THE VILLAINESS Trailer 2 (2017) Korean Action Movie

The VillainessThe Villainess Trailercanneskorea2017The Villainess movietrailerofficialofficial TrailermoviefilmKim Ok-binJung Byung-gil

The Villainess Trailer - 2017 Korean Action Movie
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About the Villainess Movie Trailer
The story of a ruthless female assassin named Sook Hwe Kim Ok-bin who from an early age has been taught to kill. She becomes a sleeper agent for South Korea’s Intelligence Agency, who promises her freedom after 10 years of service; however, two men from her past make an unexpected appearance in her life, bringing out dark secrets from her past.

The Villainess is a 2017 South Korean action film directed by Jung Byung-gil, starring Kim Ok-bin.

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