Hariharan Marar
superb Britney
Family Severson
MAN people used to dance weird!
baby Upss
Watch Britney Spears new video feat, Tinashe "SLUMBER PARTY" Amazing!
Jose Vyas
These were the songs that were actually good. Music now=trash
Jose Vyas
Honestly this is a song that is still popular cause I hear it on the radio sometimes. I love this song
Salih Furkan Tokuştepe
Oo yee
Alex Closed
Oh Gaben Gaben
Kill me Gaben one more time
Watching in 2017!
She looks like a Disney princess 😍
Augustus Maximus
WHERE ARE THE 90s Kids <3
nie wiem
Dr. Dream
I'm getting some life is strange vibes 🤔
Maisie Horan
A part of this song backwards says 'come sleep with me I'm not too young,
Αντριάνα Κανάρη
I love Britney's old songs!!!! 😍 💜 ❤️
Darrenjin Becares
2017? Anyone?
Rainbow Unicorn
Let's go to the 285.000.000 #BritneyArmy ❤️
creepers jeepers
She sort of looks like patty ferrell from the live action diary of a wimpy kid movie in the first bit in the school
Hana Channel
Soo cool
oh camper camper
Game House
Oh baben oh baben xD
patcilan patlican
2017 ve türkler , azerilere selam
FaygoFan Universe
Derrick Berry says hi
sidney ferreira
love music 💕
Fábio Semião
that sound with the shoe or boot is fucking iconic
Jackeline Vitória
Mariah Carey said she loves Britney but doesn't know JLO and JLO said i've met her a few times i guess she has a short memory. What the hell is up with that?
J'aime pas la vidéo mais j'adore la chanson
Tobias Giese
a very good song.....................................
Pretty buoy Jones
I'm a proud 90's baby!!!🔥💯💖💕😍😍
katana awc
Beyler sarki kotu mesajlar veryomus haberiniz ola
Juraj Vivana Šokičić
thea janson
Wwe John123456789 Cena
Anyone in 2017?
Alexy Marques
coucou j adore tes chanson trop trop bien je suis t as petite fane depuis que je tes connue bisous
omg i was scared of this song when i was little, those dark back vocals uff
krlita Ramirez
Desde que era niña amo esta cancion
Simply Fatal
I was born in a different generation, but thanks to my Akward and unsocialized loneliness I grew up with a nes and snes and music like this I was lucky... ps1 and ps2 I still got that, matter of fact Imma go play spyro right now! 1990 4 life, I don't care if I'm a 2000 boy, I'm riding my shit to the better Bottom!
This video would be so anti-climactic if she only wore bracers :D
the amazing britney start 3:22
madhavi jha
come on wtf is wrong with my generation
Tho Tran
Năm nay briney không có sản phẩm âm nhạc nào sao chán chết
Living Life
Angie Madelein
I love this dancing
Oyun [K]ral
Oh Camper CampeR ? :D
Leah Juarez
Only if dress code wasnt made
Thais Oliveira
I really miss it!!!
Lalitooo Reyes
Britney ❤#the legend
Devyn Robinson
Who also thinks in this video she looks like Patty Farrel from Diary of a Wimpy Kid?
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