15 Famous Logos with Hidden Messages

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15 Famous Logos with Hidden Meanings
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Fat Paps
Pittsburgh zoo, It was harder to see the tree.
derric smith
a and z araziyah my name my nick name ziyah
the good will logo look liike a man driving
Rashelle Tussing
I subscribed
Akhil Akhil
wat abt u r logo nexus
Lester Fajilagmago
And suscribe or comment on my channel luisa fajilagmago
Lester Fajilagmago
Bring me i phone7+ on philipines
Delilah Harter
โ€œInside of the letters tit,โ€

TIT! (โ€ข)

Iโ€™ll go home
Lola The Animator
I went to Northwest Airlines to go to Texas Houston to visit my cousin and his sister o-o
What's up with this page? The video is obvious trash, and so are most of these comments.
Also Coneheads on the Mc'D's logo as the thumbnail?
marco castro
Nique Mils
I subscribe and i love all your videos they special and i want a Amazon gift card
ExplodeLab Toons
Im a fan o FedEx
shiggidy shawn
The amazon smile go from a to z because of their a to z protection on your order for your comfort which should make their customers smile
Chase Kubiak
MIND BLOWN โ˜‡โ˜‡โ˜‡
Abdulla Zameel
My name is xaan Im 7 years old
Pan Pan- Bros
The McDonalds logo reminds me of fries
Muhammad Hussain Ibne Bilal
I subscribed
Julieto Ansing, Jr.
I subscribe
The coke logo is a dude wherein a hat snorting some cocaine...
Pickle 4 GT
When I first Looked at the Amazon Logo I actually thought it was an arrow
Sabrina F
Also the Wendy's logo says mom if you look at it closely.
Youssef Coopr
Sam White
This is very perfect illustration of all logos great job
Donnell Murray
baskin robbins
Greg Clark
Liked it
Judith Carrizales
Fanz Mia Sara
I subscribed
Darcy Morgan
10 Disney phone calls you should call
Gtaberr #
I like the "tit" get it?!
Debbie Jeffree
McDonalds looks like chips in a packet. like if you think I'm right
i loved basken robins because they have 31 flavors
Jasper de Jaager
Shower critic timing spouse clerk telescope tire educator.
For all of you perverts out there, the tostitos logo also has a dirty joke. TosTITos. tos tit os. Don't get it? It says tit in the logo.
Kazuya FTW!
Mh favourite is-PITSBURGH ZOO,like this comment who liked the pitsburgh logo,THE COOLEST LOGO
the last beast
he did not see pepsi.
!sded. is ded!!!๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
transofcyber transformers
pepsi is isded
Paul Romeo Despuig
How about ur logo? NEXUS?
Louis Walter
fiyo has another hidden meaning in it. its called olomunodey
Ali Gh
Cript O
You are so awesome pls pin me
diys to the test 11
lluvia los dos รบltimos meses del Gobierno en la que se han convertido la vida a su hijo y que
Collin Felker
my favorite one gud inb r
yeleswarapu praveena
CopperHead Gaming
Nexus, your 10th one, did you mention 2 fishes, because I see 1 Gorilla, 1 lion and 2 fishes at the bottom, like if you noticed the same thing
CreeperKiller101_YT MC RULES
I SUB!!!!!!!
Edgar Amperez
cool video
Jumbob Kurdish
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