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HALF-LIFE is one of the most prolific & beloved game franchises of all time, but it’s also known for one of Gaming's most enigmatic characters: The G-MAN. Seriously, who is this creepy suit that can transcend time, space, and our known dimensions?! Well after some grueling research into the depths of Half-Life lore, I have discovered the G-Man's True Identity, and it will shock you!

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Journeying_ Soul
It's 11:55 where I am. I could go to bed, since I have my first day of school tomorrow, ooorrr I could watch Game Theory.... I guess you know which I chose.😂😅
princess yuji
more petsop plz
kewl dewd
Has half life 3 finally been truly confirmed

edit: nope i guess we have to keep waiting
IceHawk 437
WOULD YOU PLEASE DO A PORTAL THEORY (Not about the companion cubes or the cake 🎂? I mean, you got the Personality Cores, GLADOS herself, THE MASSIVE CLIFFHANGER THAT PORTAL 2’s LEFT US? WHY CAN’T you do a theory of that??
Here there are some thumbnail ideas:
Personality Cores: POSSIBLE?
When will portal end?
Can me create a GLADOS?
Wtf man!
Toby Jarvais
This is bollocks. I'm pretty sure some of this could be correct. But some of the details are not even close to plaussible
grandhelper sucker_punch
Montgomery Bills
Good god I didn’t know the g-man s sans this is why I hate game theory he ruined tf2 now half life2
I like this theory, makes a lot of sense actually. That Bastard was bugging me anyway, time to take the crowbar out of its display case and hunt me some G-Man.
portal... again. OOH I KNOW! DO A THEORY ON WHEATLEY!!! you else would like that?
If you notice in Hl2, On the level where you are chasing breen, He says, "Tranfer me to another body" to when hes talking about teleportation, So therefore if they had technology to teleport etc, they could put another being into a human. G-Man is another form I rest my case
Chara The Karma Medic
Gman:Rise And Shine Mr. Freeman Rise and Shine.
Václav Šafařík
If the Vorts are coterminous, so probaby is G-Man... My mini theory is this: The opening sequence of HL2:Ep1 could sort of be opening to HL3. I think that G-Man's "visit" to Gordon in the beginning of HL2:Ep1 most likely means, that the G-Man is about to wake Gordon up again because he needs him again (there isn't any other reason why the G-Man should "visit" Gordon other than he needs Gordon to get things done again). It could probably be years after the events of HL2, maybe decades or more as we don't know how long Gordon was in stasis since the ending of HL2. However this was also the right and the only opportunity for the Vorts to free Gordon from G-Man's possession. The Vorts used that moment (of G-Man's "visit") to rip Gordon of G-Mans hands and place him in the right moment in time they needed - the beginning of Ep1.
Jori Roos
Mfw it's been 10 years and Half Life 3 still isn't out.
Ashutosh Kumar
It's been 7 years since I played the first half Life it was my first fps and I loved it every moment of it playing I wish vavle would release next game because this is the game that I care about the most and half Life is the reason why I started to play game regularly
Fist Power
When I sow sans I skipped to the end of the video
Zombie gaming
G man is a cyco rapist
Nihilanth said he was the last one. Also, who would be his employers? Also, if he was hiding from the Combine, why call them to Earth by setting off the bomb?
[GA] SgtPepper
When ever you said combine a picture of an elite combine and 2 metro cops came up, but those are HUMAN combine, those are combine soldiers made from the citizens after their attack.
Ethan The Gamer
Stanly parable plz. I <3 your lets play on on it... this time i told it any way
Kai Hotton
either i missed something, or matt just completely skipped over the fact that the nihalanth says : "the last, i am, the last"
An Than Van Man Tan
If the theory is true...

Why did the G-Man claim to have regained control, as well as imply that Freeman's actions had served his employers, when Freeman killed the Nihilanth?
SuperGamerJohn_ Playz
Valve Universe! 😲😲😲 Portal 2=Left for Dead=Aliens=Half-Life=Team Fortress 2
This is 👎
On topic with the G-man theory.... There have been people (I think me included, i can't really remember) that have spotted the G-man hiding in the portal games. Is that a potential theory? it might be interesting to look into if there's anything there
Melanie Jenkins
Akanio Tevanos
Wait, weren't people from the restance made into combine? They're either made into those strange workers you see in episode 1 or changed into the combine soldiers, at least that's what alyx said. These combine creatures were commanded by the administrators, the big telepathic brain eating worms. I think gman is really just a tool of some sort of multidimensional creatures that are trying to conquer parts of time and space.
Super Idiota
G(ordon free)man
stevie gilliam
Hello Mr. Freeman, rise and shine- G man 2004
Windflower 95
Rule 34 must really like the gman
Fireice 999
Wait, Gman, Garry's Mod.... Hmm.....
Angelo the great
Then the G-Man is also Barney Calhoun.
Mihail Dimitrov
That intro is brilliant!
Neal Crews
Division Plz
im crippled and i want to die
Gordon freeman = morgan freeman

am i patrick?
I love the clicking sound on begining
bullet x
0:41 if you want to skip his gman impersonation
Jesse Doescher
Garry's Mod vs Half Life 2. Who would win? Tell me by cometing to this comet
Maxfield Perkins
#half life 3 confirmed dead meme now
Redding Baldwin
Sounds more like the Nihilanth is saying "comes brother".
Diego Espinosa
Gordon Freeman Remove Ordon Free it now spells G man THEORY CONFIRMED G MAN IS GORDON FREEMAN
Mikey Estrada
Gordon freeman is a test subject and GMAN is the person keeping an eye out on you and your in control of the GMAN because he does all of what you face in purpose. In black mesa there’s so many hints about who he the gman is. The ugly baby looking boss fight in black mesa hints that he was once just like gordon freeman or gman being controlled or working
For gman but the gman noticed he was fighting over his control. which lead him to turn into the nihilanth which
Is what could Happen to Gordon freeman to turn into the monster as punishment. But at the end I feel like Gordon is related to gman and the nihilanth.
Emojicloud YT
Its too late Game Theory! You already upset the fanbase!
Ahmet Burak
if G-Man a Nihilanth, who are his "employers"?

I think He's from another powerful inter-dimensional Alien organization(G-Planet) that are in war against Combine. G-man is a high-ranking agent trying to prevent Combine from being the sole ruler of the world in the direction of its orders.
mike estevez
Hey game theory I need info on the game Pokémon ultra sun and moon’s guzzlord because a lot of people need to know wtf is going on because there is a mystery to be unraveled pls like this as much as possible to get the game theorists attention
His name is Gordon Freeman like the black dude
Troll master
My father showed me the Half-Life 1 and I have yet to beat it
Kensei Tenshi
It's not really anything significant, but I would like to point out that you are mistaken in assuming the Combine have the capability to teleport through dimensions, MatPat. Rather, they have the ability to transit through them. Teleport implies that they do not have to move physically in order to, well, move through dimensions, as it would be more instantaneous. We see as such in the first few moments of the game, when Kleiner is testing his teleporter prototype, which goes haywire thanks to his pet headcrab. We see this is not the case because at the end of the game, at the Reactor battle, we see a portal open up above the reactor, sending in a few gunships to deal with freeman.

The key difference here is the *portal*. This is what seperates transit from teleport. Teleportation would be instantaneous, but transit, transit takes actual physical capability to pass through the portal opened up. It's the same thing with the Aperture Science Portals; you place one on a wall, and it sits there, but it doesn't actually do anything. You have to physically walk through it to get anything done.

I would like to point out that it is entirely possible that the Combine have experimented with teleportation technology, and it is entirely possible they may have captured the Nihilanths in order to study their teleportation technique, so it is still possible that G-Man is a captured Nihilanth, but I will leave that to the comment section to debate. In my opinion it is a loose peice of evidence, but it's believable for me.
WTH was that intro
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