What the Simpsons Sound Like in Other Countries

Find out how Homer says "D'oh" in Japanese
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Special thanks to Grayson Kelly and Mauro Gestoso for helping us get our hands on foreign Simpsons DVDs.


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Where is Czech? The best dubbing in the world :)
Петр Игнатов
I like russian voices( I am russian and "The SImpsons" are on 2x2 channel)
Dimitrios Kanlis
Hugo Slavinski
It supose to have 2 version for french. 1 from France and the other from Canada, Québec. French canadian is way better than French from france
Patience Angel
(only italians knows that)
Ciucciati il calzino!
Japanese and English I can get used to. The others are just so different ^^
Azenith F
Marge isn't marge without the croaky voice sorry :(
Chibi girl Cinema
I like the Japanese one, it's cool. But Korean and other languages would be good too.
i love his french voice, philippe peythieu (homer's french voice) has done a great job doing his voice
Amadeo Miotto
Best homero voice is the mexican one and then the american one
I think the German and the American voices the most, but the German voice of Homer that was shown in the video was an old interpretation of Homer by Norbert Gastell that could not reach his later Interpretation.
I Am The Spy
You forgot the one from Québec
The Astros
Please correct "México", althought dub is Made in México, it is Made for entire LA
guada espos
mexico is the best
Sm00th TV
1:29 oh man i really love french! everything sounds beautiful in french :)
Andrés Valencia Ribera
RIP Oohira (JAPAN)
RIP Norbert Gastell (GERMAN)
RIP Tonino Accolla (ITA)
RIP Carlos Revilla (ESP)
We miss you Humberto Velez (latin america)
Laura Putnam
A lot of the languages sound downright creepy
Leonhard Pauli
Austrian German is top
Grüße aus Österreich😃
SpringBoob SquirePin
In the German and Japanese version Homer sounds like Apu
Anton Schröder
Mr. Sparkle in japanese!!
Super 71
USA : D'oh !
FRA : T'oh !
DEU : Nein !
MEX : ¡Oh!
ESP : ¡Oye!
ITA : Oh !
You forgot Czech version. It's one of rhe best voice acted versions.
German is the best version
don Tapir
genial! cool! brillante!
Matt Groening himself said Czech voice acting is best foreign voice acting.
Leonardo Villa
Good video, very interesting 👍
Homer is so epic in the hungarian version.
I lived in south america for a few years. "Spain spanish" is hard to understand
king julian
Alan Bareiro
USA and Mexican's dub are best for me!
There is also a Korean version but hard to find it...and Korean version D'oh exists.http://tvpot.daum.net/mypot/View.do?clipid=77980826
Winry Elric
I really like Homers german voice ^^ okay .... I'm from Germany too but I think, his voice actor is just brilliant ^^ Rest in peace :(
Simpsons Futurama
Don't Mexico and Spain both been Spanish
Ronan Dee
When it goes into french it's like silk to the ears.
I would love to know what american's think about the french dubbing voices
Leo Blanch
сцук, почему так быстро языки меняются. Думаешь немецкий, а это уже японский.
Matteo 1900
Tonino accolla non era un doppiatore,ma mille in uno. passare da una voce stridula ad una profonda in meno di mezzo secondo è roba che non si può insegnare. I Simpson in italia hanno sfondato grazie a lui,e ora non è più così perché era troppo bravo rispetto agli altri.
English: Mono- D'oh!
French: Monnoh! T'oh!
German: Muno. Nein!
Mex. Spanish: Mono- Ou!
Cast. Spanish: Moonoo- Oi!
Italian: Moronoro- Neooo!
Japanese: Mono- D'uugh!
SusanaInfernus 94
i love germany and japan version
Nihongo no old simpson is my new wififaifu.
Mexican Lisa sounds like Angelica Pickles and Sailor Moon.
Julian Hämel
Wow! Even in Japanese, Homer sound very good and familiar, like in German. I think the German voices are the best.
There was two different "France" dub that you put there. One is the original from france and the other was from french canadian in Québec...
GiveNoFuck 666
I wish I could become a voice actor
Czech dabing is best!
Isaac Ricalde
¡Aguante Homero!, JAJAJA. <'3
ThiS videos iS a lie
Ken Dela Peña
japan 💟
Québec ???
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