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Under federal law, even legal marijuana is illegal. John Oliver explains why conflicting drug laws pose serious problems.

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Kyle Magaro
Had Trump not been elected we'd probably be discussing removing weed from schedule 1 or decriminalizing it at the federal level, but because of Trump and Sessions we won't make any headway for 4 years and will probably go backwards.
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Jeff Gassmann
He is just pushing bipartisan.. it's easyier to get weed than alcohol when your a kid. It's Been like this since the 90's. He is pushing a Marxist ideeolgly using a harmless drug. He is not funny, he is not ground breaking, he is democratic paid stuge, because the ideology is being destroyed.
Jeff Gassmann
He is not people watch this? 8,000,000 people I guess.
Jeff Gassmann
This stupid little cuk Britt thinks he is an actual American. Haha he is not funny or ground breaking. Globalist fuck who cares about the stupid weed debate. Who cares trying to fish more mindless SJW's. Idiot.
Jeff Gassmann
I hate this person and everything he stands for, 8,0000000"" views? Really?
anna hermans
headline stem imagination creation response tower golden user.
Ugrin Vuckovic
Marijuana (natural weed) is used as medicine in several nations, and it works quite effectively without bad side effects. Obviously an overdose would be bad for you, but if you control your doses, that would be ok
Khaos Inoculation
They celebrated it because at least some people will be able to calmly look at Trump and pickup that he's a dick and not a champion. Get baked and listen to Trump.. Makes you feel retarded. Now get baked and read science studies. FEELS GOOD.
Thomas K Geydan
This is not, and it shouldn't be, "a big win for lovers of weed". Rather, medical marijuana is recognized by very serious and established medical professionals for its incredible healing power, especially where the human nervous system is impaired. The curative power of this modest plant, although it has already healed untold numbers of sufferers, is, according to many professors emeritus of all important universities of our country, still largely unexplored. No wonder, then, that the pharmaceutical industry opposes its legalization. Just my nonprofessional opinion.
14:56 I don't know why, but this constellation is hilarious all by itself
Feliks Ozolina
when ur alcoholism is worse than ur friend's marijuana dependency but one of them is illegal and one of them is practically encouraged
Lauren Panda
They caught al Capone with tax fraud thats why that portion is on tax forms
Leyla Picou
"Marijuana is something we've all gradually decided is ok" because we randomly decided it wasn't ok lol other countries follow in tow
drug promoter, fuck you
Drake Mallard
Marijuana is MENTALLY addictive, not physically addictive, like meth, cocaine, and alcohol. Just the facts!
Kindred Cannabis
Marijuana is for all types of people. We are working towards normalizing this plant! We made a commercial to change the stigma, view it here ->
Laughing park
Its better than alcohol, smoking and drug. people who used to weed they have critical thinking power and more intelligence and more serious.
Sir Sentient
Dude, when he said Greg he scared the absolute fuck out of me.
Alex is cringe
I actually watched a bunch of Last Week Tonight while I was truly high for the first time. It was fun, I literally just kept staring at John and didn't really listen. I think I know why I found the face of John so interesting now... oh well
tabot stunner
Hello everyone we have some good product of marijuana available at good price contact us at
jeff sessions needs to die already
Dr. Emeter KDiacope
Who would deny that these religious organizations are there to stave of peasants and drug users? As a non-drug user and Social Security recipient, I have experienced the whole of it right down to the Grammarian bombs on television! Next, you're telling me I have Einsteinian socks because I was a college bachelor. You're dabbling in Roman Death Salts! You can't have an Economic Model that is based on staving off peasantry psychologically. It will eventually backfire or cause major disruption.
Silas Greene
9:46 the guy with the beard's face.
Christian Ang
If your president is trump you should legalize marijuana to calm yourself from the end of the world. Lol
Towfiqul Alam
Can anyone make this viral ? By posting on Reddit or something idk...
Uhh Maybe
That 'jeckit' had 'Mare Gothicum' written on it.
Have fun with your North Sea jacket
Kevin Alford
You know the audience for this show is a bit too young and doesn't care to read when they give a huge reaction to "hit it in the puss", not knowing that means the mouth. Don't get me wrong, I love this guy and he's right about everything, but that reaction was disappointing to say it mildly.
Isnt it amazing how "medical marijuana" is a thing only in the US. The only country where people need cheap available drugs because they dont have a real medical system that provides for them the correct medications. There is no "medical marijuana" in any civilized country where we have real, actual rights and free healthcare. We get the real treatment and we dont have to live in poverty for it either. Like these americans do.
legalize all drugs let real freedom ring and fuck the children mother fuckers dont pay any taxes
Frank Gerlach
I wonder if Sessions has any stock in Privately owned Prisons that rely on the marijuana users that were sent to prison for a lot of the prison's income? Would be a great story for some reporter to dig into, I think.
Michael Rossi
Why are you reading this? GREG!!!!
Mrs. Comeans
Once you start to do some research, you can't deny there are great benefits that come with legalization. Not only have they found a way to cure some forms of cancer with it (hello!) but with one acre, this plant can do more than 4 acres of trees. Same products only better, stronger & cleaner! Hemp paper can be recycled 5 x more than tree paper. It takes 50 yrs for trees to grow enough to be harvested. Hemp can be harvested every 4 months! Substituting hemp for trees would save forests & wildlife habitats, period. It would eliminate erosion of topsoil due to logging which will reduce pollution in our lakes, rivers &streams. The list goes on & on & on. We'd be idiots to continue restricting the usage of this amazing plant. And by the way, nothing else I can think of has as much potential to reduce our national debt as quickly as marijuana sales. Even though I have no desire to buy it since I dont smoke, I still cant help but totally support legalization.
"Square in the puss" refers to the mouth. Silly overreaction from manufactured fake outrage.
Chocolate Milk
Rip gucci jacket....
Oh John, you are such an asshole
Take a stance against recreational marijuana legalization because it continually help criminals by getting them access to a supply of marijuana. For example, a drug gang exploited recreational marijuana legalization according to (The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado The Impact Volume 2: Page 102). This example proves recreational marijuana legalization continually helps organized criminals which increases criminal activity.
2:53 I can't believe he said that #MaryJane fuck those mad men. Love reefer. The schnoze berries taste like schnoze berries.
1:24 420 or 402
Gregory Sasmita
Jimmy Weeks
Athena H
Poor greg
Greg Bennett
This is a great moment in Greg history
MotherFatherGoddess Earth
The problem with weed, is that it does work. People get very stupid and then do stupid things like voting in a nationalistic clown 🤡 as president and preaching higher education is a waste of time, just get a trade 🙄.
Spasoje Kulasevic
Marijuana needs to be outlawed
bobby day
Who died and made this guy judge? total idiot
I want you to pay your fucking taxes but don't put it in a bank....that makes so much sense
Deanna McLain
John, I love your sense of style. You are one handsome man.
Liberals arguing for state rights??
I Love Japan
I wish that marijuana would be legalized here in Sweden, as it is now we only have Alcohol
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