Women Get Photoshopped Into Their Ideal Body Types

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Happily Beeto
How many times did they make this video jesus
Finley Ohnstad
I do not like it when people say they are "fat" but they are not.
Princess Bubblegum
If I could change my body I would make my shoulders narrower, hips wider, and waist smaller. I did competitive gymnastics for my entire childhood all the way through puberty and it made me very boyish looking. I feel like there are so many things I can't wear because of the way I look and it can't be changed with weight gain or weight loss. It's just what I look like and there's nothing I can do.. There are so many different types of clothing I want to try and I just can't
SquishyPolymer Clay
Tbh I think people who are skinny aren't really attractive. I like curvey, thick girls.
Melissa Saucedo
"This isn't how people are proportioned". Alix, come on. Maybe that's not how you're proportioned, but some people are.
Aishoo 1234
A man has fat on his body and no one bats an eye. A woman has fat on her body and everyone goes crazy. Double standards much?
Kaylee Skinner
Alix is so gorgeous
blank blank
Swastis hair and lips coordinate so nicely!
Sabrina Grammatic
The blonde girl has a body type very closely similar to mine and honestly seeing her photoshopped made me feel ten times better about how I looked because I thought she looked better not photoshopped and I was just so happy to one, see someone with a body shape like mine and two, to see it looking significantly better than something photoshopped. I needed this <3
Twilight S
If they want to be thinner, why don't they work towards that goal?
Alien X
The photoshop of the blonde girl's body look just like imvu avatar bodies 😂
Annoying Person
New Drinking Game: Take a shot every time BuzzFeed does this video
Rylee G
Random Person
But... I have those proportions.... (2:45)
The girl with the blonde hair there wasn't really a big difference between her photo and her photoshopped photo
Charms Kunny
Alix is beautiful
-E- K-
And I have the same target as Swasti...
-E- K-
Alix is so beautiful naturaly!😍
M Griffiths
They all look better before photoshop (in my opinion)
Being a woman sucks. Prioritizing your bodies image 50x a day really ruins enjoyment of existence. We need to stop raising girls the way we do, its toxic.
Zhante Conradie
megan looks like taylor swift with curly hair
The blonde girl is so hot
Bleachella Swift
They are all SOO sooo cute
Hanna G
Models are seriously working out and starving themselves to look that way, so it is a travesty when agencies hire those models over more normal sized women and then photoshop them anyway. Marilyn Monroe if I may, worked out a lot and gave up having a normal life to pursue fame and fortune. She had plastic surgery and multiple abortions allegedly. Don't even start with how gross the modeling industry is and how it encourages pornography.
Elizabeth Ciel Arrington
But they already look good. I think they look a lot better with their original bodies.
Trinity Wilkins
I'm just confused as to why they dislike their bodies and faces, they're all beautiful & their bodies are nothing far from perfect so
I really like how two of the girls took a healthy approach to their photo and realized there insecurities came from them and they either had to accept that this wasn't attainable or realize "hey this is possible if i just put in the work that is needed" . Then the blonde redirected that blame onto photoshop(it's an art tool fam)? Then instead of confronting her issue she just said "no one's body looks like this." which is a lie there are people out there who naturally have curves like that. Just because it's not reachable for YOU doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Idk she just needs to work through her issues some more.
Alice Greyheart
3:15 she looks like a roblox character lol...
Tamii the Kitty
I've always wanted to look underweight
Brit Elizabeth
the blonde lady. you're so beautiful and your hair color is bomb AF. I need it like yesterday.
follow me on ig : naturalhair_lifestyle
they should have tried the skinny girl who wants to be curvier too
It's not shameful to like what you want, just realize that your body now is great too. you can also achieve your best self or your ideal type and just revel in your strength and improvement. It's fine, just don't forget to appreciate yourself!
Aella Lee
I wish they had my way of thinking. I never even considered comparing myself to dolls or in magazines because they didn't look like real people, but slight caricatures of people, or alien versions. When I was not my healthiest weight I decided to get healthier and have been happy with the results, but only because I look and feel healthy. I wish people could get it into their heads that just because you see something doesn't mean it is or should be real.
Cecilia Higgins
I wish they would have included a skinny girl who wants to be bigger, small girls can have insecurities too
Organic Mimi
Is boldly a division of buzzefeed?
Sierra Rainey
Each of these women is already captivatingly beautiful, and they are well below the size of the average woman. Honestly, I'd love to be any of their body types. This just goes to show you that the same people you think should be confident and beautiful every day can still have insecurities.
Te Hana Whare
I swear every "ideal body type" video is like this. Like "no I don't really like it" mate I'd kill to have someone photoshop me to look smaller just for inspiration to work out
Heather Peterson
this made me start crying
Alex Recupero
They should do a video claiming they're going to photoshop them and then not do anything to the photo at all and see their reactions
hysterical cherry
The girl with curly hair is a beaut
Allison Filbert
as soon as i saw the girl with red hair i thought "what is wrong with her nose?" and then she said she had a nose job
Tatiana Henriksen
is alix scandinavian?
Sar Delkins
The blonde girl's was ridiculous. Who would want to look like that anyway? She looked much better before - like an actual human.
Alix is gorgeous!!
Cassidy Minxx
I wish they had included someone who is naturally stick thin, too, because believe me when I say a lot of us wish our bodies were different too. I always think "I wish I had muscle, or that my ribs weren't visible in a bathing suit, or that my breasts/butt/everything were bigger and more defined"
Unni Menon
All three of these women are so much more attractive PRE-photoshop. Especially the blonde, she's definitely #thickerthanabowlofoatmeal. The Indian girl is super hot too, especially with her gorgeous black hair (wasn't feeling the green hair).
you should feel bad about yourself, because you are overweighted and you should do something about it and not to try finding apologies
Audrey Durham
After several years of low-self esteem, starting in late elementary, I finally got over all of my insecurities about a year and a half ago.
Isobel Price
all of them are gorgeous anyway?
Why is the blonde girl's face yellow?
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