10 Times Conor McGregor Got Stunned

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Nate Diaz
i am not surprised MOTHER FUCKER!
Sakdipong Khotchada
Now it's a waste, but now it's better.
Furple F.M.
mMcgregor & Corona. Welcome to Saturday Night https://youtu.be/j_807CirpZE via @YouTube
Thuvarahan Illanchellian
Idiot first learn the meaning of being stunned
Stockton motherfucker
Renan Silva
MacBitch x Mayweather Jr
Nate Lane
Not to be a “bandwagon” but half of them weren’t even conor being stunned
te taa ogv
'' 10 times replaying the same scene '' ... waste of time...
Dennis Wilson
In hindsight the commentary was way off in the second diaz fight. Nate tagged him good and turned up the heat but he was not rocked like goldberg and rogan state multiple times. The first fight was ROCKED
Kien Tran
hết thời co no
Kien Tran
hết thời co no
Joshua Branson
I actually won a gift card on YouTube... Said no one ever.
Gamer Laiken
Pick Me
Floyd 'Help me Robert Byrd' Mayweather
the onlyone who actually stunned him was Diaz and only in the 1st fight when he landed that right and left straight combination. everything else not even close. that was the 1st and last time Nate stunned him at least a little bit
Jerwan Mcfarley
fey silva
PICK ME!!!💕😘😍🔥👆😎🎃🎃🍁🍁😂😂
judge birch
How do you get in the ring at 17?
judge birch
Pick me bro!!!
Magdalena Gronek
Pick me!!!
Devyn Pearson
I don't think nate ever gets tired? Lol
gabriel martinn delos reyes
too many repeats of standard knocks
Mark Borra
Conner still the man 👨
Cody Williams
No stunning. Make better content, faggot
Hrishikesh Sadavarte
Mcnuthuggers coming out of the woodwork after sucking Artem, Conor being too busy
Jack Kerr
Only person that stuns him in this video is nate
This intro isn't even Conor getting stunned. It's literally just Nate showing that Karolina Kowalkiewicz level boxing of his XD
Lusi Nurfianasari
Mentally conor was broke after his lose from mayweather, and he will bring his broke mentally to UFC, he will not the same person after his lose
Lusi Nurfianasari
Mendez is too short, diaz is not in his prime condition, aldo just heal from his sickness not in his prime condition
Conor never face real fighter
He will lose from ferguson or khabib or diaz 3
Lusi Nurfianasari
The keys are: never gives conor space, don't give conor time to think
Athene Loses
More like every time Conor got hit or taken down
D.j Rodriguez
man if he fought frankie instead of chad lol
Fuckin retarard doesnt even know what stunned means
sanket pattnaik
Pick me!
Pick me
steven nicholson
This is got to be one of the stupidest videos on YouTube, only time he has ever been stunned was in the first Diaz fight
Knights of Algiz
McGregor has a chin of iron
Giant Dad
McGregor doesn't know how to protect his head apparently
vawihuihliana liana
conor is the best fighter
Fucking Gamer
pick me !!!
lucha lucha
uwielbiam :)
Jack sparrow
hi is nothing just a trickster I m a warior a super elite
Rhian Graham
Yea, there both good fighters,however the mouth on occasion,will get you knocked out,there's always som1,bader rougher,
Peksanga khenglot
Pick me!!
Vader Gaming
the first one is like i watched some drunk fags fighting.
ramanjot singh
Mcreggor is so over rated. Dana white making all kindz of money
All kindzz
xxbabyxx xxgirlxx
Pick me
Sir Brellin
Mayweather literally knocked the snot out of him 😂😂😂
he looks more tired then stunned...
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