Japanese Street Food - GIANT OYSTER and Seafood Tour of Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan!

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Tsukiji Market in Tokyo is one of the best places for Japanese street food!
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Sadly, there was a recent fire in the outer Tsukiji Market at a legendary ramen shop. Luckily no one has been reported injured from the fire, but it is very sad to see some legendary Japanese street food stalls completely destroyed.

Ok, now back to the information from this Japanese street food tour of Tsukiji Market in Tokyo! 

If you’re a food lover, there’s now way you’re going to visit Tokyo without a trip to Tsukiji Market. The inner part of the market is where you’ll find all the fresh seafood - the fish market part of the market. The outer part of the market is where you’ll find all sorts of Japanese street food snacks, some of which are seafood, others are not, and where you’ll find restaurants and all sorts of market stalls.

Here’s the list of everything I ate and where during this Japanese food tour in Tokyo (also, everything is on this map: https://goo.gl/zmPPMm):

Kitsuneya - legendary organ stew
Address: 4 Chome-9-12 Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Organ stew - 850 JPY ($7.70) per bowl

Sea urchin (uni) - 500 JPY ($4.53)

Nishin Tasuke
Eel skewer - 200 JPY ($1.81) per skewer

Ajino Hamato
Corn fishcake - 300 JPY ($2.71)

Tsukiji Saito Fisheries
Giant oyster - 1,400 JPY ($12.68)

Home-style Sushi - 本種
Large plate sushi - 1,500 JPY ($13.59)
Chirashi don - 900 JPY ($8.15)

Matcha ice cream - 400 JPY ($3.62)

Tamago (sweet egg omelet) - 100 JPY ($0.91)

Blowtorched scallop - 1,000 JPY ($9.05)

Tenfusa Tempura - amazing small restaurant for tempura
Address: 5 Chome-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Total price - 2,500 JPY ($22.64)

This tour includes 10 different Japanese street foods. Probably my favorite thing of the entire day was the giant oysters, the amazing home style sushi, and the blowtorched seafood scallop. But really Tsukiji Market is a Japanese food paradise and a seafood lover's dream come true.

When you visit Tokyo, I hope you have an amazing time eating at Tsukiji Market!

See this food tour on my Tokyo food map: https://goo.gl/zmPPMm


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Riky Aryadi
i was just literally keeping myself from drooling throughout the video.
the ginger is not for eating its to cancel out the wasabi on your sticks
Stephanie Nicol
15:36 "this really tastes like an uncle or a grandpa." lmao
satyendra chittiprolu
can anyone tell me the name of background score from 0:08 to 0:28 pls reply friends...
Vova potato
why are you so cringy
Agent Orange
good eating! :)
I'm Waifaii
is the tempura fish B O N E L E S S
Hi mark. Congratulations - 1 million subscribers! Yey! I would like the thank you coz your videos keeps me company on my down days. I'm a breast cancer patient and i am a certified foodie! Great food really have an effect on keeping oneself uplifted. Happy tummy equals happy self, happy self means good immune system. Thanks for visiting my country- Philipines. There are still a lot of regions here that you need to visit that can offer you really great gastronomical experiences. I can show you around if you like. 😊😋 aniweiz, again thank you and congratulations. - Shan Madayag, Quezon City, Philipines
Gaviota Casas
should've ate that girl @1:59
Antonietta Abiera
U ate to much food now u look n act like a madman
Arial Xiong
Love ur videos! The face you make when ur so satisfied with the food is so funny!
Hi, Mark, your Japanese street food tour looking amazing! i sincerely want to visit those places as your recommended. There is one thing, i am quite interested in the background music starts at 19:47, it sounds so happy, could you please tell me the song 's name? thank you so much !
鑫豪 GD
When are you going to visit Brazil?
At the beginning of the video I thought he was talking about eating the baby.
Derro Farm
What is wrong with this freaky looking cunts head? Hahahaha fucked up!!.
Derro Farm
My grandfather went to Japan quite a few times many years ago,he said it was nice looking countryside and beaches.He didnt stay long, just dropped his bombs and flew back to his units airfield.
I like your videos. But I somehow feel sorry for the baby.
Jimmy Choi
did it work?

like if it did
I waited 2 weeks without checking So I could binge watch your video’s
shuntao xu
27:04, that vehicle looks hilarious LOL
Josiah Benally
Haha "I have the urge to touch it" lmao to funny
Amanuel Reda
The best the food rests, the more Mark tilts
Michael Nardmann
Mark, at 26:16 that would be the roe of the scallop. Had one like that in corsica. It was awesome.
Miyuki Kawabata
im sad for ying, you ate everything even her food, while you ate your own food alone not sharing to ying hahaha well just saying
Joanne Monaco
Just subscribed today...Priceless Expressions...Mark must only eat when he is on vacation...All that rich calorie food and gains no weight!
L. Castillo
Mark, I really envy you-- you get to travel for food! :) Any plans of travelling to Vienna, Austria?
Is there anything that Mark doesn't like eating? He seems to orgasm everytime he takes a bite
Dante 888
Mika doesn't get to taste any of the good stuff. He only gets to watch.
Roderick Burns
Micah is such a beautiful baby. You and Ying are very blessed. Just wait until Micah gets up there to eat solid food. Thanks for the video and God Bless!!!
Sophanit Hem
What's that black/dark thingy inside that oyster?
Jason Lu
U look so exciting haha
Manisha Adhikari
Congrats mark for one million subscribers, I seriously love your videos and please upload more ❤️❤️❤️ best YouTuber ever
ct byj
Omg!..the sushi and tempura make me drooling hard...
Elle & More
I. L❤️VE Your channel! You are always soo happy and soo cute!
luxiouzz doll
Sometimes I watch Bc I am
Hungry and some how the food you eat fills me up lmao... jk I watch Bc I'm hungry and wish I could eat what your eating. But when you were eating the sushi I laughed so hard Bc the face you made 😂😂😂. I was confused 🤷🏻‍♀️ idk if you were twitching from a horrific taste or if that was an orgasm face ... Hahahah but either way I love watching you try all these foods I may never try Bc I'm not rich lol and I'm scared to fly lol
benjamin breaking
love the sea urchin, we got that also here in cebu
Trey Field
Very afraid that one day he hit his head on the table after leaning so damn far 😂
Ivan Reyes
Hi Mark! Just one question. How did you do to order at the home style sushi restaurant? Is there english menu? Greetings
Chris Lim
22:45 On the Japanese omelette, I thought that when you mentioned that you didn't normally care for it you were going to give it to Ying and ask her opinion. LOL! :-)
Did you eat the tails on those Tempura shrimp? That's weird if you did...
Junior Murillo
When he started eating the sushi all I can think of is....damn this dude really looks like kiko from chavo del ocho😂😂😂
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Can you do a video where all you are doing is pulling those crazy facial expressions ?
Oralia Aldaba T.
hello Mark i have losts of videos to catch up :)
is the weird faces needed when u taste the food??
Rahul Shaikh
I Like Your videos Of India 😍😍😍
try Other Places of India And make video soon😘😘
Rahan Ahmed
Mark Wien's you're a legend mate! I got to be honest with you, i used to get annoyed when you moved your head to the side when you enjoyed the dish you ate but honestly your videos are of quality and have grown on me. Keep up the good work and a big hello from the U.K.
Trendkiller 713
For your last bite did you just eat the shrimp tail with the shell still on? That's gross, dude.
To all low intelligence Koreans
Don't come to Japan if you worry about food.
That's better for Japan and Japanese.
Got it?
The sushi rice bowls are my favorite! I pour in a gallon of Korean red chili paste to add flavor and make them less dry.
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