryl Cappal
When I buy stuff online I always get what I want.
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