Robert Irwin and Jimmy Cuddle a Sloth

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Robert Irwin, 13-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, shows Jimmy some animals including a dwarf crocodile, a red-tail boa and two sloths.

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Robert Irwin and Jimmy Cuddle a Sloth

Liz CaNo
He is exactly to his dad! same face!
kidnextdoor 1
awwww its so cute
Mel maen
08:19 "It was so fun."
Not for both I guess...
AntΓ΄nio LuΓ­s Zettermann
when robert was born he said: That's amazing!
I like the way that he say to jimmy and treat like a kid " well done, there you go" hahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Breadan27...Hello Troll !!! Just another mouthy coward hiding behind a keyboard !
Really smart kid...bless.
3:58 Wtf is my pokemon doing there, come back here we need to battle....
Linda Tran
screaming armadillo. hhajahaha
giorgia 2613
you can see how passionate he is about the animals and its amazing!!!!
Zaspeniz G
For a second I thought she was a butch lesbian.
Briana Harness
I'd like one of each, please.
Noelia Velazquez
no deberian estar ahi esos animales..😑
Kara Carrot
I talk Australian but I'm not Australian
LowKey God
Simply Cam
Omg this makes me so happy to see Robert following in his fathers foot steps it almost like steves here and he would be so proud him. His whole family always is happy it makes me smile so much!!❀❀
Emma Irish dances
Hahah Robert treats Jimmy like a kidπŸ˜‚
It's lovely to truly have a passion. I hope this passion is true for him and he's not forced into it. He's showing off the passion so much that I'm worried it's fake.
James Lappin
Over enthusiastic precocious little turd...
Imagine animals took humans to a animal talk show and showed their humans off to other animals
Iqaij P
This kid is amazing wow !!!
Hunter Ellis Isaac
He's such an amazing guy, he's following in his father's footsteps but he's creating his own path and he is so brilliant with the animals and he's so welcoming and sweet. His father must be so proud of him and his siblings. Such a beautiful family..
Chelsea Leonard
Wowwww he getting squeezed by a giant snake and he's not even afraid. Can kids nowadays be more like this
Grand Pegasi Equestrian
God I love this kid, he is such a beautiful soul.
Qu4cky VS Gaming
Just Robert is smiling and Jimmy's face is like 'god please have mercy on me' XD
The Bowl Cut has retired I see... It's good to put bad things where they belong. In the past.
Stephanie Paguio
he's such a sweet little boy 😭😭
no name
who here watched bindi the jungle girl when they were a kid πŸ˜‚
ItSafiyAdha Ramzi
Walker Thompson
TJ Anderson
Jamie (the armadillo's 'mother') is hot.
When he said she's trying to eat me I bursted with laughter
Craig Bowtne
The crocodile hunter rocks
Please anyone, what's the song at the end starting at 08:23? I need it!!!!!!!!!!
He looks like donald trumps Taupe
Natural wolfie
I love his actions! He's a gentlemen boy! I wish there were boys like him at my school
Grey Reviewer
Why did he sound like a fucking programmed robot
MJ Brown
the armadillo was like a gremlin when it screamed
lacey Sanders
Robert is a positive young man
Kassondra Ola
πŸ˜‚the snake - please tell me no one was eaten in the making of this video
This kid has got such a bright future and his family must be so proud of the man he's becoming
Amy Bennett
Steve 2.0.! Goodness, his enthusiasm makes me smile! I loved his dad so much and it's wonderful to see Robert following in his footsteps. Steve would be so proud.
Give him 7 years and hill be tackling crocs like his dad
Miranda Wu
is he even real? he's too good to be true lol
/ hiplikeselegna /
Wait did his dad die?
Hope Wilson
Any one know how old he is
SO many obvious jokes when Jimmy is holding the big sloth.
He missed a clever observation.
Katya Diaz
I love his accent. Ugh I miss Steve IrwinπŸ’“
Kristina M
when he talked about his dad i herd him choke up a lit and made me wanna cry.
Brooklyn Sundberg
That voice crack at 2:42 was so cute!
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