Lana joins the blue brand: SmackDown LIVE, April 11, 2017

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The Ravishing Russian is coming to Team Blue.


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Random Sh!t
Just pause it at 0:21
Tristan Paul Creed
They had me at the intro. There was something catchy about that tune that works with a spotlight entrance.
Rachel Galeas
No why she is not cool to join the blue brand
This was impressive but wtf
Frank De Jesus
Looks like the Team Blue has found a Maria Sharapova reincarnation in the form of Lana. Well, I know that this will be interesting. Kudos to you, Ms. Lana.
Alvi Fadhollah
*try not to fap
and then 00:21 comin'
I give up.
cyber rider 1
why does that song sound familiar?
Xbox Gaming
can't wait
xx Wwe Clasher xx
i have a question cause i am confused now lana now supposed to take rosa mendes gimmick or eva marie place or just the emmalina thing again or sable the beautiful heel again or kelly kelly gimmick and also would kelly kelly return and take which gimmick or just her old one ??
Tommy 'the nightmare' Smith
If Lana's debut on SD Live is as fast as Emmalina's....
What The?
Her gimmick is Face or Heel ?
Nikola Krastev
Rusev i am jealous or on bulgarian language завиждам ти Русев
Looks like another emmalina promo but this time featuring Lana. Hopefully not another 17 weeks of waiting
Banks consilio
on total divas she is a Bicth not wort it
Kristaps Porzingis
Pause at 0:22 . That'll be all.
Kalman Nagy
emmalana promo
Rusev may not get to wear a title, but he gets to wear her.
Johnny Shady
rock was right when he said she is flexible 😏😍
Keiron Baxter
0.21 your welcome
Pablo Escobar
Lucky chair.
Walking Dude
0:22 seconds to till liftoff
Ryan Peeling
If your above the age of 14 and you watch wrestling, kill yourself.
nikhil koumudi
music was a blast..!
All of Lana's vignette airings will be very hot.
Banks consilio
Former Escort still has it
John Mallory
Putin would be proud.
nyisha sealey
i love it
Patrick O'Riley
Lana can give me a lap dance ANYTIME!!!!!!!!
Aint gonna lie. I got a chub watching that. I just love the burlesque feel.
Rinzuala Nexus
Emmalina streak is over!!!
Charles Leggett II
Rusev's one lucky man
Ethan Bennett
Edmund Sasu
Lana tape would be better than Page's
Ethan Bennett
I never thought I would say this but I wish I was a chair
yu ren
She looks good, no question. But I hope they do her right and actually get her some character in this new form. She was great as the hard arse russian manager to Rusev, and I had hoped that we'd get to keep her. I just hope that WWE isnt just going "Look! Sexy lady, very flexable"
oh la la
Greenleaf 69
The cringey music at the end
Jerry 'The King' Lawler
kyle west
Lana is sexy
Claudia Borges
I technically see but WWE trying to do here you know she's only been known as the ravishing Russian so you know why not give her an opportunity to show her wrestling capability on TV it's not like they're giving her a whole new persona and then debuting it in two months or three like they did with Emma
nigel dixie
The chair vs. Men of the wwe universe, handicap match, WrestleMania 34
Realkilla 924
if only I was that chair...
Grasshoper180 Clash Royale & Clash Of Clans
how about rusev no longer with lana?
Lu Martínez Stgo
Finally. I hope this goes good. I want to see if she's good at the ring, bc obviously at the mic she is.
i hope she drops the accent but i dont like it seductive
i broke the replay button
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