Plasma transfusion for giraffe calf, Dobby

Denver Zoo staff has teamed with Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to support giraffe calf, Dobby. Born Tuesday, February 28, Dobby had difficulty standing and nursing. Supplemental feeding was provided and the calf did begin nursing. However, bloodwork yesterday showed the calf wasn’t able to receive enough infection-fighting proteins from his mother, Kipele Janie, in his first day of nursing. This morning, staff provided Dobby a transfusion of plasma to restore his antibody levels to normal. Zookeepers and veterinarians are trying to boost his immune system with colostrum-replacer and today’s transfusion of plasma, which was generously donated by Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Juju Russell
How is he doing now, these days?
jtay 2315
Denver why you so beautiful and a great city and a great zoo
Eugene Jenkins
Dobby is a boy?
Amber Grifa
what's wring with hi.
Debbie Arthur
your adorable dobby! grow big and strong and show them allπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
Anastasia ASMR
oh poor baby
Christine DAngelo
He is soooo cute!
merridith colter
Praying for little Dobby, Hope he heals quickly.. He is adorable
cassie D
u go Dobby. u are a strong giraffe
Michelle Despres
I'm curious, if a calf is born prematurely or is too weak to nurse right away for some reason, is it possible to pump colostrum from mom and bottle feed it to baby?
Leanne Maddison
Would love updates
Wendy Garcia
Someone give Dobby a dirty sock stat!
Where can we get updates on his progress?
Tabbie cat
Our thoughts are with Dobby, hope he makes a full recovery and bonds with Mom. Thoughts also with staff who have so much emotional investment in Dobby and Mums well being. Hope for an update soon.
Shannon Lynn
Sending you my Love!, Care, and Strength for Dobby's good health. My thoughts are with you <3 you'll make it little one <3
Flower Girl
Sweet little baby Dobby, get well soon, we all love you and send prayers for good health.
Kim Deibert
So adorable!! Get well soon Dobby!!
Suzy Kaufman
get well soon Dobby
Mary Ann Simpson
Sending prayers he gets better. We all love you Dobby.
doris allen
Poor little Dobby . Keeping him in prayers .
Come on little Dobby! Thanks to everyone taking such good care of him.
Pammysue Phipps
Just breaking my heart. You're a precious baby little Dobby. So many love you already. Wish there was something I could do to help. Sending all my love and prayers sweet boy. <3
Dallas ZooTube
We are keeping Dobby in our hearts! What a wonderful glimpse at the care zoos give to their animals. Sending lots of love from Dallas.
elizabeth montgomery
hurry up and get better Dobby x
Nicola N
Poor Dobby, hope this helps boost his immune system. For anyone wondering, this is why he is having the plasma. I wondered so went to find info.
Hang in there Dobby, we are all praying for you to get stronger!!
C Vent
get big and strong Dobby. So sweet. Am waiting patiently for April to have her from all of Aprils Squad πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œ
aw cutie. get well!
Michelle Nixon
Get well Dobby!
get well soon, dobby <3
Great video, sending love and wishes to baby and mom!
#AprilViewCrew all are praying for little Dobby! He is such a beautiful little calf.
Karen Hardesty
Does he start nursing soon? Does she accept him? ps: it's good to hear your compassion; don't worry
Karen Hardesty
Oh keep up the good work folks, sending compassion to all of you; & love to Dobby
Sending lots of positive love from Australia to Dobby and his carer's xx
Rachel Shinault
poor little guy
poor lil squirt!
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