Giraffe saves days old calf from pride of lions

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This footage was taken from Kicheche Bush Camp (  in the heart of the Olare Motorogi Conservancy in the Masai Mara by seven time Kicheche visitors Bill and Barbara Westbrook.

" Each time I think we can never beat the last,' Barbara says 'but this was remarkable, going on for almost half an hour as the mother protected her calf ferociously from the young Moniko pride. It was heart in the mouth stuff as we felt we might be witnessing something brutal as the casual menace of the sub-adult lions showed little signs of abating. Eventually the giraffes  got away and we breathed again.'

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That's why I will never donate money nor cry over CECIL the LION- ALL LIONS, TIGERS, LEOPARDS, COUGARS- all ugly wild cats ARE EVIL CREATURES they all prey over innocent elephants, hippos, giraffe, zebras, rhinos just like ugly domesticated cats prey over innocent rabbits, birds. I love giraffes this giraffe was lucky watched another one where a baby giraffe was viciously attacked and baby eaten by lions. I never trust cats both domesticated or in the wild- they are vicious creatures as far as I am concerned, not much of a fan of large dog breeds either- many kill owners and newborns as well. If it preys and eats meat- it may attack and prey on you as well- cats and dogs should never be trusted with young children or newborns.
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the links lizard
wow that was exciting.
A Chaps
um that's not a days old calf, not a newborn heck no!! prob a yr old
Fernando Aizpurua, Prada
Una madre, sin temor.
Meredith McCleary
love it!
Andrew Popov
Richard Franklin
When I was a kid I had a job in a safari park and I was in the way when some giraffes stampeded. It was a really frightening experience. They really are huge animals.
sonam karma
nice tactic to defend against lions keeping youngster inside but is futile from real defensive attacks and requires great coordination or it would be a doomed failure.
Giraffe mothers are very aggressive... the trick is trying to pry the baby away... this mother wasn't falling for it... one kick from a giraffe and some lion will lose its head.
che brava ragazza la giraffa <3
john sparten
Wasn't the giraffe able to see the lions approaching from miles away considering its about 190ft dopey animal.
Mike Smith
Cool lion vid, looking forward to seeing more...
Nothing really happened....
Eric Seay
Timour Michalowa
Still better than some humans..
Eric Metz
This is sooo fake just look at the min 0:44 you can see the reflection of the stage on the upper right corner, plus the "Lions" are totally people dressed up as them and the big giraffe is in reality 2 guys.
Muito interessante como é a natureza, perceba a pequena girafa imitando sua mãe para aprender à tbm no futuro defender os seus filhotes!!! Natureza é foda
hungry lions - do not behave this way.
Jamie Todd
She was like I'll stomp your ass to the Gods you fuck with my child..
Disney Freak
Bye bye, Simba! Try again next time.
Samuel C.
The nature of Lions is to kill, the buffaloes grazing, and human is just watch and take pictures.
lions are dicks
Jean Simão
Quem caiu do cavalo e achou q a girafa iria fazer algo de interessante curti aqui!
Lipe Baudel
Que bom que a girafinha só morreu após o término do vídeo, fiquei mais tranquilo agora.
as leoas foram embora pq no mundo animal não existe curativo, um ferimento qualquer dessa girafa e morte na certa, elas so atacariam se tivesse morrendo de fome literalmente.
Cantinho da Selminha
Que lindo, isto que e mae de verdade, sempre protege seus filhos!
Junior Milanezi
o show da vida!
Wonderful video, thank you. Such beautiful, amazing animals to protect. I've Pinned. Again, thank you.
Lions are dumb as fuck...
5 of them can't beat a defenseless giraffe
right, like the lions didn't wait another 15 minutes to circle them up and snatch that lil giraff from her mommy. lions won 4 show.
Marcos Júnior
Instinto maternal super aguçado... Mãe é Mãe! Viva a natureza!
Fabio Chang
this describes everything what's means a mother!!!!
Erika Duarte
Quero saber se as girafas conseguiram fugir... :(
Thats it? I was expecting the giraffe to swing its head at a lion and send it flying :D
that was all??
Astral Projection
Didn't she end up trampling her calf to death? lol
Penny Ryan
Wow, I hope he Sarah Palin's of the world realize we are all together on this planet and humansare ust one of the animals. All animals love their young, feel fear, and emotions.
Massimo Salustri
OK, nice, but the video is short. What really happen next ?
I see five lions and two giraffes. Lions don't eat at resturant
Baby's like: "You don't fuck with mamma".
Mercy Parantar
Ang awa nman
قمم دعوية
سبحان الله الذي علمها حماية صغيرها
Q bonito
Matt N
take that, sarah palin
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