Tanvir Ahsan Lawrence
bangladesh street food plaz come
What organ is it? Pork or beef?
Mollie White-Evans
I never seen anyone making love to his food...
The BumbaT
12:41 Ate at that place a couple of times, I can vouch for that place. Was a nice little hidden eatery for the workers there. won't be hidden for long...
Daniel Ta
dude wtf? why you no share the oyster with yo girl?
Rik Lee D-K
A Sea Urchin or Uni, in New -Zealand is called a Kina (Kih-Na). The most common way we open them is with two spoons, back to back, pushed into the mouth of the Uni/Kina then pulled outwards, revealing the roe. No mucking around with scissors and washing, just straight in there fresh out the water/shell.
Akash Wadkar
What time does it open to public?
Two Galavanting Monkeys
that oyster will fill me up!
Holy Oister XD
Adrian Khin
1:59 hot girl alert
Ronnie Popp
Heading to Tokyo on Sunday. Yummy tips! Especially the giant oyster, blowtorched scallop and tempura! Thanks!
Jesse Knight
I really like the videos in terms of food, but I can't stand the reactions he gives... His reaction to a single piece of Sushi is just ridiculous. So please, continue making video but please, please, please, be genuine.
Chantee Malia
Omakase platter for $15! SUGOI!!! I need to go here.
Michelle Lee
Your video is very insightful, thank you! Super thankful you have marked al the foodie spots on googlemap, totally gonna be handy when we visit in Dec! Keep it up, Mark! Thanks!
Blue Spade
That oyster is making my mouth water, I like mine with lemon juice though I'm not sure how he ate it without a sort of seasoning
tragischen angst
wait for your wife, and show that you dont only enjoy the whole food trip experience by yourself. show how you enjoy it with your wife goddamn
Zee Vlogs
mouth watering fried shrimps
lol i wish i can eat as much as he does in one day and not gain any weight geeez >.<
10:11 😂
Why does he call people anties?
rizaldy villena
Nice food just cont. Your journey
Liza D
I subscribed! Nice vids Mark, keep on the good work! 👍😆
Elisa Goldman
No wonder the baby wears a hat...in case any food falls off onto his little head. 😂
Dr. Edson Henry Takei - Clínica Takei
Se love your show in Brazil!
Markus pf
Nice food 👌🏽
they call me DR PEPPER
"This really just tastes like an uncle or a grandpa" LOL
the Japanese are assholes
apam sempai
i terrified looking at his expression to describe the food LOL!!!
That was exactly what I thought when I've tried japanese omlete. "Oddly sweet" describes it perfectly. Not my thing as well. Thanks for your videos. All I've seen is just amazing to experience
Minie Sawir
Tempura'ice cream'ell of sate this better all are cook well
Great tour
Toy Daily
Hungry 😭😭😭
I'm living in japan but i'm a filipina.
I love the oyters especially if you eat it seasoned with ajinpon (ponsu) and topped with a thin slice of lemon!
mouth watering. muahh.
Deema Musaed
Www why would you eat a sperm
Cindy may Bunya
Look good to eat for breakfast and lunch and dinner with is for the dresser like a ice cream
Mumbasa Kali
Micah wants to eat
Kim Reala
palestine = japs
Mayavati Banerjee
How is he so thin 😢😢
joe elchagie
joe elchagie
You should share the oyster with your wife or you should buy another one for your wife
hammer untruth
hey why don't we ever get to see your spouse eat anything?
Xavier Borja
Why cant they have that here in th u.s
Kramer de Rossi
Just don't lose your wife there ;p
Zarif Zarif
12:24 u can see his mobiles password!!
fking raw
Steve Ho
Wow Japan is EXPENSIVE!!!!
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