Marine Le Pen: France’s Trump is on the rise

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A political push from the French far-right.

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Marine Le Pen is the leader of France's far-right political party, Front National or the "National Front". She took over the party in 2011 from her father and founder of the party, Jean-Marie Le Pen. Since then, she has kicked her father out of the party as part of a process known as "dédiabolisation". By removing her father, Marine Le Pen hoped to cut ties with the anti-Semitic reputation that he had cultivated for the party. Despite this effort, her recent comments on the Vel' d'Hiv roundup have hindered her attempts to distance the party from it's xenophobic and anti-Semitic past. As the French election approaches, many are wondering whether the nationalist fervor that has swept across Europe will continue gaining momentum in France. Like British leaders promising a Brexit, Le Pen would like to secure a referendum for a Frexit from The European Union, which she believes is a globalist organization that favors German interests over those of France. In addition to the threat of globalization, she fears the erosion of a distinctly French identity. Accordingly, she would like to pursue anti-Immigration policies as president that would severely cut back on the rising number of asylum requests granted to newly arrived refugees from Syria, North Africa, and elsewhere in The Middle East. Like American president Donald Trump, she cites concerns about safety in order to defend her anti-immigration platform. In addition to restricting immigration, she has promised to protect France from Islamist fundamentalism, which she believes is a religious entity that serves to promote terrorism. Critics claim that her policies are Islamophobic, but she defends her platform by maintaining that her most pressing interest is protecting France for the French. In doing so, she often references the distinctly French concept of secularism known as laïcité. Recent terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015 and attacks in Nice in 2016 have stoked xenophobic and racist sentiments in France. Marine Le Pen is hoping that those fears translate into votes in the 2017 French presidential election.

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Le Penn is a Socialist in policy, she's not far right...
Prins van Oranje
Marine Le Pen is not Trump. Trump is a National Capitalist, while Marine Le Pen is a National Socialist. And I hate socialism, but I support her to make France Safe Again. Marine For 2020!
Alex Dannie
Guess what retarded MUSLIMS from Paris. The revolution is coming and if we need,
POLAND will come and crush you and save french from islamistic prison.
There will be no caliphate or sharia law on the street anywhere in
Paris. The first time you do it, we will come and burn your business,
destroy you in the internet, send marine troops, satellites from the
sky on your families. Choose wisely. Anonymous POLAND/PARIS.
Marko Rankovic
Vox... What are you doing, you just made me not like her... You made me love her!!
This video is so stupid in so many ways, why do they call her "far-right"? She is a lot more leftie economically, it would be a better idea to call her Authoritarian.. In fact Emmanuel Macron is even more right-wing than her when you sum it all up.

It's just that media goes against anything that is against immigration of non-whites..
Shubh Sharma
If immigration is bad then we shouldn't have leaved africa and le pen would never be white
James Richard Jeremy Clarkson-Hammond-May
Shes smart and charismatic.... nothing like trump
Maria de Fatima Portela Melo
why don't you make a video about Bolsonaro? the brazillian trump
Jelly jub
more like the french hitler
Gary Twitchett
"Le Pen is Mightier than Le Sword" !!!!
Jack Horsnell
When French people are so thick that they think a conservative is a centrist, lol.
Why is everyone in France a misogynist? LOL!
General Lee
Enjoy the bombings France lol
Nějakej 'Chlap'
I just love them scared Islamophobes. Stop reading InfoWars- France is fine.
Belgian Mapping
Don't blame her. If my neighbour was leaving the EU and my country was accepting Muslims who are destroying our trucks I would want to make my country great again.
Homogeneous Khalidius
So protecting a nation's image is considered xenophobic?
Daniel Pinto
Why so many dislike? This are well documented arguments. What do you think is so good about Marine Lepen tell me
Also i am french so you can speak in french with me if you feel more comfortable like that .
Pourquoi autant de négatif puces blues? Ceci sont des bons arguments . Que pensez vous de Marine Lepen , dites moi pourquoi vous l'aimez autant .
Blood Moon 42
glad she lost
L'Empereur Grand Soul
merci de pas mettre nous francais de pas nous mettre dans le meme panier que cette salope de marine le pen
Motoko Cheng
no matter what she had many supporters.. stop demonizing Le Pen.
Nyah Notrealname
Ah, the liberal left. Enemies of the national state. International Marxists to the core. You should hang.
Lost interest at 1:24
Louis Kévin
I'm sooo proud w she wasn't elected, we are better than this !
Mango Animations
She looks like Hillary Clinton.
Accordion music... Of course.
Anyone like trump Vox slams😤
connie rahim
she was france's great hope. without her, france is finished.
It is a fact though there are Islamic fundamentalist that do commit terrorism, stop Islam from integrating before it becomes a bigger threat when it can't be controlled
Vladik Gryn
She should have won
And she lost. And let that be a message from a French to all the filth that tried to influence us while it was obvious you only had your own interest or fantasies in mind. And right after she lost you went back to your usual selves, insulting us, belittling us, chanting that we are doomed, as you did just before. You think we're that stupid?
I was going to vote a white ballot. You filth and your childish propaganda convinced me to vote Macron just to stick it up your ass.
Chun Qiu
No I don't think Trump is on the rise because with a single travel abroad in Europe, he got the Europeans against him and with one speech, almost the world entire.
I also notice for the first time in my life that even the Pope despise the fool.
Ong Grace
thank god Macron won
sh4rp HACKED
I do not believe her losing was possible. I have seen Muslims destroying voting polls for Le Pen, if they really voted for that pervert Macron French people must be very stupid. Nationalism is not racist, it's putting your nation, heritage, and beliefs in front of anyone else's. It's normal to care more for your people than for others. Europe doesn't need more Muslim immigrants, in fact they are parasites that want to overwhelm us takin over our beautiful homeland and home of prosperity. They can't even run their own governments that's why they try to escape, not the war because that would be only the Syrian refugees. Other people from Africa, and the Middle East just come there to live for free. They want to take our freedom away, because their religion is to be everywhere. Religion of peace or what's the closest to it is Christianity, and partially Judaism. Merkel, and her brainless retarded followers destroy our values, the continent we came from, the place that gave birth to advanced technology, freedoms, and even America. If Europe dies or becomes Islamist what process has already started, our civilization will come to an end.
Daniel Ryan
And how did this turn out?
Name Taken
The video bias.
The "far right candidate" was economically a literal socialist
Evan Harris
Didn't think two complete idiots could be in the running for the most powerful position in their countries at the same time.
kay jay
ISLAM IS UTTER POISON. I am a socialist Democrat and I can see this. But if the leftwing, as a whole, doesn't come to terms with this fact, the rightwing populist will succeed more and more.
food for thought it will be increasingly hard to deal with immigrants in EU with political means because soon they will outnumber natives and they won't vote for such parties or even worse get their own form of repressentation as we can see with the mayor of London...
Ryan Gagnon
Le Pen is not racist for saying that France should remain a country with French culture and values. Rather than having mass immigration without any integration into French culture, she wants to have moderate immigration with immigrants who are willing to embrace Frances cultural identity by learning the language, and immersing themselves Into Frances traditions and way of life. If immigrants do not do this France will just become a middle Eastern or African country that just happens to be located in Europe. French people will become a minority in their own country as a result of mass uncontrolled immigration. This will happen to all of Europe if mass immigration continues. Every country has its own rich heritage, history, tradition and culture and it's not racist to preserve this in your own country.
American Horse
france lost
The Annoying Guy
She reminds me of Jabba The Hut... idk why
Republic of New Antrim
but she lost
Lenny Face
Looks like Alt right is throwing a hissie fit
Slovenia Is Good Country
Categorizing this election as the French Trump V Hillary is profoundly stupid, believe it or not, not every country revolves around America
Houd Arar7
If she took power she would prolly would make a holocaust against the Muslims
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