BNSF Engine Leads Snow-Covered California Zephyr

AmtrakCalifornia ZephyrpassengertrainBNSF RailwayGE Evolution SeriesES44C4GevoBNSF8000GE GenesisP42DCAMTK15714snowPhase IIIpaint schemeViewliner II61040baggage carSuperlinertrans dormsleeperdinersightseer loungeBig Game Trainsignbag-coachcoachgradelevelrailroadcrossingradio scannerchatterdispatcherOttumwa SubdivisionAgencyIowawintercemeteryheadstonegraveyard

The eastbound "California Zephyr" comes through Agency, Iowa just a minute under three hours late on February 3, 2016.  A BNSF Railway freight locomotive is leading Amtrak train #6 today.  BNSF mandated the use of their unit due to winter weather conditions in Nebraska.  The storm left quite an impression on the "Zephyr."  I've never seen an Amtrak train with this much snow before.

The sightseer lounge on the "Zephyr" happens to have a sign for the "Big Game Train" in a lower level window.

This #6 was also photographed not too long ago by a train enthusiast in Ottumwa, Iowa:

Also, this is the same BNSF unit that led #6 and then #5 through this town two days ago: and  There wasn't any snow on it then.

BNSF 8000 GE ES44C4
Amtrak 157 GE P42DC
Amtrak 14 GE P42DC
61040 baggage car
39045 transition dormitory
32072 sleeping car
32047 sleeping car
38049 dining car
33011 sightseer lounge
31023 baggage-coach
34050 coach

Christopher Carlson
at 0:26 you can see why they needed the BNSF train, that looks more like ice and very difficult to remove.
I was on this set this last Sunday between Reno and Emeryville. It did have an extra coach on the end added at Sparks, though, to accomodate those returning from the Barbershop Harmony Society convention.
Boris Lu
Nice video!
very cool!
Snow train
Nice video! Love that the engines are all covered in snow!
UP 844 Fan
I though Amtrak only had 1 BIG Game Lounge Superliner Car ? it sounds like they have 2 ? Am I correct .
Midwest Train Videos
Was it mandated because AMTK units wouldn't of made it through the snow?
JacksonAndLansing Railroad
Purely awesome.
Franky M
Eastern Iowa Rail Productions
That is a sick catch!!!!
Nice video ;)
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