Derick Panuelo
Look at france ..... I mean the muslim nation
He talks about WW2 like France was there but in real time they got fuckt so hard
Viet. Com
Which France of a different era? Oxitan?
parker carbad
Viva LE PENN !
Super Mario Player
F**k off Le Pen...
Gall Anonim
Le Pen is the best ! in the France !
greg harry
this proves how wrong Vox is
Samira Sirin
3:41 min North Africa??? Subsahara Africa!
Ali Hydari
A France with out pogba
Lion Alesso
She is not a goddess.
Todd Bacon
But, if she will remove the Muslims, it might be good for one term.
Todd Bacon
I think it is a bad idea to vote in any relative from a previous parliament. She was put in that position for a reason. Vote her out. Plus, she is a woman, way to psychotic.
Too bad for France she lost
I mean we can't be ignoring the fact that Europe has been a target of terrorist attacks that have been occurring frequently
I mean French people are rude towards foreigners
she was the hero Europe needed
Far-right for wanting to control your own borders and not get raped by muslims?
Joseph Franco
Thank god she lost
At 1:00 A big detail is France's fall!
Lozios 934
Marine Le Pen is constantly turning his coat. On pension reform, on the euro and Europe, on abortion, the whole temp. She has gone from an economically liberal discourse to a very protectionist line, in short, unreliable at the political level. Moreover, she is very dangerous (and indeed far right). She proposed in 2011 to "reject migrants in international waters" (ie drown them ...), she refused to pass a law for women's rights in the European Parliament, she posed on selfies with neonazi, and I Pass ... this woman does not care about the people : really must be very desperate (or very stupid) to vote for her.
Michael Wagner
She is horrible
zepbigfoot bearcove
She was on the rise but France isn't and won't be.
What they ended up with is another charismatic, phony Obama-like Macron, who is much worse than what they imagined. Trump? It remains to be seen but we all know what Obama did and did not do. I voted for him both times...really regret it
Jabari Thompson
Viva la revolution!
Justin Long
I searched "Joan of Arc" and she came up. til
Arthur Montalto
"The terrorist attacks were not connected to immigration" this denial of reality is so pathetic and dangerous. So many lies in this channel, do people really believe the crap you say ?
Jerzy Feliks
"The principles we fight for are engraved in our national motto: liberte, egalite, fraternite! Which stems from the principles of resulting from a Christian heritage secularization resulting from a Christian heritage..."
No honey... Secularization was the division of the state from the Catholic Church it did not come from "Christian heritage". It was put in place against the "Christian heritage". Christian heritage and the power reigned by the Catholic CHurch was a cancer of a French society and they were one of the main enemies of the French revolution where the motto of liberty, equality and fraternity came from. You either don't understand the history of your own nation or more likely corrupt it's history and tradition to achieve political goals. My money's on the latter.
i admire Le Pen!
Im an American and I love Le Pen!
Damian Wyrębiak
The funniest thing about this video is that Macron is further to the right than Le Pen and so if Marine Le Pen is "far-right" then Emmanuel Macron is "extreme-right"
Far-Left = Viva la Jihad!
such Despicable country
F lung
I see some potential of neo-nationalism in Europe
Christian Cortes
I wish she would have won in fact I wish she was running in the us because she'd have my vote but I hate trump she's not as bad and she's very charming also agree with her policies
Tsuki Condor
Thankfuly she didnt win
Vincent Merle
The veil was never banned in the street.
Also, any religious symbol is banned in public schools and governments offices.
Get your facts straight Vox.
(I'm French)
Sam Sam
At least someone say it like it is instead trying to be political correct.
So terrorist attacks aren't reasonable to bring up?
Zerson Person
She should have asked Russia for some election help. Trump would agree.
Both are retarded
In a way she is the same as Trump. They both try to suppress the revolution brought by the economic downturn by blaming immigrants for the suffering corporations have us go through
Le Penn is a Socialist in policy, she's not far right...
Prins van Oranje
Marine Le Pen is not Trump. Trump is a National Capitalist, while Marine Le Pen is a National Socialist. And I hate socialism, but I support her to make France Safe Again. Marine For 2020!
Alex Dannie
Guess what retarded MUSLIMS from Paris. The revolution is coming and if we need,
POLAND will come and crush you and save french from islamistic prison.
There will be no caliphate or sharia law on the street anywhere in
Paris. The first time you do it, we will come and burn your business,
destroy you in the internet, send marine troops, satellites from the
sky on your families. Choose wisely. Anonymous POLAND/PARIS.
Marko Rankovic
Vox... What are you doing, you just made me not like her... You made me love her!!
This video is so stupid in so many ways, why do they call her "far-right"? She is a lot more leftie economically, it would be a better idea to call her Authoritarian.. In fact Emmanuel Macron is even more right-wing than her when you sum it all up.

It's just that media goes against anything that is against immigration of non-whites..
Shubh Sharma
If immigration is bad then we shouldn't have leaved africa and le pen would never be white
James Richard Jeremy Clarkson-Hammond-May
Shes smart and charismatic.... nothing like trump
Maria de Fatima Portela Melo
why don't you make a video about Bolsonaro? the brazillian trump
Jelly jub
more like the french hitler
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