1750HP Nissan GT-R FROM HELL!! Start, Revs & FLAMES!

cvdzijden1750HP Nissan GT-R FROM HELL!! StartRevs & FLAMES!Brill Steel Motorsport1750hp nissan gtr sound1750HP nissan gtr flames1750hp nissan gtr acceleration1750 nissan gtr drivingnis

During the Top Marques 2017 I have filmed this incredible 1759HP Nissan GT-R R35 Rocket Bunny by Brill Steel Motorsport. It was driving on the streets of Monaco, Monte Carlo and it did some crazy revs and acceleration on the street. When he did the revs the alarm goes of from the Shelby Pick Up! I hope you will enjoy the video

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Thanks for watching!

Chris /CvdZijden

Seems like a perfect daily driver for me. LoL.
Landen Martinez
It called anti lag
swagg so smooth23
pointless vid. show what the mother fucker can do
Sdfrtyure Dsfrtygt
Злой бык
Sdfrtyure Dsfrtygt
Вот это ЗВЕРЬ
GPEL Panda
it was so loud it made that truck go off on it!
Hello There
that GTR isn't from hell, that GTR made hell
Jairo Snows
navesota, y le ponen pinches estampitas -_-
I wonder what his 'ECO DRIVE REPORT' on the info screen shows :D :D :D
Where can I go to find myself a hearing aid? Make that 2 of them
Victor Loaiza
wow. I do not thing that this fuck car has too much power , it has fuel injection to the exaust manifold to fire. soo stupid
what a BEAST
Paolo Brach
LOL! 4:16!
Landyn Smithson
Hear that fuckin knocking sound from the motor when he started it?
Lol this car barely runs
Cool Big funky
I can outrun him
Jonathan Lomax
Cool car.
Jorge Villarejo
How do you make your car shoot flames????
Teo Proto
good car fail video...
Mrs Bonjour
Godzilla !!!!! Une des meilleures SUPERCARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ugly bolt on flares.
If i could have 1 thing.....
Lofty DeLaCruz
who built this car?
syfqh.ainung saufi
dajokar dz31
Tina Djamshidkhah
Looks like the @TunerCult GT-R
Peter Budnik
You might want to get good battery for this beast...wtf🤔
Matthew Moreno
It set off the alarms lololololololololol
Shi3ld _
I could fap to this
this car everytime start before need to charge?
alitihad company Asmar
my love
ลูกผู้ชาย พายเรือ
แรงสมชื่อ กอสซิล่า จริงๆ
ti pareva nn ci fosse il Milanese imbruttito
Çok güzel
Markus Meister
😂😂😂🖓 So eine Hässliches Auto. Wieso hatte man den nicht 50€ übrig und hat die Schrauben Eloxiert oder im Wagenfarbe gekauft. das sieht aus... ganzes Auto versaut. widekit body ausm Supermarkt. .. Aber hauptsache Flammen schlagen aus dem Auspuff..
Oscar Mejia
Nice gtr
I'm gonna get me a car boy to run alongside and guide me when I'm driving.
Саша Николаенко
russian lada niva) diselpower!)
ertan vanlioglu
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Vr 93 Go!!
Gtr. Diesel
Asa Entertainment and Events
SFD Media
has money to build 1,750 HP GT-R, doesn't have money for battery to start it...
Pantheon The Artisan of War
I would rent it for 2 hours to go to my neighborhood at 2:00 in the night and I would break their ears!!!
dejlol rkd dejlol
YAS. morsclako
Mario Boneta
I want to be a carpet for this car.
Shimon La Hée
Runs disgustingly rich
Ugly as shit
tom lepski
The awesome Nissan GTR, nothing like that has ever come out of the Japanese motor industry. Wish I could swap this GTR with my twin weber totting Datsun 120Y with this gentleman for the weekend.
My Datsun 120Y running on an A12 OHV 1500cc engine has a engine roar to die for. It has a five speed box snd was rated at 105 HP at the rollers. I once did a full blast 110KPH on the main highway in it and nothing came close. I actually overtook two Toyota Corollas, three BL Minis and a volkswagen beetle.
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