People Read The Last Text They Got From Their Mom

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"Costco had the most beautiful hanging plants."


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my mom : get excited to see whats in the 30 kg plus a hand carrry bag! (aka coming home from travel hhaa)
Last text I got from my mom was:
"Buy bread and yogurt on your way back. YOLO!" And a bunch of smiley faces and a dollar sign.

I don't think she quite understands how texting works... XD
Kaitlyn Ellerbe
My moms was "my baby girl is beautiful!💚" I luv my mom so much ugh!:)
Nate Harlos
"What ya doing. What kind of icecream do u want"
I don't even text/call her
Like I don't like texting to people who I think isn't important to text
Maggie O'Neil
She said
I am outside please hurry up
I'm on the other side of the road by the front door of the school
Kawaii Beagle
I really love this video, because it shows people's different lives, I think it's really interesting.
i feel like they only film videos at buzzfeed NY now because everyone in CA quit
Al Hono
My mom died 😭😭😭😭
Lucy Young
Equestrian Grace
:looks at phone: :Goes to see last thing mom texted me: "GO CLEAN YOUR !!!!!!! ROOM NOW!!" :Puts phone down: :l
lps Candy
the last text my mom dropped off for me is mom: we are getting a dog me: really?!😄😄 mom: yup☺ me: 😍😍😍😍 yay
The last thing my mum texted me was that I'm a disappointment...
The last thing my mum texted me was that I'm a disappointment...
Gabe Overdorf
The last thing my mom texted me was "I got toaster strudels"
AnimeFalls and Lizzie gaming channel
is it when there moms died or just the last text
Sydney Do
Go take a shower
ItzFraisy 11.7
Anyone else say happy Mother's Day MUM #UK
The Pro Fox Girl
The last thing my mom said to me was bring me the goose and a towel. She can rest with me.
Gurjit Kaur
to leave 20 bucks on the kitchen counter so my sister could get a hair cut
Khuong Tran
"By some ice cream for your dad"
Kate & Bullet :D
Hahaha. I don't even have to look, I know what I last sent to my mom. Bwahahahahaha.

"What did to do with my bra after last night?"
tessa baumler
But my mother in laws last text to me was "Thanks for the shirt , I do love it."
tessa baumler
She said "fine whatever " and that her and her bf don't stalk me and my family , but she literally live across the street and I counted after that and her and her bf drove past our house 10x each 😒small towns = I take that house that's available even if it means ur neighbors are ur mean parents
kristin tyler
Ok but that mums makeup was on point
Jafet Pichardo
My mom texted "ok"
Madcupcake 7
The last text my mum sent me was "parked across road from Maggies car park"
Margareth Robles
Ooh my god!!! Yay from GUATEMALA!!!! That girl on 1:46 is from Guatemala.
Raini Magic
The last text my mom sent me was "on my way" she was late picking me up from school lol
nialls heff
" I should have swallowed you"
Allison_ Cookie_kitty
don't call me mom anymore -Mom 2k17
ok be home soon my mom said that
Unicorn Jesus
Last time my mom texted me it was 4 months ago
Suistuck Seranade
my mom's last text was "YOOOOOOO"
MostAmazing Waffles
The last text my mom texted me was :: "Yes, you can have the soup that's in the pantry."
emily burney
'bushier brows'
Megan McDaniel
The last text my mom sent me was "what kind of pizza do you want❤️"
FalconFeather Papeckyte
"I wish I wrote that..."= My life :(
Gehan Beshay
The Island
The last thing my mom texted me was "hmmmmm" because I said I was eating chocolate 🤣
Edwin Boq
my mom doeSnt know how to text in english
Petra Ramljak
In translate - out of ideas
İrem Fırat
She said "Good morning beauty" :)
Last thing my mother texted me is...
checks messages
Oh...she doesent reply to any of my messages. Almost forgot.
(True though.)
Dun Dusty
My parents don't really have convos with me by text but - 'We're here' (they mean to pick my up from school)
Krazy Kaity
My mom in the store: WOULD YOU LIKE THE 12 OR 24 HOURS PADS
My mom always texts in all caps.
Francheska a
My moms last text to me was "dam it" wth💀
Renee Mutch
I told my mom about my date, and that I was going to see a friend for a quick catch up, and she answered with "okay, when are you coming home, and do we want wine?"
phoebech -Phoebe Collier
i said 'pomegranates grow on trees.' and she said 'do you want to plant a pomegranate tree? can they survive in a swamp?' because my backyard floods whenever it rains
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