Tommy Edmonds
I'm not crying, your crying!
Who on earth could dislike this????
Torpedo Marsh
That Richard Overton was awesome!
Quincy Hernandez
This guy is a savage
Blake Steele
I'm half his age, I bet I won't even reach 70. God bless to him!
Mlgmovies deeznutz
I wanna meet this guy he seems so nice
Dane Fielding
You know the sad thing about this video, it has 2000 dislikes!? What a legend, hero!
Jessica Wall
Amazing GOD bless
Thank God for such wonderful people. Thanks for uploading and sharing.
Dan Scarfo
Cirgars , whiskey, and ice cream? I'm doing it all wrong
He's frugal and he enjoys simple things in life. I respect that.
Can't get wrong with a cigar. I usally get cuban, my local store sells them by the mother load
Yt. I
Ohiorichkid Ohiorichkid Beats
god bless him
My great grandfather was a ww2 soldier he is a hero all of them he used to put up wires to their phones to call back and forth...
yasee chaudhry
2k dislikes bunch of heartless twats 🖕
He's 111 now!! 😮👌❤
Here's the link..
Emma w
U r a remarkable person
Emma w
We need to be physical immortal we need to never die we need to be young permanent
Sky Cloud
Feel so peace
"I still walk, I still talk and I still drive"
You still smoke too! This guy's gonna outlive all of us
Jayden Mateus
I wen in na army, in nineteen foty
You don't feed a cat too much because they won't eat the rat
Steve Rzucidlo
You remind me of my roommate except hes a scary driver.
thinh le
i kind of want to be religious after watching this video :)
he should not be on the road lol
John Diettrich
Having cats is also healthy for you. They keep your blood pressure down, they get you up in the morning, don't demand anything and they are good companions and really family to you.
Jay Shields
My God, I hope to have the mental agility at 60 or 70, let alone anything else. Go on Mr. Overton, keep on trucking !!! Thanks for the smile.
David A. Salinas
I hope I live that much or more
Saucy Biscuit
iv only seen 2 other World War 2 vets, i respect them 100%
Wow that's Amazing.
devlin mccarthy
Under Cover
i like soup to
its hard to think how soon the people who witnessed world war 2 are gone
Amazing Stud
Sorry did America actually fight in any of the wars? Whats up with the Veteran status?
Charles lee Ray
So tobacco and alcohol. Got it!
I have so much respect for these people, they are the ones who keep society alive!
What a legend,... My grandad was a Royal Marine during ww2. Passed away back in 92.... He didn't smoke or drink really..
Love when he lights his cigar on the stove.
I Love his story and No Nonsence outlook on life . "I may give out , but I'll never give up" .
And still smoking cigars
Brian Shcwagginz
This guy's gonna live until he's the size of a raisin
Airsoft man 400
American hero
Angelica Bilbao
A really wonderful story :)
Jacob Echegoyen
109 and driving thats incredible
Pennywise The flying ape
Since 1908
truly an inspiration, great video!
Nya D.I.Y.
Why tf is there a toilet my his mailbox
Luji Bell
Smh the way this guy is going Ima die before him
Patrik Šafarič
I love this short film!
Trully amazing. What a strong personality and wisdom. Rarest kind of people that had left on this planet.
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