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HALF-LIFE is one of the most prolific & beloved game franchises of all time, but it’s also known for one of Gaming's most enigmatic characters: The G-MAN. Seriously, who is this creepy suit that can transcend time, space, and our known dimensions?! Well after some grueling research into the depths of Half-Life lore, I have discovered the G-Man's True Identity, and it will shock you!

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Journeying_ Soul
It's 11:55 where I am. I could go to bed, since I have my first day of school tomorrow, ooorrr I could watch Game Theory.... I guess you know which I chose.😂😅
Liberty Prime
Well that was underwhelming
Kael Goelz
I played half life 2 at the age of 4, it was one of my favorite games and still is. I got the first awhile ago and this theory makes a lot of sense and honestly makes the games better.
Alex FulldupleX
So... i'm confused... does this means that David Lynch plays Half Life series???
Crosby Wolfness
Why has the intro not been set as your channel welcome message
Dat intro though
Mighty Papyrus
It Wasn't His First Day
Mighty Papyrus
The Start Tho
ty garetson
G M A N I S N E S S ! ! !
Correct me if it was already explained, but if the Gman was a Nihilanth, then why would he send Gordon off to kill one of his own kind? To be the only superior of his species? You can't be superior to something if your the only one left. Also, if he can disguise himself as human, shouldn't the other aliens be able to do so, or is his kind the only ones that can? Then why do so, what's the motivation behind all he's doing? For what purpose does he have for all of this?
Wasn't Nihilanth enslaved himself? He is a Vortigaunt also basicly, considering they share the chest arm aswell. The G-Man basically replaced Nihilant that was enslaved by another force, which forced them to attack from Zen, maybe th Combine enslaved them there already, consider that in HL2 they also put those cuffs on Vortigaunts aswell, same cuffs probably as they wear in HL1, even Nihilanth has those cuffs.
Scott Walker
Oh how about portal (I think it's called that anyway) the one we're "the cake is a lie"
portal again!
Sin Delinquent
this was gay af dude
Simonas Skara
Pat try to play EARTH 2150 its really good game
Frost Adventerures
You sure the combine are aliens they play in roblox the game the stalker:reborn
Gordon Freeman = Chell

They are both silent
This is wrong. Combine are a few floating creatures, all the enemies you fight in half life 2 are humans who became combine. If the g-man wanted to take down combine, he wouldn't make them stronger by giving them human soldiers.
Storm Trooper
The combine:Can destroy all earth's militaries in 7 hours,can't eradicate a small resistance in their outposts.
YUSUF Mustafa
i have a question (not saying u r wrong but i want to understand this)
how can the g man say the 'xen is in our control for the time being' after gordon has killed the boss(niallanth)??
it would seem to me that killing boss means human should be able to control it not the aliens or at least make the xen in chaos
if g man is the niallanth that means he should be opposing gordon killing the other niallanth (unless of course he wants to take his place as the master of xen or anything like that )
Closet Door
Rosen? CLICK Noice
formerly 987946216430
Cannot agree with this theory Sorry.
Aaron blunter
I can tell already he’s not human he must be an alien in human forn
The Pizza is a lie
Is the G Man also
Moe Glados
wait wait can vortiguants able to stop gman ? wow

User Id
Man.... You'll get no hate from me. I've been a HL fan pretty much since it released, and that's the most tightly-knit Gman theory I've seen. I think you nailed it.
Roger Beckner
No, actually the perfect entity you are looking for is a Time Lord. He can do all of the things you have described and would have the (non) scruples to do all of the things described in the series. He is an anti-Doctor Who.

Think about it.

As much as we love our Doctors, he has the same abilities and the same non-interference thought processes as the rest of the populace of Trenzalore.

I wish the Tenth had run -up against him.
Mike Warnke
“Obiously im just kidding”.
Um, well, 10,00 people thought you weren’t so, yeah.
Honestly, who cares who or what the G-Man is? The true question is who are his employers? They seem pretty ok and casual hiring capable of altering time and space itself in multiple universes to achieve some unknown goal. Their motives are truly alien, and I think its like the Reapers from ME: if you explain the mystery, it'll end up being much more boring than you could ever simply imagine. Im happy leaving it there.
make a theory about the relationship between black mesa and aperture science
the collector
Actually a pretty good theory
Vonxo Gaming
Why are you keep saying "BIGGEST MYSTERY SOLVED" but we thought it was just a theory
Message To All Friends
This was a good theory aside from one point: Use of the voice actor as proof. In the "Determining the Pyro's gender" video, that same type of evidence was dismissed on the grounds that other characters can't be defined by their voice actors.
David Johnson
I wonder, how many tries did it take to film the start of that without laughing
tree rex
so i had a thought Mat-Pat as i went back to look at this theory. Since the portal games belong to the same universe as the half-life games, are there perchance any clues or traces of G-man involvement in those, like say maybe the technology that made the portal that opened up in the first game was stolen from aperature labs or something? And if he can mess with time and space did he affect the borealis at all?

I understand that these belong to the probably pure speculation types of theories with little to no basis but i just can't help but wonder. And who knows there is probably stuff i missed that confirms or denies at least part of this.
G Police
janie fudge
The combin core
But what about what Eli was going to tell you before he went and had to die on us!? I mean, I guess I'll watch this, too, but...
Jamie layne
the g-man played his time fiddle in an irish band....
The resonance cascade wasn't on Gordons first day, he had been working at Black Mesa for months.
Gabriel Chalmers
So who are the G man's employers because it sounds like they are superior to him. I think Dr. Breen is or was one of them. At the end of HL2, he says "did you realize your contract was open to the highest bidder". He obviously has some knowledge of where Gordon was before combine invasion
I have a friend who's played the HL series and watched this video and wasn't offended by it.
megatank lord
Who would win in a fight.....jeese from Minecraft story mode or emmit from the Lego movie?
Kris Spraker
Omg lol I figured out I may be related to the game theorist
Nononononono Sans has G-Man like powers
The G man is Stanley.
True Comedy
More Halflife and Portal Theories please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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