What the Simpsons Sound Like in Other Countries

Find out how Homer says "D'oh" in Japanese
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Special thanks to Grayson Kelly and Mauro Gestoso for helping us get our hands on foreign Simpsons DVDs.


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aniquilador de ningens
Wtf with spain Dub.? Lisa sounds like an old lady
Sepp Huber
France has the best simpsons voices
Priscila Coronas
it's not only Mexico, it's dubbed there, but the audio is for all Latin America
Stephen Chase
Congratulations on almost 1,300,000 worldwide views!!
They're all bad except english.
Mrtino 93
everyone who listens the simpson in his own language is obviously preferring to others. the only language I like is the Italian. I've been able to hear the simpson in Japanese and I have to say I really like dubbing, I find it fun. You have no idea what emotions the simpson transmit in Italian, and it is difficult to explain, but you can not understand it if you do not know Italian. I remember an interview with the Italian simpsons dubbing, one in particular that the Americans after hearing the simpson in Italian appreciated them more than their own language. Having said this, everyone loves their own language and there is no better language than other. Sorry for my bad english.
Resident Evil
The USA Is The Best
Oh shut I'm watching buzzfeed
Tyler Bonner
czech dub is missing they are doin really amazing work
Why do all of the languages sound the same? (Except usa of course)
Nicolas Vinolo
I really like the Italian accent but here it just sounds so polite😂
Es que yo soy muy tacaña puedo permitirme sus servicios.
Ann-Mary Bouchard
Just so you know the 🇫🇷 voices are French Canadian.... Awkward 😂
Enrique gutiérrez
carlos revilla was the best... now in heaven you must be, the simpsons is now a shit because you are not here
Matteo Oggioni
Italian is the best.... really I'm sad for all the foreigners that will never understand it
The simpson creator told that his favorite homer is the french one. He said that the french actor anderstood verry well homer spirit and do or verry well. You must listen homer voice! Marge is increible. Nobody can reproduce Her voice.
Glen Adlin
Gosh. The Germans ain't funny at all
lalo landa
la voz en latino de homero es la mejor hssta el actor se parece a homero
In my Opinion
1. German
2. Original
idk why japan
mono oi lol Spanish homer
German homer sounds like hitler!!
Думать Иначе
That is not the french version at all but the quebec one......
Carlos Watak Lemus
Best video on youtube!
i urge everyone to listen to french marge's voice
Noor Bronstring
0:23 isn't that Dutch?
USA : Mono- D'oh !
France : Mono- T'oh !
Germany : Mono- D'aye !
Mexico : Mono- Oh !
Spain : Mono- Oye !
Italy : Mononono- oOh !
Japan : Mono- D'ooooh !
Júlio Sousa
2:06 nice
Peter Kováčik
I think the Czech dubbing is the best
Sacred Gold
Shame the Swedish dub is not here. :( But The Swedish dub of the Simpsons was short lived, only 7 episodes of season 3 got dubbed and aired before they canceled it because people got angry.
Matteo 1900
According to this comment section, Matt Groening said that every single version is the best ,right behind the original. 😂😂
Sebius 189
i thought Bart was gonna said "Kamehameha" lol
Johnny Bravo
Simpsons in German, sounds like nazi propaganda
Māēvā Lāmpīn
L'accent Japonnais est drôles à certain moment mdr
How Homer's actors are today :
Dan Castellaneta (English Voice) : 59 years old
Carols Rivella (Spanish Voice) : Dead
Humberto Vélez (Mexican Voice) : 62 years old
Philippe Peythieu (French Voice) : 66 years old
Norbert Gastell (German voice) : Dead
Tonino Accolla (Italian Voice) : Dead
Ōhira Tōru (Japanese Voice) : Dead
I can't believe that from those 7 languages, 4 actors are dead.

Fun Fact : Philipper Peythieu, the french actor for Homer, is married to Marge's french actor, Véronique Augereau.
Spanish Lisa was brutal.
lol,the last scene thoXD
Parodies United
Where is Czech republic?Even formers of simpsons agreed that czech dabing of simpsons is the best one out there
Nevertheless japan,the country of anime, shows almost perfect synchronization
Space Banditos
Lu Chee
Matt Groening said that his favorite dub was the french one! :D
Das Lawrence
Usa and Italy dubs are the best ;)
The german Homer sounds like the french Flanders
uy duy dout noo 😂😂😂😂😂😂
"French Canadian" Quebec version is the best
The French and the Japanese were pretty good!😂
Queen of Catastrophe
Maybe because i always watch anime, i like the japanese more. it sounds soothing in my ears.
David M.
nothing beats Czech dubbing, it is extraordinary, these are a bit tasteless
Trevor Philips
I got cancer from these dubs
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