Marijuana: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Under federal law, even legal marijuana is illegal. John Oliver explains why conflicting drug laws pose serious problems.

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When we stop electing idiots to our government then we will be well on our way to no longer being an idiotic country. I am somewhat optimistic about 2018 and 2020, but I have learned to stop holding my breath.
Bruce Wayne
Fucking Obama, had 8 years to do it right and shit the bed, now there's no way Trump does it. He should do it just to rub it in Obamas face.
CJ ImTheGirl
sorry if this is not allowed.. but this is the young woman suing Jeff Sessions over the classification of cannabis..
(share if you can... remove if you must..)
Alexis Brotell
Tyrrhenus d'Etruria
I’ve been in Amsterdam for a few days recently (my 4th time in that gorgeous city). As everybody knows in Amsterdam weed and hashish are freely available to anyone who feels like getting high... and coffeeshops are packed with people who do feel like getting high. What you see is people laughing, chatting, eating, drinking (no alcohol is sold in coffeshops so drinking coffee, tea, soft drinks etc). What you don’t see is people having any kind of anti social behaviour. Because, well, it’s alcohol, cocaine etc that turn many people into aggressive assholes. Cannabis make people relaxed, happy and friendly. Have you ever heard stoners knife-fight? Have you ever heard a stoner beat the crap out of someone (unless under the influence of alcohol or cocaine or some other shitty drug)? Fact is: cannabis does not cause people to do very bad things. Keeping marijuana illegal is totally ridiculous. Making it legal as it is in Amsterdam means no black market, no criminals making money out of it, less crowded jails lots of money in taxes and lots of jobs (those who produce it, distribute it, sell it) and a dent in the bank accounts of drugs cartels. And yet in most countries of the world, especially in the West, cannabis is considered dangerous for many reasons. It’s the American government fault if we have this situation. Americans keep weed illegal while happily devouring shitty, oversugared, super processed food that kill them, while swallowing anti depressants in their tons, while... well, you got my point
The irony about the South Asian UMiss prof growing weed being contrary to your expected image is that they are the original stoners. The word ganja comes from Sanskrit (the Latin of India).
th4t gi
So glad to live in colorado right now
Maximilien Sanchez
Uruguay legalized Marijuana
Adam S
Columbus mandated everyone grow this staple! Big Pharma & U. $. Govt makes trillion$ keeping it illegal! Federal laws & will of the people couldn’t be farther apart. Paying taxes on illegal substance is beyond DUMB!
6428 cuntservative republicunts should suck it with their paranoid moralistic bullshit
Gareth Fuller
I am rather curious as to how he would handle an LSD episode... Much potential for comedy with that subject.
i haven't laughed so hard since i noticed his videos existed
Trump Wins
Bitcoin WHO.....
Charles Staples
Im glad my names not greg
Madcircle Tohell
Walter's blue crystals
Grass Routes Travel 420 Is a new 420 friendly travel company sending you on vacation to where weed is legal.
Last Weed Tonight
I've been in favor of legal weed for more than 40 years (((yes, I am))).
David Hutchinson
I was in federal prison with a guy who busted out his own business....then filed a Ch 13 Bk....the feds picked right up on it and WHAM....2 years in federal prison. It happens.
DPowered Smith
If a person gets caught with an ounce of weed and another person gets caught with a garbage bag full of cocaine the guy with the weed gets 10 to live while the guy with cocaine MAY get 2 or 3 years
James IDK
so this is why my cousin moved to California
Ludovic Noble
fuck the Fed-

eral Reserve.

eral Government.


I wanna see nothing but elbows and assholes...check out my song, cocksuckas!
Pablo Smog
What does Mr. Fake Upbeat Energy have to say this time? Mr. Forced Laughter, Mr. Shill? "John Oliver explains why...." lol, please. What cue card is he reading this time? I probably even agree with "him" on this issue, insofar as it's possible to agree with a cardboard cutout or wax figurine about anything. Have a nice paycheck, shill.
Samuel Tamayo
I'm 15 and my therapist actualy recommended pot for my ptsd and depression. in maine its 100% legal for adults and legal for teens over 13 with parental super vision and a medical reason.

before you say its bad for you, there are several studies showing that weed isn't harmful at all. its not even addictive. the only cases of addiction is people with addictive personalities. and that's an entirely different subject. the bottom line is weed does a lot more good then bad. if my doctor hadn't recommended it, i wouldn't be able to sleep, i would be panicking every two seconds and self harming. '

and funfact, some studies show that weed is even safer then vaping. and way safer then actual crigrites. do your research and see that something that seems bad can be good, before you automatically label it as a crime.
Barbara Maj
Stick to "comedy", a pharmacist, you are not!
Mike L. Wallace Jr.
The creation of Marijuana Prohibition deprived our bodies important Endocannabinoid Systems of necessary Cannabinoids. Which threw our bodies Homeostasis Out of Whack & created many illnesses. Now after many Generations of Cannabinoid Deficient parents later. Children are being born with & early developing Horrible illnesses , Mental Health Condition & Cancers. It would not be a stretch to say that most illnesses of today Relieved by Marijuana are caused by Cannabinoid Deficiencies. Marijuana needs to be Legalized Nationwide. To Relieve the Suffering , Save Lives & take a massive burden off of Healthcare. But Congress has long chosen to drag their feet on this issue or promote Medical Marijuana. Medical Marijuana requires we develop illnesses (Like Cancerous Tumors) RISKING DEATH. Before going to a Doctor to try to get a Prescription. Marijuana needs to be Legal like Recreational Marijuana access. Which Fights illnesses , Prevents illnesses & Protects Future Generations from Birth Defects & Early Life illnesses. The Nixon Marijuana Study proved Marijuana Kills Cancerous Tumor Cells. Including the ones you don't know you have yet. Marijuana was / is / always will be "THE CURE". Make ingesting fresh raw marijuana part of every Adult , Senior & Childs Diet.
Barry Wells
The VA will take away your anxiety medication if you test positive for Marijuana.
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Oh my God! I started choking up right along with that man at about 9:25 - - - i know the feeling brother,..i KNOW the feeling.
We're with ya', and this nonsense about weed has to stop. It was ALL based on negative propaganda that was not only false, and was an outright bold-faced lie, right on the floor of congress, both chambers. Enough of this stupid craziness about weed. It was ALL a lie, and nothing but a lie.
Kati S
Cannabis makes my insulin work 4 times faster, gets rid of PTSD flashbacks for me, and eliminates m other anxieties and depression, but I have to listen to my family and other people tell me in a weed addict and that it "kills brain cells" and when I mention the evidence on my side the science is suddenly unreliable this shit is ridiculous
Jane Guarnera
In Ca, was asked by law enforcement in Mendo Co...ya have your papers and I thought, jeez, uh, I don't need no fuckin' papers...
Jane Guarnera
Wow, went from the east coast... pot, a felony 40yrs sentence for paraphernalia , to the west, a slap on the hand...ah but tobacco, alcohol. bad girl....jeez what a big ole disappointment in American vice.
Person who's computer I worked on went on about how she thinks marijuana is horrible. Then went on to talk about how wonderful cannabis oil is lol.
Miss Mania
GRRRRREEEEEEEEAAAAT!!! DRUGS!! (Fuck no don’t do drugs!!) YEAAH!!
henri Vieltojarvi
Whites are much more likely to be arrested for using meth than blacks
"Black adults were more than four times as likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than white adults."

On John Oliver's show, this will be taken by Oliver's fans as "Black adults who possess marijuana are four times more likely to be arrested for it than white adults who possess marijuana."

If the exact same wording were spoken on Fox and Friends, their fans would take it to mean, "Black adults are four times more likely to possess marijuana than white adults."

This needs re-wording to clarify its ramifications.
Bradan Schofield
this is the greatest video i have ever seen
12:16 No, because carrier pigeons are extinct.
Seejay James
Anyone else notice "America: The Book" (by the Daily Show) on the shelf behind Obama? Made my day!
Termo Linde
Everybody say MARIJUANA! Everybody say BUSINESS!
Fart Knocker
Greg!!!!!!!!....Greg Allman?.....I love Greg Allman......Honey!!!!!!!......where's the rolling papers?......who the fuck is Greg?
Fart Knocker
I just smoked a bowl....why are you bothering me?......I love my cat, he's pretty cool.
Captain Beefheart
I guess good people just rape teenage girls while drunk, huh, Jeff?
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One of the most prominent effects of Mary Jay is reducing anxiety, fear and agressiveness.
Now ask yourself, who are the people that make profit from the fear and agressiveness of people.

The ban of Mary Jay has not the slightest scientific reason, wich has been proofen over and over again, for decades.
Now ask yourself, who are the people who are best known to deny science.

Maybe you will find the reason why this madness still goes on.
CornRow Kenny
Anyone baked rn hahaahah?
judge me not by my web history Loktu
Let that god damn veteran smoke some god damn weed!
Diego De La Torre
Fuck you oliver john stewart wannabe You will never be john stewart ! never!
Diego De La Torre
I like mark wahlberg better than you you british liberal cunt
Rachael Maree Turnbull
fuck off big Phama pusher
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