The WORST Things About Being A Girl!

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❄ I N S T A G R A M➜

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I decided to do a, the worst things about being a girl, video, i hope you enjoy, love, rclbeauty101, aka, rachel levin

Majestic Zebra
any small youtubers wanna be frens?
Amelie Oakley
The hair bobble one is so true
Katharine Sanchez
Thanks that's so nice my mom has breast cancer and she had her last chemo and ready for surgery in April and can you go donate to the Sanchez family fighting cancer on GoFundMe I'm the youngest Katharine!
Abbie Vernon
What I hate about being a girl is your tits are bigger
ojedagardner kids
Shelbie Carrothers
josie haskins
When your sat in class and a cramp hits you like a bullet
Anna MPu
the boob thing. Especially when I'm on my period I just literally CANNOT walk because they are going up and down and it hurts soooo much.
Isabella Msp
Im just almost going to have periods soon can I ask? Does is hurt and why? Thx
Aashika Nevatia
Milanka is really pretty
Go check out Lola Pappas's channel just search Lola Pappas
Rebecca Franklin
Hey I ❤️ the channel and🍩🍟🍕🍉🍒🥞🍕🍨🍧🍭🍬🍫🍦🍩🍚
Bob Bobby
My mum had cancer twice and beat it both times. I am very happy that you are donating towards breast cancer. Most people don't know how common it is
Shrawani Sonawane
do you know I have fractured my hand and in my class there is a boy who is most handsome we both sit in class alone in P. T. class he said me I love you what shall I do shall I tell him yes
Lilyan Johnson
I knew it could efect boys
Lunar Rift girl
"Do you know how many calories are in that?" The question that pops up in my head every time I eat something yummy.
Gitty Sharf
rlcbeauty101 are you Jewish
Nia Haley
I can agree with it all
Nicole Trujillo
You have so many subscribers
Michael Pittman Jr
i have that to
Lo Ammi Santana Concepcion
Girl I feel you I have the same promble with my boos
Bay Msp
Lmao omg if people ask for my pony tail if they say they see me with one ill hide them and show one and say its my last one and they wont ask anymore when in reality i have more :D
Lynn Hufty
These things happen to me
Sara Guilmette
I like how the mom is casually holding the goat
Keturah Purdy
Those sun glasses that the boy said were awful are actually AMAZING
Yuuki Moon
I was so confused with the dress code thing, until I read the comments. Here in my school if you wear that top then no teacher will say anything about that... Or if your bra straps are visible. I don't know why
Katalee 17
I relate to cramps, the hair thing in the car (it literally happens to me EVERYWHERE because it's always windy where I live), and the thing about "for a girl."
Zozenbean Fangirl
Rachel is so sweet and thoughtful!!
Valerie Matthe
I hate when men ask if your p.m.s ing it makes me want to kill them
Sarah Reilly-Malden
that's how many happened to me
Sarah Reilly-Malden
i was like 7 of them
G Hobbs
my friend didn't bring a hair tie and so she asked me and i dont usually put my hair up so i let her use it. The next time i saw her she said she lost the hair tie but she brought one of her own to give to me....
Margot berry
OMG I know right I hate when my hair blows all over the place in the car it's so annoying!
Avelin Densmore
I love you
Emilia Martinez
Get Facebook
Kawaii Slimes and More!
I have a biology test and its like 11 at night and I'm watching Rachel's videos. What the heck am I doing with my life.
Brandy Adkins
I always do that stuff
Dani Kopa
My aunt passed away because of breast cancer :( it means a lot that you donated
Ansh Knows Everything
they always like to touch my boobs and press them
Ansh Knows Everything
my class boys talk with me that they want to have sex with me cause of my politeness and big boobs
Sofija Martinkute
Cake one and race one
Jenny Duan
How do you change your picture
Ann Blythe
Gaming_ Giselle
omg my bff she just borrowed my hair tie and she said she broke it 😑
Men of Supernatural
"What are you on your period?!" No these issues bothered us before but now that we're in pain we're all the more aggravated and less likely to put up with your bullshit
Pardesi Girl Official
your boobs bigger than me
Pardesi Girl Official
yeah its true
My Crazy Life
OMG all these things happen to me
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