Zoe J's Edits
I am so so insecure and I feel like if I did this, I would just bawl looking at the photoshopped image because I don't look like that.
Abby Hartsfield
i like everyone's first picture ten times better πŸ’—πŸ’—
Bridget McAuley
I think this video could've been better if there was a (very) skinny girl, like someone who struggles to gain weight? But that's just my opinion πŸ™ƒ
Rylee Langlois
This could be a good motivational tool though, like get an image of yourself (a realistic one) that is thinner or has more muscle tone or whatever change to want to your body and work to look like that image. Like you look at the photoshopped image and think "Shoot this could be me, I can work to look like this" and then find the time to work out or change your diet or start weight training. Like if I had a realistic image of myself to strive for I feel like I'd put 10x more effort into looking the way I'd like to
Hannah O'Dunlaing
Who else thinks the blonde girl is so beautiful (I mean they are all really pretty and gorgeous) but the blonde girl I just love her figure and hair and eyes and ugh everything.
Neha Mehta
So much of makeup on the face 😷😷😷
Kat Shattuck
what is with the girl thats totally orange?
Nadja Jovanovic
omg why do you do it if you are sad to see it?!
NightMarel MSP
they should've got some skinny girls
bethany ramsey
You could just...like...go to the gym...
Patrisha Lin
I came expecting BuzzFeed?

Wait what
Justina Dionne
Didn't you guys already make this video?
μ „ν˜œμ§€
They can actually get those body types. They just have to work out real hard and eat right (esp. the red head; her body was just more slimmed down)
Emma Alice
Buzzfeed!!! I know that you guys put out so many of these videos to promote body positivity, and I appreciate that, but all of these girls want to be thinner and the weights that the altered images portray aren't healthy ideals.
As a long-time sufferer of eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder, I would really like to see women with body dysmorphia/eating disorders shown their own photos altered to portray the healthiest version of themselves. Take women with bmis of 15 to a 20 and show the young viewers something healthy to idealise.
Rachel Kerr
just saying but they said these body types dont exist...
some people have anorexia, eating disorders, bulimia and other things.
so they do exist and dont say they dont exist!
A Sims Freeplay Fan
Is it just me or does Megan look like Deligracy?
Felecia Lavigne
not diverse enough. id want to be thicker in areas.
Mostly Harmless
They're all gorgeous
Amal Amal
Swatsi is so pretty😍😍😍
Keturah Purdy
Know what! This is annoying! They are already all skinny!
Sara Shaffer
I'm 13 and Alix is my doppelganger. We look EXACTLY the same except my eyes are bigger and we have different noses. I'm so happy I found her bc we look so similar, its crazy.
goddess lyssa
bro alix is sooo pretty
Allison Smith
I'm really loving how Swasti's lipstick matches her hair. It looks so cool!
Temari Uchia
The blond has a flawless face
Lauren Makeuplovielauren
that blonde is sooooo pretty inside and out. the girl w the curly hair is so unique and cute
Olivia Russo
Alix is so incredibly beautiful
Samantha Holdren
I love all the comments about how they didn't include people who might want to have curves, be taller, or are already skinny... include everyone buzzfeed! not everyone has the same body goals!
Rebecca Ranieri
The girl with green hair is literally goals
the blonde chick in the black leggings and crop top is perfect <3 <3
Alma Escobar
All these girls are so frickin beautiful. I would kill for Alix's body
There is always a way to get your ideal body, at least as close to it as possible.
Have a healthy lifestyle, have a healthy diet and exercise lots.
Instead of experimenting with photoshop and expressing their feelings on how they look in their ideal body types, why not get their ideal body types and share their achievements? -_-
Holy Triiinity
they can achieve them bodies within 3 months or less of customized training and dieting.
King Benja
Swasthi's body after the photoshop looked animated!
Jazzy Okanovic
Alix is so gorgeous before all of this weird photoshopping
Mya Danne
To be honest I liked all of the originals better than photoshop one 😁
Alix is gorgeous ! I wish I had her hair color
Dance Queen
I love Jazzmyne she is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen!
Katera Kiitten
Alix's face! >>>>
Rachel D.
Alix is so freaking pretty. You don't have to change your body at all πŸ‘πŸΎ
Emma Dybdal
i want to follow alexia on instagram, she is so beautiful
Ritika Ramdenee
Why do people want thick legs? I want thin ones
Ritika Ramdenee
I workout but it legit makes no difference
NormandΓ­a '99
the changes aren't that big, sΓ³ you canal actually work for It If you want to...
Aurora Kelley
the girl with the saggy boobs was sucking in A LOT
If you want to be thinner then work out...
Mikasa Ackerman
I'm a size 6-8. I'd like to be a 2- 4. I have tiny bones so I look weird being chubby...
Elle Nielsen
Alix is so pretty
Damn girl at 0:32 looks even more orange than Trump...
Deerly Luhan
the girl with the black hair had hella wide shoulders lmao what the heck
That blonde girl is STUNNING. Who is that?
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