What the Simpsons Sound Like in Other Countries

Find out how Homer says "D'oh" in Japanese
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Special thanks to Grayson Kelly and Mauro Gestoso for helping us get our hands on foreign Simpsons DVDs.


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Carlos Watak Lemus
Best video on youtube!
i urge everyone to listen to french marge's voice
Noor Bronstring
0:23 isn't that Dutch?
The Belgian Medic
USA : Mono- D'oh !
France : Mono- T'oh !
Germany : Mono- D'aye !
Mexico : Mono- Oh !
Spain : Mono- Oye !
Italy : Mononono- oOh !
Japan : Mono- D'ooooh !
Júlio Sousa
2:06 nice
Peter Kováčik
I think the Czech dubbing is the best
Sacred Gold
Shame the Swedish dub is not here. :( But The Swedish dub of the Simpsons was short lived, only 7 episodes of season 3 got dubbed and aired before they canceled it because people got angry.
Matteo 1900
According to this comment section, Matt Groening said that every single version is the best ,right behind the original. 😂😂
Sebius 189
i thought Bart was gonna said "Kamehameha" lol
Johnny Bravo
Simpsons in German, sounds like nazi propaganda
Māēvā Lāmpīn
L'accent Japonnais est drôles à certain moment mdr
The Belgian Medic
How Homer's actors are today :
Dan Castellaneta (English Voice) : 59 years old
Carols Rivella (Spanish Voice) : Dead
Humberto Vélez (Mexican Voice) : 62 years old
Philippe Peythieu (French Voice) : 66 years old
Norbert Gastell (German voice) : Dead
Tonino Accolla (Italian Voice) : Dead
Ōhira Tōru (Japanese Voice) : Dead
I can't believe that from those 7 languages, 4 actors are dead.

Fun Fact : Philipper Peythieu, the french actor for Homer, is married to Marge's french actor, Véronique Augereau.
Spanish Lisa was brutal.
lol,the last scene thoXD
Parodies United
Where is Czech republic?Even formers of simpsons agreed that czech dabing of simpsons is the best one out there
Nevertheless japan,the country of anime, shows almost perfect synchronization
Space Banditos
Lu Chee
Matt Groening said that his favorite dub was the french one! :D
Das Lawrence
Usa and Italy dubs are the best ;)
The german Homer sounds like the french Flanders
uy duy dout noo 😂😂😂😂😂😂
"French Canadian" Quebec version is the best
The French and the Japanese were pretty good!😂
Queen of Catastrophe
Maybe because i always watch anime, i like the japanese more. it sounds soothing in my ears.
David Masek
nothing beats Czech dubbing, it is extraordinary, these are a bit tasteless
Trevor Philips
I got cancer from these dubs
David A
I'm Latin American and I prefer Castellaño over the Latin American/Mexican Spanish... to me it sounds more fluid and they speak faster which I prefer. But English is the one I'm most familiar with
Stephen Snell
Homer's voice in Japanese when he says D'oh is so funny
The French Canadian version is by far the best non-English version.
Germany is the best
Oscar Santibañez
Mono.... doh!
Patricia Santana Ramírez
Fun fact: spaniards and latin americans are always arguing about which dubbing is the better.

P.S. I'm from Spain and I know what I'm talking about lmao
en mi opinión los peores en traducción son Japón y España
Raul Alejandro Martinez Ramirez
This is fantastic!
Where is Czech? The best dubbing in the world :)
Петр Игнатов
I like russian voices( I am russian and "The SImpsons" are on 2x2 channel)
Dimitrios Kanlis
Hugo Slavinski
It supose to have 2 version for french. 1 from France and the other from Canada, Québec. French canadian is way better than French from france
Patience Angel
(only italians knows that)
Ciucciati il calzino!
Japanese and English I can get used to. The others are just so different ^^
Azenith F
Marge isn't marge without the croaky voice sorry :(
Mysterious Chibi Girl Sister
I like the Japanese one, it's cool. But Korean and other languages would be good too.
The Belgian Medic
i love his french voice, philippe peythieu (homer's french voice) has done a great job doing his voice
Amadeo Miotto
Best homero voice is the mexican one and then the american one
I think the German and the American voices the most, but the German voice of Homer that was shown in the video was an old interpretation of Homer by Norbert Gastell that could not reach his later Interpretation.
I Am The Spy
You forgot the one from Québec
The Astros
Please correct "México", althought dub is Made in México, it is Made for entire LA
Guada Gonzalez
mexico is the best
Sm00th TV
1:29 oh man i really love french! everything sounds beautiful in french :)
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