10 Times Conor McGregor Got Stunned

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Peksanga khenglot
Pick me!!
Vader Gaming
the first one is like i watched some drunk fags fighting.
ramanjot singh
Mcreggor is so over rated. Dana white making all kindz of money
All kindzz
melody corcoran
Pick me
Mayweather literally knocked the snot out of him 😂😂😂
he looks more tired then stunned...
ahmet parlak
i hate that dickhead
it's hard to knock out conor.
Larry Harris
Pick me
zanden to live 503
Pick me
abdul mashuk
I bet ed on this gypsy class bastard faggot against mayweather...I know I lose on gambling so wen I lose so does he...cheecky cunt over rated fag
Stella Falanga
Pick me
Ravi Singh
Pick me
First Name Last Name
Nate won both fights hands down.
First Name Last Name
Mendez exposed him.
anyone here after watching mayweather v connor ?
Juhani Mrkkine
Why tf peps disliking?😂
Big Poppa
Add one more to this, getting dropped by Floyd that is!
Jordan Berry
I wanna see Conor chad 2!
Jordan Berry
First off there's been a lot more than ten!!!!
Samuel Campbell
He got stunned, did he lose the fight, the baddest man on the planet, Mike Tyson, was unbeatable until he got over coffindent, Conner has been beaten by a few times, but has the power, weight, and youth on his side, don't blink as you will see the yank get spanked, he's not in the ring with his wife. The wife beaters record will be 49 , 1,cheers guy who follow the wife beater, don't drown in your beer or tears. Sammy campbell u.k
Bas Bijlholt
pick me boiiiii
LeShon Perkins
I think if Chad was able to train longer I think he would've beat McGregor
Purple Meatloaf
Floyd 'Money' Mayweather is gonna stun him tonight
Sam guevenne
i feel like conors arrogance is how he loses
why are people making so much noise about mcgregor? i have no clue about this sport, but i red he has 21 wins and 3 losses... he has 3! losses!! people act like he has been never defeated or something, its all pr and show, his record doesnt support the fame.
Yosef Banks
Shitty editing
michael n
I can't wait for Mayweather to school this bum tomorrow 😂
Isaac Ntim
I know why Floyd May weather has this fight wrapped up already.Mcgregor has a powerful left which Floyd with his vast experience in boxing must avoid. Mcgregor CAN'T take pummelling! My verdict Mayweather gets a knockout victory in the 7th round.TMT !!
Vincent Wright
Ok I didn't see shit either he fought some inaccurate punchers or Conor just didn't fight any good punchers. I saw a lot of whiffs.
Home Mexico
"Pick me" I subscribe an like it
Perez Malone
Nate vs mayweather
Football Goals & Highlights
Diaz should've got the win for the 2nd fight, they should bring in a rule that if you constantly run away you get points deducted from you
Trevor Green
and people say McGregor doesnt have a chin.. u see that Diaz fight
Mayweather will destroy Mctap and end this fools career.
Juan Carlos Cruz
Diaz is the real beast
pratyush pal
can MacGregor bears brock punches
chris pritchard
no pants saturday who watches men in pants wresling if your a HE shame on you its just kinky wrestling really LOL
Pearl Lao
Pick me
david Felix
Get someone who knows what they're talking about to upload your videos dude.
Lee Croft
Theres nothing better then watching that ginger leprechaun getting his ass kicked
Scottish Jimmy
This video is awful. The Denis Siver fight?! Come on that was a complete beat down by McGregor. Same with Alvarez fight. The Nate fight clips repeat and are out of sequence.
Dylan Torcy
Very good chin. Can t wait for. Mayweather Mcgregor, both legends of combat sports.
LP Tha king
cant wait till Money May beats this lil boy
Vibol Tep
Pick me!!!
Tactickle Shtooper
Cocky Conor McGregor gets schooled like a b*tch! ;-))))
Pretty Boy Flizzy
I love seeing McGregor getting his ass kicked
Gaming World
shahzaib ranjha
Pick me!!!
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