Lana joins the blue brand: SmackDown LIVE, April 11, 2017

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The Ravishing Russian is coming to Team Blue.


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William Choochootrain
Jaylan Farmer
0:21 Did you see the boot to ay????
Joe Campbell
who else is here after her debut
she's perfect for a bond movie
Destiny Brown
Will her character be a heel?
Shoojel Raikwar
i need that song
xXLegit PPV ProductionsXx
She is rumored to debut early June 💖💖
L Batman
lana she sexy or what
What Men have to do look good: Strict diets with complex carbs, high in protein, intense workouts and consistency overall, etc...
What women need to do to look good.

Nothing... Just don't eat like a hippo
Chelsea Kirves
I love this song 😍
Matt D
Pardeep Toor
i dont like being ignored...thats even more disa respectful than turning me down
kioinde cox
so is she doing singles action or waiting for Rusev
Bring back Shieledina
Lei Lani
Rusev you lucky son of a cannon
the protector
me la scopo forte ♡♡♡
Leroy Maxwell II
she'll be a face
0:25 the hairflip
JAN1K Project
Jo Dunk
I want to see rusev doing a chair dance. 🍑🍆💦
Omega Findora
Damn Sexy Russian has to come and see me forest
zeus tanki online
How lucky is Rusev.
Can't wait to see Lanalina
Bruce Wayne
Fact that Rusev gets to hit that every night makes me jealous.
Z The Best In The Universe
Hey a diva who doesn't look like a horse
Random Sh!t
Just pause it at 0:21
Tristan Paul Creed
They had me at the intro. There was something catchy about that tune that works with a spotlight entrance.
Rachel Galeas
No why she is not cool to join the blue brand
This was impressive but wtf
Frank De Jesus
Looks like the Team Blue has found a Maria Sharapova reincarnation in the form of Lana. Well, I know that this will be interesting. Kudos to you, Ms. Lana.
Alvi Fadhollah
*try not to fap
and then 00:21 comin'
I give up.
cyber rider 1
why does that song sound familiar?
Xbox Gaming
can't wait
xx Wwe Clasher xx
i have a question cause i am confused now lana now supposed to take rosa mendes gimmick or eva marie place or just the emmalina thing again or sable the beautiful heel again or kelly kelly gimmick and also would kelly kelly return and take which gimmick or just her old one ??
Tommy 'the nightmare' Smith
If Lana's debut on SD Live is as fast as Emmalina's....
What The?
Her gimmick is Face or Heel ?
The Best Noob BG
Rusev i am jealous or on bulgarian language завиждам ти Русев
Looks like another emmalina promo but this time featuring Lana. Hopefully not another 17 weeks of waiting
Banks consilio
on total divas she is a Bicth not wort it
Kristaps Porzingis
Pause at 0:22 . That'll be all.
ibrahim theodor mustafa alexander lewinski IV
emmalana promo
Rusev may not get to wear a title, but he gets to wear her.
Johnny Shady
rock was right when he said she is flexible 😏😍
Keiron Baxter
0.21 your welcome
Pablo Escobar
Lucky chair.
Walking Dude
0:22 seconds to till liftoff
Ryan Peeling
If your above the age of 14 and you watch wrestling, kill yourself.
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