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Whether or not you're a fan of Glee you have to check out this clip where one of the show's new main characters is diagnosed with dyslexia in what we consider to be the biggest moment for learning disabilities on prime time TV to date.

fancyphilly diaries
Fun fact when I was 8-9 I always thought that I was dyslexic and when I found out that I was at the age of 12 I was like YAS NOW I CAN BE A HALF BLOOD LIKE PERCY JACKSON
I relate so hard wow
tears these are my exact thoughts as a dyslexic
Pricilla Lopez
Miss Cory ❤️
me yes
wasn't Sam supposed to be dyslexic too?
Nightwing Lover
Totally get it ryder
Ruby Diaz
I love Ryder
ive been dyslexic since i was 6/7...were are special...remember that x
Yo Lo
Us dyslexic’s should untie together ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Clumsy Turtle
Ummm, wasn't sam dyslexic first?
"The only secret is your brain works a little differently than anyone elses". I loved Finn in this scene, even though he didn't give Ryder a whole pep talk about it, just that little bit really sticks. I love finn.
That Vegan Manatee
Oh my god I'm having flash backs this is so accurate. The test is exactly like this.
I have a,ways found it hard to read and rite and sometimes I add extra letters or miss out letters I'm always stupid I took someone sevays online and they all say I'm dexlectic but I'm to afraid to ask anyone to know for sure :(
Anton Blenck
I'm dyslexic and got diagnosed in germany. Funny enough because whenever I did an english test I was tested negativ.
Sarah Walter
Too bad this plot was dropped as soon as it was brought up they literally just used it so Marley wouldn't have to make a choice
Dani Jones
Sam has dyslexia
What episode is this from?
Joseph Allen
Ryder is another sam such a dreamy trouty mouth hunk 😍😍😩
Quan The Duck
Corys dimple I can't even
Jacey DeMarni
Sam had dyslexia
i relate to this way too much, i was nineteen when i was told i was dyslexic, so for 15 years i was a slow kid with something to prove.
Sara Em
Sara Em
Charlotte D
I keep forgetting Ryder (Blake) came from the glee project, he acts like a pro
keri keeney
Ryder deserved more time on the quarterback. Finn ment a lot to him on the show too.

(I know I spelled stuff wrong. I'm too lazy to change it)
Luna Lovegood
I'm glad they brought it up, but I wished they used this storyline for Sam. His dislexia was brought up once, never spoken of again and later passed off as him being dumb.
I love Kittys 4000
I'm dyslexic and it's actually hard cause your teachers say "work, try your best" "WELL TRY HARDER" it's hard when there yelling in your face!! And we try our best and but they don't see that we are having problems for a reason and I only have LD classes and that's not enough for me I still have troubles and only a SE teacher in my math classes but not my reading classes and that's one of the subjects I need help with!! They just don't give me the help I need and my dad says I am but won't get me tested ☹️ I feel worthless
Maybe I am?
Katie Castillo
I'm dyslexic and this was so relatable I started crying
Paige Dalessandro
Isn't Sam severely dyslexic? They should have combined the sam and Ryder storyline sam looks like Ryder minus the blonde hair
Alexandra Brown
Literally everybody forgot Sam was dyslexic too.
ClassyOctopus InDaHOUSE
Man I love this show!
Rachel West
I miss Finn R.I.P Cory Monteith we love and miss you.💔
Becky Phillips
I've watched this so many times and can't watch it without crying. To anyone reading this comment who isn't dyslexic please trust me when I say that this scene describes pretty accurately what it is to suffer the burden of dyslexia. I, much like Ryder in this clip, went so long before being diagnosed. Therefore, I would like to stress the fact that it is likely you know someone with dyslexia even if it hasn't yet been diagnosed and so be kind and patient to others. Even though dyslexia is common, it doesn't mean it's an easy thing to deal with. Thank you xxx
Adarsh Kumar
Smart as in Richard Branson or Da Vinci or Einstein
Leslie Taylor
Thought that was Tina Fey at first
Marilyn Vale
I felt like that when I found out I had dispraxia. It's so hard when you're trying to learn something but it just won't stay in your head. Dislexia must be just as frustrating and difficult
Dani Lynch
i've got dyslexia, and i constantly feel like the dumbest in the class.
Evelyn Roach
I'm dyslexic and I just wished I could have said that out loud but I'm just to shy
Natalia Goudvis
In real life the testing would take 6-8 hours and the amount of self-hatred would be much more intense.
Luna Lovegood
And yet they passed Sam out as dumb... I like Glee, but the fact that they just dropped Sam being dyslexic and wrote him as a dumb blonde for comedic purposes makes me so sad...
Bethany 02
I am 15 and I catn rilly red well but my skol don't do any thing to hep I don't now wat to do
Demi Fletcher
I'm dyslexic and it is hard I always got told to stop being stupid and focus but it is hard so I know what your going through
Maribel Hansson
One of my favorite scenes in Glee of all times.
Lord Tubbington
im crying so hard
Cristina Casiano
i miss finn..💔
Travis Robertson
Sorry that sentence was assigned to you before he died but there could be another new guy walking in the classroom and not die is your fellow friend Travis Webster so anyway I have the fishing derby tomorrow and
Travis Robertson
Yo yo yo Sam this is Travis again so sad you know you should have this guy so he knows all the good place I could be I can make a paper airplane that the principal or what
. Let me know in the comments below would I get suspended for throwing a paper airplane dude :-)
Michael I. Haber
RIP Cory Monteith
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