6 Stupidly Expensive Things NBA Players Don't Talk About (LeBron James, John Wall, Steph Curry)

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Kylen Henderson
no homework for me.
Dee Mac
LeBron + curry +john wall= GOAT
Branden Keller
7:20 hahahahaha "if you don't know who Jordan is, then you're probably not from this planet"
Gaming with Alex
Hi I subed two days ago
Denarion Evans
videos are cool
Jacob Clark
Rafhael Atienza
The forehead is expensive 😱
Lavar Ball
Jordan Crawford should win MVP
Your tagline says "stupidly"....but why then is LeBron on this list?
DeVante Lewis
Those Nike Cleveland jersies are pretty nice
Nathaniel Kajy
Hi bro
Nos Lik
LeBron hairline > Jordan Hairline > Bryant hairline
Prxncecam2 Cameron
BBB stands for bust ball boys
LeBron James the goat
Tay Ester
I wanr the krof
Charismatic TV
the first one
Jordan Crawford 😂😂😂
Joey Martinez
LeBron's hairline would cost a lot more to fix
James harden and the strip club
Levi Haami
Instrumental at 1:20?
yahir Swaz tekkerz
Are you ever gonna talk good ab someone lol
Evan Bright
Background music is Used To This-Future
Jayden Johnson
Joey Martinez
isnt jordan a 7 time champion
jay re
Cavs are stinking it up and this is the topic you choose to talk about what happened to all this dwade talk cavs are going to challenge the warriors yeah right !!!!!! 😩😂🤣🤣😂😅😫
Lo Gang
5:08 Isaiah Thomas is a fruit
LeBron arguably one of the best players? Theres no argument in that
Ronald Rodriguez
I subbed cuz Iont want no hw 😤😤
Chris Trabulsi
Lebrons gotta billion dollar lifetime Nike deal. He can blow as much money as he wants lmaoo
moreblessing j
i subed
Variety Channel
5:09 look at his hand lmao
Infinity 436
Lebron is the best
By the time you have read my username, I have stolen your doughnut
Bahahahah “underpayed”
Henry Hasanaj
Tim filčič
daniel j
daniel j
Jesus loves you. God bless eeveryone
Rolin H.
The volume on your videos be too low
Plug Stopperz
I dont get home work
Lebronjordan 2300 H
Jozef Etienne
That homework thing worked XD I subbed and liked
José Masa
I did what you told me to do
Kami Gospodar
lebron's forehead is 21,000$?
50K in 1 night. That will pay off my student loan, you John Monkey Wall. Wasting money because some girl is half naked shaking her ass. I can shake my ass too for 50K, no homo 😂
Blake Ross
Jordan brand is part of Nike
Slim Jim
I subbed
Stephanie Elie
Nike is jordon ❗️
Brandin Mainieri
Amazon is good
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