Мартин Рачев
You was joking about hearing my toughs right? Right? Huh? Pleasee?!
Cataclysmic variable
@9:49 they claim that im a criminal they the ones selling heroin on the streets
Gordon Woodroffe
The only answer is to genocide law makers cops and their families that are against hemp and marijuana . Israel backs marijuana use .
Nikolaus Nowak
I am all about regulation, taxation, and decriminalization, but recreational cannabis potentially undermines the authentic medical benefits. I am all for recreational legalization as long as medical research is continued on a separate track. A lot of news lately about PTSD and cannabis. Keep the discussion going. Lost my shit on owls.
T Dropacop
Legal or not " OVERGROW the Government ". 🕶
Is that Hank Green talking to President Obama?
dacrl lynk
them could come up with ten billion all at one day could buy an impeachment
Trollol Police
U guys hate trump, hate guns and love weed ? U know how retarted the sounds. If u really think trump is the next hitler why would u want gun control. U want less gun control
Just come to the Netherlands
Andres Romo
I can't believe HBO actually bought john a $6,000 Gucci jacket for it to be brought up for maybe 10 seconds, then again, that's not even the most expensive or ridiculous thing they've done for this show
nice logic... war on drug is bad because black people who deal drugs more often (while consumption is comparable to the rest of the population) get arrested more because they deal with drugs more often, so if we stop making it illegal it ends discrimination against that part of the population that violates that law more frequently...

do you listen to what you are saying sometimes? maybe?
Fucking United States being fucking inhumane and heartless again. What is wrong with people?
Yeah obviously they fired the paralyzed dude bc he got a positive test, riiiight toootally
I'm a stoned viewer named Gregory. Why.
Zach Blanton
The University of Mississippi is a world class university.
John Norris
lol not in my state
Ryan Armitage
I am going to Portland, so watching this was very helpful research. Thank you.
Lomas Shaun
just another dick on camera
Hadley Souther
It was mainly made illegal because the hemp industry stood to replace the paper industry so titans like Hearst funded the beginnings of illegalizing it
The thing is OBAMA did hassle states that had legalization of cannabis. In fact he raided more dispensaries than Bush ever did...

He's a liar.
Diamond DiggersHD
Bill Schipper
stoners unit you have nothing to lose but your lighter
that guy
Proud to live in Amsterdam
Tic TOC Toe
Go Sox, Yankees Suck
Daniel liu
thats a 6000 jacket at 15:44
Anthony Sarraj
i was so excited to hear this John guy talj about something else than Trump.....40 sec in.....GET SOME MORE MATERIAL
Snowdog Joe
What leftist shill. Drink cool aid much ?
Ethan Staughton
R.I.P Greg
Kill So
it's all about the $$$
Drug laws are plain dumb .
Thiskid j.Dodger
Hyphy C
John Oliver you should do a bit on Mac Dre. #MacDre
Tanya Ramey
The individuals who find marijuana as a dangerous drug are most likely the same individuals who have never smoked it. What kind of danger is there in laughter, deep thoughts, appetite increase and good sleep? I smoke and I can say first hand that it never triggers violence, aggression nor is it addictive. If I run out, I'm just out. There are NO bad side effects nor does the lack of pot cause withdrawals. Marijuana also combats pain and depression among many other ailments. It's a win-win. You could tax it like alcohol, tobacco & other legal substances, using the tax dollars toward education, medical benefits, state assistance, etc. There are so many things this natural plant can help and the use of this plant does not create problems among the community. Legalizing this natural plant could increase tax dollars, lower crime rates and substantially lower death rates across the U.S. All the negative opinions of marijuana are potentially a result of the brain-washing process by the Government.
Necronamacon 1
Sucks living history during prohibition Minnesota
I live in washington and i see myself as a progressive, and yet i am ASHAMED of the legalization of marijuana. Its a harmful, disgusting drug.
Chris Haugan
Marijuana is fine as long as don't abuse it, so you stoners who smoke everyday are not doing yourself any favors, unless it's a for are real medical condition in which case, blaze up
Pingle Hunter
was there actually a greg
DutchM Mail
Over here the stereotypical marijuana smoker is someone who is smart, but too bored to do shit.
andy hasi
if you would ask what i think about this show and host, i would get in trouble
Criminal Squad
Rob Dawg
"dont bogart that joint my friend, pass it over to me"
Zvie Oercane
RIP Greg.
Patrick Doring
Poor Greg...
I have seizures from brain damage, And I am so sick of people using disabled people as an excuse to legalize Marijuana
Lmao I was smoking a joint and laughing when i heard "hit it right square in the puss" 😂
1111 99900
Suprise, suprise, the biggest anti-science losers who hate fun also hate Jews.
Hannah Shoshana
tax declarations of illegal gains cannot be used as evidence of guilt. the government wants its money more than it wants to stuff its prisons (also a revenue stream)
There goes getting laid when eating chocolate.
Could you American facking biggots please just look at the Netherlands for one facking second.
It is perfectly legal to have any kind of weed here and extensive research has already been done. This drug is not harmful in any way for people over the age of 26 (when the brain has stopped developing) and even before that it is barely harmful. Alcohol is much more harmful especially for the brain under the age of 26 and you can use that without any problems.
The only harmful thing about it would be the tobacco which is frequently used with the weed, but since you guys are fine with cigarrets and cigars that shouldn't be a problem.
The most harmful and deadly drug that is legal to be used at the moment would be alcohol and you Americans are fine with that.
Also for those afraid of stoners all over the place. The place here in the Netherlands where weed is mostly used (Amsterdam) is crawling with mostly American stoned tourists, but the actual people that live there rarely to never smoke pot.....
Carlos Lugo
Damit greg
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