Minions Mini-Movie (2015) - Memorable Moments

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Minions Mini-Movie (2015) - Memorable Moments
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Synthesize the humorous mini-films on the fun, lovely Minion Uncles and the characters in the 3 part Despicable Me.

3 short films in Despicable Me (2010):
1.1 - Orientation Day
1.2 - Banana - Bananas
1.3 - Home Makeover

3 short films in Despicable Me 2 (2013)
2.1 - Puppy - Pets
2.2 - Panic In The Mailroom
2.3 - Training Wheels

Three short films in Minions (2015):
3.1 - Cro Minion - Prehistoric Minion
3.2 - Competition
3.3 - Binky Nelson Unpacified - Nelson House Super Baby 

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Virginia Pillow
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how can almost every Chevy Scottsdale do that?
why any Chevy trucks?
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Hilarious (even for grown ups) lol.
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