Best Out Of Waste Paper Centre Piece

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You can do beautiful things out of waste papers.

great idea God bless you
vishal singh
very nice
maritza seda
Beautifully made, if I can't get gesso, what other option do I have. Maybe mud pod? Thank you so much for sharing
Sharon Bullett
beautiful very creative
love it keep sharing !
Melissa Chytracek
I love this! I just wish she told us where to get the pearls and how much they were..
malik sajjad
andernon flores
Amir Raza
Awasome 😊☺
handmade bijuterii jewelry
Rajni Kundan
Maukam Singh
thanks it is help me in my project
Information Technology
r u in Saudi Arabia if u r there then to you
Nida Shaikh
vision five A created
wow nice
ernestine westbrook
this is awesome ! I will try to make it
Kriti Good
too much time consuming..isn't it?
asma malik
Rekhadakshu Mehta
wow! soooo beautiful.
Rekhadakshu Mehta
wow! soooo beautiful.
Rekhadakshu Mehta
wow! soooo beautiful.
jyoti sahu
Aditi Gusain
very good nice dear
Nek Nek
Tshiamo Matokote
Devender Kumar
this is my school project
Virginia Hawk
Absolutely beautiful! Genius ideal...gonna try this for sure!
Saroja Rangarajan
Very beautiful
Tasneem Fatma
woooooo superb. .......
Tejaswi Wadmare
wow... so beautiful
Ewayrton Oliveira
amei lindíssima
Bharat Solanki
Juana Peña
Suchitra Kachhot
very nice
Kavitha Venkatesh
قدري انت العراقي
جميل good and I love it
Fathima Sheikh
o my nice..i m going to try ths soon.
D Hoosier
Very clever use of unwanted paper. This is something that older kids can do, & make as a gift for a loved one. Approximately what length were paper strips used in this video?
Thank you for sharing this unique way to use paper.
Mina Ro
Awesomely beautiful project! Worth all the work making it! Thank you very much!
s Saba Kousar
Humaira Parveen
very nice
adnan satti
very nice, good nd fit look
Marinete Sabino
lindíssimo parabéns obrigado
Mamta Arya
nd yes its a nice crafttt...beautiful
Mamta Arya
mam jb apne polythene htai to ky basket m fevikol ki layer ni bni...
Zain Zain
Please tell me about glue k konsi hai
Sen Sen
Good job
chandrika burgula
very nice
Mary Nobre
Zarra Madu
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