Toy Bus Productions
I dunno lol, looks like a fun game of dominoes.
debjyoti dutta
Bravo Kilo
His next piece will be a pyramid of fabergé eggs on top of a Jenga tower.
Steven Tyler
I would have creampied her in exchange for the damage, fuck yeah!
Joseph Farrell
cue up the chant all too familiar at sporting events... " A$&HOLE, A$&HOLE, A$&HOLE, A$&HOLE, A$&HOLE! "
Seems like business idea. Make a lot of crap, price it high, and put them to the way and to the spot where they can be easily destroyed, possibly many at once. Then sue and get money. Profit! I call it a scam!
Nameless Dread
Typical broad.
Shawna L
Idiots and their selfies, wonder if the moron did the fish lips also.
Hyperloop 001
I bet if it is a girl from other nation who accidentally cause the damage, people who commented down here wouldn't judge her based on race.
Michal T.
Fake and lesbian ... :)
The only person to blame is the moron who setup this particular arrangement without bolting it to the floor.
Apple Station
Poor girl !!
Boy FapUp
so funny
adam mercado
people are stupid they need to stop taking pictures of themselves like anybody gives a fuck about your dumbass pic or your dumbass life no one cares
Matt Chow
I could make a business out of this
Sam Raycraft
should have had them secured.
how much does the girl pay for compensation?
Артем Самусев
её уже одели на селфи палку ?
A good way to realize your artworks.........
Black Jesus
Fucking dogshit art who gives a fuck
Michael Vinciguerra
Why is everyone blaming whoever set up the columns? Blame the klutz that stumbled into them.
Seriously. That's like if someone slams your door and the hinges come off. You don't blame the person who installed your door.
Take responsibility when something goes wrong.
What kind of shit Art is this.
I don't know. The whole thing looks and feels like a set up and hoax. Something to happen to generate publicity. It raises some questions. Why weren't the columns roped off? Why isn't there any guards or security around? Why could people walk in between them? Why is she kneeling to take a picture? What could she see in the picture from that angle? You couldn't see the art, or maybe from that angle it would look like she was wearing a "crown" or at least I think it's a crown. I don't know but it feels bogus.
Fake or not. Real art or not. Selfies are really starting to become the bane of society. Look at those morons pulling animals out of their habitats, leading to the animals' deaths, just so they can have a fucking photo of themselves with them. As well as the idiots who have destroyed art that's hundreds of years old so they could have their little selfies taken. Just really, really stupid.
so an asshole knocks over some fucked up art display, that only an asshole would go to see. Anyone surprised?
Dylan Versace
Give me 500 and i will fix them
Duck Duck
They're worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, YET, the genius who installed the pieces thought the best way to display them was to put them on wobbly boxes, outside of protective glass cases every museum uses, in the middle of a room hordes of people are going to be romping through. Yup, #genius.
Nathan Brauer
Definitely the Russians.
Magdala Neptune
Potato Awesomeness
Splash paint randomly

John Doe
Those Made in China sculptures are way the fuck overpriced even for artwork...
They should have had a sign in there saying "Please mind the shit".
Jens Blaze
dumb bitch...... now she gonna get extorted for a shit ton of money for those fake art she "damaged" because of her dumb selfie shit.
Dennis M
Millenials...the new "daycare generation."
Dennis M
why do people have to always take selfies? It is redundant.
cabrena d
really a poor floor display layout- some one could have just as easily have accidently brushed to hard against one of the pillars walking by and caused the same accident- why were the pillars so close and not stuck to the floor ?Of course one falling was going to cause the others in that row to domino- just really a bad display idea
I bet that woman is Chinese.
Miguel Rios
Secretly an Isis ploy to destroy worthless artjunk...
Elliot Broadhurst
Now it's worth twice as much
Alastair Rosie
$200,000 for that crap? Give me a break.
dr. distortion jqg
ha ha her fat ass shook the buildings!
Lichter Meer
Two idiots. The one who set up the art exhibit and the one crouching down to take selfie.
Ball is Life
Asian chicks taking yet another useless selfie, imagine that. Is there anything more pathetic? What is it with this "selfie generation" of shameless unbridled Narcissists who must have their own stupid image in a photo of art, nature, wildlife, landscape, whatever? As if having your dumb ass in the picture is all that matters, that it somehow "makes it yours", or serves as lame proof "your dumb ass was there"? Listen: No one gives a ratfuck. Seriously, there should be just two people, a male & female, picked from the Asian community (and others---East Indian, Japanese, whatever culture has self-condemned themselves to endlessly take selfies) to make ALL the selfies everywhere of interest in the world. Then other Asians could simply download them, frame them, and say they were there. Just stop with the fucking selfies already. We 're all laughing at you. Try being there, in the moment, and taking in the experience instead of endlessly snapping your stupid predictable selfies.
John Lock
Probably the "Artist" paid the girl to stage the "accident" so he can claim some insurance money. Coz we all know that his "art" doesnt worth one big mac.
Jose Manuel Moure da Conceição
Alega Roo
не думаю, что ей что-то будет. с норм юристом. непреднамернная порча имущества. это косяк галлереи, вернее - тех кто принимал решения по инсталляции. неучтение человеческого фактора. на месте девушки ещё можно получить моральную компенсацию. я бы назвал эту инсталяцию инсталяцией пранкеров, так даже в супермаркете продукты не ставят. это нужно быть неправильно развитым и не иметь квалификации, чтобы разместить предметы на 200 бакосарей на нефикированные колонны как домино. и разрешить людям ходить прямо между ними. специально такое можно сделать только как прикол. а это уже издевательство над бедной девушкой, которая, наверное, очень сильно испугалась. и над художником, если только его работой как раз и не было уронить колонны человеком. обычная хорошая девушка.
Bev P
why didn't they rope the area off if it is that expensive.
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