DIY Halloween Costumes Out of Candy! 15 DIY Projects for Halloween!

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DIY Halloween costumes out of Candy! In the video I show you 15 DIY life hacks on DIY Halloween costumes, Hallowen makeup tutorial, DIY Halloween props and DIY lipstick tutorials out of Halloween treats! These  are perfect last minute DIY Halloween costumes, DIY Halloween decorations and Halloween props as they are easy to make, simple and affordable. I show you awesome DIY Halloween costumes for girls, kids and teenagers as well as older Halloween lovers.

First I show you how to make an awesome DIY Halloween costumes for girls out of marshmallows. This costume is very girly and sweet. It is perfect for a last minute Halloween costume, easy and cheap to make. This DIY Halloween costume includes making DIY accessories out of marshmallows, like DIY ring, DIY necklace, DIY hair decor plus a DIY tutu. DIY tutu is a great piece for different DIY Halloween costumes like DIY princess costume, DIY ballerina costume and many more. DIY tutu is actually very simple and inexpensive to make. I also included a Halloween makeup tutorial where I show you how to make a simple pastel makeup, perfect for any princess, doll or other girly DIY Halloween costumes. To make our Halloween nails ready too, I included a simple nail art to complete the marshmallow princess Halloween costume.

Next one is a DIY Halloween costume made out of mixed DIY Halloween treats like jelly beans, smarties and gumballs. I show you how to make a bunch of DIY Halloween props that can be put together into an epic DIY  Halloween costume. I also included a DIY lipstick tutorial where I show you how to make awesome bonbon lips – what a great Halloween makeup tutorial for a Halloween lip art! For the DIY Halloween props I show you how to make DIY jelly bean glasses, candy wrapper and gum ball hat, DIY jelly bean bracelet out of a plastic bottle and a DIY smarties shirt. These DIY Halloween props are so useful if you just want a quick last minute DIY Halloween costume. They are also amazing DIY party props that will make any party much more fun and unforgettable. My favorite part of this DIY Halloween costume for kids is the bonbon lip art! So cool!

Finally I show you an amazing DIY cupcake Halloween costume. This is a DIY Halloween costume for girls, kids, teenagers and older Halloween enthusiast! This DIY Halloween costume includes a simple tutorial on how to make a DIY cupcake costume plus epic DIY Halloween props like sprinkles sunglasses. These are so fun perfect as a quick DIY Halloween prop or any other DIY party prop. An awesome part of this DIY Halloween costume is a Halloween makeup tutorial on a cupake lip art. I show you a DIY lipstick tutorial on how to make your lips look like a cupcake. This DIY Halloween costume is so easy to make, affordable and epic. 

I hope you enjoy this DIY Halloween costumes out of Candy! Even if you decide to not make a full DIY Halloween costume this year, a little detail like Halloween lips or a couple of small DIY Halloween props can make your day much more exciting and special.

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