Marine Le Pen: France’s Trump is on the rise

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A political push from the French far-right.

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Marine Le Pen is the leader of France's far-right political party, Front National or the "National Front". She took over the party in 2011 from her father and founder of the party, Jean-Marie Le Pen. Since then, she has kicked her father out of the party as part of a process known as "dédiabolisation". By removing her father, Marine Le Pen hoped to cut ties with the anti-Semitic reputation that he had cultivated for the party. Despite this effort, her recent comments on the Vel' d'Hiv roundup have hindered her attempts to distance the party from it's xenophobic and anti-Semitic past. As the French election approaches, many are wondering whether the nationalist fervor that has swept across Europe will continue gaining momentum in France. Like British leaders promising a Brexit, Le Pen would like to secure a referendum for a Frexit from The European Union, which she believes is a globalist organization that favors German interests over those of France. In addition to the threat of globalization, she fears the erosion of a distinctly French identity. Accordingly, she would like to pursue anti-Immigration policies as president that would severely cut back on the rising number of asylum requests granted to newly arrived refugees from Syria, North Africa, and elsewhere in The Middle East. Like American president Donald Trump, she cites concerns about safety in order to defend her anti-immigration platform. In addition to restricting immigration, she has promised to protect France from Islamist fundamentalism, which she believes is a religious entity that serves to promote terrorism. Critics claim that her policies are Islamophobic, but she defends her platform by maintaining that her most pressing interest is protecting France for the French. In doing so, she often references the distinctly French concept of secularism known as laïcité. Recent terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015 and attacks in Nice in 2016 have stoked xenophobic and racist sentiments in France. Marine Le Pen is hoping that those fears translate into votes in the 2017 French presidential election.

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france lost
She reminds me of Jabba The Hut... idk why
Republic of New Antrim
but she lost
Lenny Face
Looks like Alt right is throwing a hissie fit
Slovenia Is Good Country
Categorizing this election as the French Trump V Hillary is profoundly stupid, believe it or not, not every country revolves around America
Houd Arar7
If she took power she would prolly would make a holocaust against the Muslims
Miss Smartypants
FNM is inspired by FN. #conspiracy (Most people in this comment section won't know what I'm talking about)
Vineel Morris
kill all islamist PIG's
Western Defender
Le Pen could have saved France from destruction, but the majority of voters are foolish and misinformed.
Suck it Le Pen!
Renzo Flordelis
france: pen? macron? pen?
germany: guten tag frankreich
france: go away allemagne, je having democratic election
germany: who will you vote?
france: pen, of course. democracy is always right.
germany: ja, ja, sure. just remember ich wir shove your choice down your kleine throat either if it is ein office supply or fluffy cookie
George Soros, Barrack Obama & all the other globalist. They are the absolute worst. I don't want to see my country turn into Sweden or France. I want to keep my culture and values. So apparently im a xenophobe
Wasn't France a part of the colonial empire, didn't they colonize Algeria, Morocco, Senegal and other parts of North and West Africa and some parts of the Caribbean. Just saying..
MySpaceBarBroke Never mind, i fixed it
#Frexit ???
Joseph Stalin
People hate Le Pen because the media hates Le Pen, what.
This is why people are suspicious of Jews. Why is antisemitism always one of the most important topics in a political race?? Did other minority groups of people NOT die horrific deaths in WWII besides the Jews? Why do the Jews (who represent at most, 1% or 2% of a nation's population) always get the privilege of national sympathy? The only logical explanation is that it is the Jews who are control of our media, politics and national interests. Pathetic...
i think the world should all convert to Islam
so we dont have a reason to get bombed.
these Trump alike idiots is only making muslims hate us more
Alphie Alpha
calling le pen france's trump is such a simple minded way to viewing the situation.
Minecraft Transit
Marine Le Pen is someone even worse than Donald Trump. If she won, she could of changed France and the whole entire Europe. Also, Marine Le Pen says that she will ban Muslims in France because of the terrorist attacks.
Everyone says she's the French Trump but all I see is Hillary 2.0
Le not la
Could we shut this myth down that Le Pen is France's Trump? First off, there's this: The first notable detail is the different backgrounds. Trump comes from a business-oriented family while Le Pen comes from a political family. Furthermore, Trump is an ideological moderate whereas Le Pen is more like far right compared to the very left France. Le Pen had the challenge of detoxifying her party (believe it or not, under her father, it was much worse) while Trump actually proved to be an unconventional Republican. He became the first to reference the LGBT in an opening speech. He's also in cahoots with CNN, as pointed out in Vox's "CNN treats politics like sports video."

Unfortunately, Vox does not have the advantage of building a reputation of credibility like USA Today and other outlets. I'm guessing whoever is responsible for this video is not one of their more reliable editors.
In an extreme scenario....If the more traditional super powers were to close their doors and cut their already established channels of distribution, the world will turn to China. And I don't know if I want that.
Look at all the right wingers being triggered. lmao
L. T C.
Well she lost. Let's just hope she doesn't run again.
Shiny Croagunk
They said Hillary lost cause she wasn't a man. Hmm, I wonder if Le pen lost because of that too? So that means French people are also racist!!! o.o
Kako Mohammed
Not anymore
Andras Beke
Well, you can't fully blame the French Republic for what Vichy France did.
I would vote for Le Pen
Trump beat Hillary
Ha-ha she lost! suck it fascists
Islam is religion not race, Islam is religion not race!
I blame the Communists
Kristian Pitts
Marine (L)e Pen
Abdulhusain Dohadwala
Haha, this lady just got nokked out 😂
Go to hell you Islamophobes
Its a good thing that Marine Le Pen is like trump.
Ελένη Οικονόμου
Couldn't rise*
Rio truths
Why does in Saudi Arabia do multiculturalism why doesn't china do multiculturalism. People leave their countries because their culture made their country a living hell hole and they come to our countries because our culture made our country is a utopia. Immigrants should be coming to new countries to better the nation not for the nation to better the emigrants. One more time Le Pen makes the same arguments Native Americans make.
Rio truths
She makes the same arguments native Americans make and she wants the French people to vote on leaving the EU. And I'm surprise she never brought up marcon leaked emails proof that he has an overseas bank account.
Los Jukes
macron won
Not anymore
Religion as grand as it is, is starting to cause a lot of problem in the modern society as I see it
Ok I don't like Trump, but this woman doesn't seem bad. I wouldn't compare her to Trump, who is an inept, irrational idiot, but her policies seem pretty reasonable in light of all the Muslim attacks and infiltration of Muslim culture in France. Seriously, if French people feel they're losing their cultural identity to Islam, let them do something about it!
Im A Fanboy
Aww France you let me down :\
Peter Bunny
The background music is awesome, can somebody tell me the name?
Pieter VB
"the far right" as in "the american center".

Good thing the stupid cow lost. Happy to see france isn't as retarded as the american population.
Keagan George
In the French presidential election, Emmanuel Macron defeats Marine Le Pen to become the next President of France.
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