The Horrors of Pennhurst Asylum

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Do the dead still walk the corridors of this infamous asylum?
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In BuzzFeed’s hit paranormal docuseries Unsolved Supernatural, Ryan, ever the believer in supernatural phenomena, embarks on a quest to convince his skeptical friend Shane that the paranormal exists, investigating the chillingly real evidence around some of the most notorious and disturbing supernatural folklore.

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They Come
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Smiling mature men
Juanmonino/Getty Images
Hospital corridor
Thomas Müller Images
Abandoned Hospital corridor
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One room Shool House 1903
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andipantz/Getty Images
Cell from an old closed down mental institution.
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Mental Hospital - 10 of 19
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Man leaning hands against wall
KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images
Dark hallway in a scary and possibly haunted abandoned sanatorium from the 1930s
 Kagenmi/Getty Images
Mental Health Walls Closing In- Black and white
Jeremy Thurston/Getty Images
Bad Medicine
shotbydave/Getty Images
Caucasian doctor smiling in hospital
LWA/Larry Williams/Getty Images
a man sitting on ground with arm around lower head, sexual violence , sexual abuse, human trafficking concept
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Monkey In Zoo
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Group of multi-ethnic business people
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broken tooth
dabjola/Getty Images
Bandage on finger
Melania Brescia/Getty Images
VladimirFLoyd/Getty Images
Abandoned Bed in Mental Hospital
JPecha/Getty Images
Real Judges Or Auctioneer Gavel On The Black Wooden Table
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woman with bandages wrapped around her head standing in the dark
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Dead woman's body with focus on hand
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Silhouette Of A Captive Person
Christopher Hackmann / EyeEm/Getty Images
Man sleeping among rats.
CG-wallah/Getty Images
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Businessman showing client where to sign document
Westend61/Getty Images
FPV: Walking terrified through dark narrow hallway in abandoned ghostly clinic
helivideo/Getty Images
Spooky abandoned building
JaysonPhotography/Getty Images
Vladimirovic/Getty Images
Door to dark room with bright light. Background Illustration.
sNorrisPhoto/Getty Images
Highly Detailed People Silhouettes
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Old dark ruin room
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Portrait of a boy smiling
Rubberball/Mike Kemp/Getty Images
Domestic violence men and women stabbing each other
4x6/Getty Images
Bed in the abandoned camping. Smooth and slow dolly shot.
drgost/Getty Images
abandoned corridor
Alex Ivanov/Getty Images
Silhouette of doctor examining a patient
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Doctor Silhouette
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money icons universal set
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Vintage sink
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Abandoned Room
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children silhouettes
syntika/Getty Images
Hallway of old abandoned children hospital
Ivo Berg Photography/Getty Images
Abandoned hospital
Esebene/Getty Images
CLOSE UP: Scattered remains of destroyed and abandoned children's asylum in USA
helivideo/Getty Images
shadow of a man walking
Marccophoto/Getty Images
Abandoned hall
polarica/Getty Images
Pretty nurse in a bad day.
Mauro_Scarone/Getty Images
Luis Mariano Go

Ryan Bergara
As always, you can check out our research notes at the link below, dive in!
cognac & lilac
someone needs to write a fanfiction about c.c. tinsley and doctor fear
protip: don't watch this after watching Supernatural for six hours
Felicity Craft

15:15 lol
Julie Rasmine
Am i the only one who Saw that wierd looking thing in the background at 15:16?????
What was that in the window at 15:14
Jack Paul Brakemeier
13:30 you can see the SHADOW MAN
The Bearded Mage
I wanted him to kick that plane HARD
cherry taes
this as such a great episode
Jarred Hayes
Anyone else notice the little boy walking behind them at 15:15
Bob Saget
Genma Shiranui
on the thing where the ghosts were supposedly speaking it didnt even sound like jeff or anything, was it not picking up radio signals?
Nevaeh Williams
Ryan: yeah this place is very high tech, we got a couch with a few cockroaches fucking 💀
Jimena Marin
You know what would’ve been awesome? If they went to the sally house with the Ghost Box thing. That would’ve been maybe a good time of reason for Shane
hi im awkward
515 O.O
James Bassick
Ryans Face at 19:27 LOL
Bree Wood
At around 16:25 (maybe a little pas that point) there is defiantly something moving behind them
Grayson G.N
“Hello spirits........we came her with ..good vibes”.😂😂😂😂
The Beast
This is scary
Taylor Bright
That definitely was a scream
Sarah Cooper
At 15:17 focus on the window behind them
My cousin got shot there by a ghost I think in the Mayflower Building
Nicole Abrenilla
I love Ryan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
My name jeff
Where the army's at ?!
15:15 got one of them der demons
Anabelle Thurston
QUESTION: is the cameraman a shaniac or does he believe like ryan???
When the box said "Ryan"
Caroline Anne
You guys should go to The Ohio State Reformatory, in Mansfield, OH. It's suppose to be extremely haunted and was used to film tons of scenes for The Shawshank Redemption. I'm also pretty sure you can stay there over night.
They edit this so dramatic and then NOTHING HAPPENSSSSAS!!!!!!
Is it weird that I prefer asylums over anything else they’ve done >u>
Ishita Birwatkar
14:38- I thought Ryan was possessed by that nurse because he said exactly what the nurse did lmaoo
Yall saw that on 15:15
Ishita Birwatkar
‘With a couple of cockroaches fuckin’
Kyle 2k
These keep me up at night but I’m so addicted
Laney G
My birthday is January 23
Chiharu Nightcores
I love how they put the dramatic music when he was ab to touch the plane 😂 n he just picks it up casually doing plane noises
Dragon Boy Z
Ash Graf
Why do they always do this stuff at night?
Giselle Andrade
I am watching this at 8 am
Lolita S
Dude look 15:16
Adam Videos
I fucking love this show
mlp art blossom
You two should come to the UK there is actually loads of supernatural going ons :)
nada abdalla
Please make a merch saying put the cat down from the goatman episode
tiff 2 the max
Is there another camera man with them. At 15:16 at the green screen you see someone walking.
Annaliese Grace
Dang those motion lights are an aesthetic
When Shane grabbed the plane I lost it and swung my head back and hit it against a wall
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