Ashley Lytle
omg that blonde with the black crop top is soooooo pretty!!
Molly Zimmerman
Omg the girl with the blonde hair has one of the most beautiful bodies I've ever seen. The "ideal" version of her should have just been an unaltered photo. It made me so sad that she talked about wanting to be skinnier when her proportions are practically perfect. People always imagine the worst version of themselves. You are beautiful! Never forget that.😊
Bread Pitt
The blonde girl is so beautiful
Emmi Jerabek
Alix is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever seen!!!
@boldly does anyone know what alix insta I want to follow her she is so pretty
Briannachu kawainess
swasti is so beautiful she dosent need photoshop no one does
Donna S
Why do girls always just wanna be skinny, muscles look amazing on girls too!
faith contreras
The blonde girl is so pretty I really want to be her 😍
mijon hunter
Let me just say, these women are beautiful but I think I have a crush on Alix and I didn't even watch 2 mins of this video
Jayana Jain
These women look beautiful, what are they talking about
Nina Koch
i had hoped for a skinny woman like me to get photoshopped bigger boobs and butt
Jessi Falk
Swasti is a fuckin queen.
Q Russ
Why is an ad for Contrave, an appetite suppliment that side effects claim to "increase suicide rates and cause depression", show at the beginning of this video!?!?
Martina Pellegrino
How about just exercise
Lexi Estrada
Y'all are thicker then a snicker why yall complaining?????
Tracy Nguyen
Alix is so pretty OML
JΓ©ssica Ribeiro
I love the girl with glasses and curly hair. She is so positive
Great PC Gaming Moments
There is nothing to be PROUD OF when you are morbidly obese. Mental
illnesses and Emotional illnesses take many forms.
Obesity is commonly the result of a mental illness or emotional issues.
People turn to food for comfort, acceptance, depression, etc. Someone
being OBESE is a sign there is something bigger going on in their brain.

It's not healthy to Obese, and there's nothing to be proud of.
star wars nerd
I liked them before
miss million
this actually makes me pissed
miss million
they were already beautiful and they're wait is perfectly fine
Swasti is so gorgeous omg
The curly ones eyebrows are dope
Tiny Teal
my own ideal body is more weight cos i not like being skinny, i would want more curves
brittany s
Um...I'm sorry but none of you are fat so don't complain please.
Meghan Kolb
There is always these heavier girls that want to see themselves photoshopped skinnier, what abt the skinny girls that want to see themselves with some curves?????
Coudy WANE
Does anyone know who is that Alix girl ?
Zakia Khan
The girl with the blue shirt had a big body and a small head to me
Diana Stefankova
the green girl looks like a comic book character :D love it. like a badass fairy
Vanessa Valentin
The blond girl is really pretty
Why does buzzfeed always do the worst job at photoshopping?
Comical Wanabee
skinny ppl want to be curvy too
Hannah Newsholme
They were all so beautiful
Marguerite McGurk
all of these women are freaking gorgeous and skinny already
That blond girl os beautiful
Lady Indulgence
These videos are only optimists and optimistic realists. If these videos had pessimists like me, it would just be me staring at the photo for about 30 minutes, then I'd crack about six hundred self hate and suicide jokes, then go home and cry πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
Makenna Helms
The muscley girl kinda scares me. She still has big boobs but it doesnt match her body. I think she would better if she didnt strive for muscles
Aisha Afonso
the 1st one has a great smile
All these girl In this video is not even that fat so they shouldn't even be worried ad out it
Mexican Bleach
Why would you want big calves..? I have them and I hate them
why don't they add naturally skinny girls? not every girl can gain weight super easily and are "stick thin" and a lot of girls that are like that get bashed and say "they don't eat" "they starve themselves" when in reality they don't.
Unicorn Baby
I'm "skinny" and I still hate myself (':
Julia L
As someone who does photography and photo editing, I wish Buzzfeed showed Photoshop in a more positive light. It's not a bad thing and it's not all unrealistic body shaming.
Mary Cleary
They're all so beautiful
You guys should do a profile comparing the real and the edited version and see who people respond the best to.
Hayley Marie
the Indian girl looks better with the blue hair
daria stone
The blonde girl is so damn beautiful
Mia's show
All the photoshopped pictures are terrible
All of those girls are skinnier than me and I'm 14
egg egg
that one girl looks like raja
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